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johnboy 27 April 2007 21

As Kimba was kind enough to make sure everyone knew I was speaking to the Gungahlin Liberals tonight I thought it best to pass along some impressions.

Firstly it will surprise some readers to learn that there were no nazi uniforms, no fangs, talons, or double headed freaks. In fact there was a pleasant enough mix of genders and ages and, for the little it is worth, races.

There were numerous apologies from MLAs who couldn’t make it, but Senator Humphries was in attendance, as were a number of staffers.

On behalf of the RiotACT readership I passed on that, while we don’t agree on very much, a large number of us would like to see Steve Pratt apologise about his destruction of public art. I emphasised that real people tend to have a large number of divergent views and tried to suggest that broad tolerance was a winning approach.

A number of my jokes got a few laughs.

Q&A was amiable.

Applause was reasonable at the end, I was given a bottle of Willow Ridge’s 2002 Tempranillo which I recommend.

Afterwards I stood on one side of the room and had some interesting chats with six or seven Liberals who wanted to discuss points I’d raised. The rest of the membership stood on the other side of the room, somewhat pointedly now that I think about it.

I’d like to stress that I’m happy to talk to any other groups who want to talk.

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21 Responses to Talking to Liberals
Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 7:38 am 28 Apr 07

As long as it moves when he shakes it…

simbo simbo 12:48 am 28 Apr 07

Oh, JB’s definately a mover and a shaker.

Or at least, being a larger-sized gentlemen, he tends to shake when he moves….

johnboy johnboy 9:39 pm 27 Apr 07

Geeky control freak smart arse.

Tendency to put two headlines on his media releases so he can fit two punchlines in the space of one.

Maybe it takes one to know one but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

Despite all that single party rule is no good thing and he’s probably the most capable and intelligent leader Labor are likely to present to the electorate.

Which mitigates a lot of irritation.

goolia goolia 9:36 pm 27 Apr 07

Thanks for being at the meeting JB. THe night was enjoyed by all.

cranky cranky 9:31 pm 27 Apr 07


Care to enlighten us punters why exposure causes this reaction?

johnboy johnboy 9:21 pm 27 Apr 07

Anyone who’s had any lengthy exposure to kevin Rudd hates Kevin Rudd.

That’s why he’s avoiding the Canberra Press Gallery.

Nemo Nemo 9:17 pm 27 Apr 07

Yeah, but a lot of us do hate Kevin Rudd.

“Hi my name is Kevin, I’m from Queensland. I’m here to help.”
Sounds like he just got let out of rehab.

Sir Q. Mozart-Sprong Sir Q. Mozart-Sprong 8:05 pm 27 Apr 07

Johnboy, I enjoyed your talk to Gungahlin Libs very much! Thank you for observing that we are not double-headed, fanged nazis with talons! And, of course, political theatre aside, we are not all filled with vitriol towards the Left and don’t all hate Kevin Rudd. Equally, I hope that if you were to address a Labor meeting, you would be able to report back that Labor supporters are human beings too and they don’t all hate John Howard.
The truth is, we all want the same things in the end, whatever’s best for Australia and for the world. We just disagree on the best methods to achieve them. And thank Christ (or whatever supreme being may or may not exist) that we are in a democracy that permits us to disagree!

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 2:10 pm 27 Apr 07

“It’s a type of sausage isn’t it? “

That’s why the ladies like to go for a ride…

johnboy johnboy 1:17 pm 27 Apr 07

Those are not terms I have ever applied to myself.

Certainly no offers were made.

Lots of people have written for Crikey and it’s hardly my first time.

Deano Deano 1:06 pm 27 Apr 07

So, JB, you weren’t approached then to become a Liberal candidate – surely they would welcome a mover and shaker and famous Crikey journalist like yourself?

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 12:34 pm 27 Apr 07

A VY Berlina is an extraordinarily cool person who has to fend off hot chicks (who may or may not be married to each other) while being the life of the party.

Actually, a VY Berlina is a car. I have one, and couldn’t think of a more original handle.

johnboy johnboy 12:28 pm 27 Apr 07

It’s a type of sausage isn’t it?

KandyA KandyA 12:24 pm 27 Apr 07

what IS a VY berlina anyhow?

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 9:06 am 27 Apr 07

I’m generally a Liberal supporter, and I’m not racist, sexist or agist: I’m losercist.

johnboy johnboy 8:26 am 27 Apr 07

it’s all in the delivery…

el el 8:20 am 27 Apr 07

A number of my jokes got a few laughs.

I bet this one had them laughing:

…and tried to suggest that broad tolerance was a winning approach.

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 7:26 am 27 Apr 07

Didn’t take you long to break open that Tempranillo, JB!

Pandy Pandy 5:34 am 27 Apr 07

Will Pratt lose his preselection?

futto futto 12:51 am 27 Apr 07

damn quote didnt work… oh well

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