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Taskforce to fix longstay caravan park problem

By Kerces 17 May 2006 37

This release just in from the Chief Minister’s Office (quoted in full below): Jon Stanhope has put together a cross-agency taskforce to find a solution to the problems now faced by the residetns of the Narrabundah longstay caravan park.

The taskforce is to report back within a week.

Mr Stanhope said it was little use now dwelling on the sale since it is irreversible, and a plan needs to be made “that would give security and comfort to the park’s tenants”.

The taskforce will be made up of the CEOs of Housing ACT, the Department of Territories and Municipal Services and ACT Planning and Land Authority, and possibly some others.

UPDATE: Deb Foskey has accused the Liberals of “sucking up to the business community”


Chief Minister Jon Stanhope has convened a high-level taskforce to come up with an urgent resolution to issues confronting residents of the recently-sold long-stay caravan park at Narrabundah.

Mr Stanhope said the issue deserved a whole-of-government response and he had instructed the chief executive of the Chief Minister’s Department, Mike Harris, to chair a cross-agency taskforce, which had been asked to report back with options for resolving the concerns of park tenants within a week. The taskforce will involve the CEOs of Housing ACT, the Department of Territories and Municipal Services and ACT Planning and Land Authority.

The Chief Minister said that while much community anger was still understandably focused on the sale of the park by Koomarri to a private developer, there was probably little to be gained in the short term by an autopsy of the sale, which seemed to be irreversible. What was crucial now was to come up with a plan that would give security and comfort to the park’s tenants.

“While individuals have a range of reasons for making their home in long-stay caravan parks I think it is indisputable that some residents of these parks are among the least financially secure members of our community, with the least capacity to pull up stumps on demand,” Mr Stanhope said.

“This is a complicated issue, and will require a creative solution. I have convened a taskforce that will bring together a number of officials from across the ACT Government to come up with possible solutions as a matter of the most extreme urgency.”

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37 Responses to
Taskforce to fix longstay caravan park problem
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gmwinky 9:47 pm 30 May 06

i live in the n.l.s.park, and i find living here is the best thing i have done.
i must ask you all this….
can you without a worry in the world allow your 7yo daughter to go for a walk around the streets without you… i can as in this park she has 150 aunts and uncles that know her and hwere she lives and who her family is.
can you go away for a long weekend and not worry about your house getting broken into… i can
if you walk down the street could you talk to evry one in your street and know them by name and there family…. i can
do you know all the elderly folk in your street and does everyone watch for them every day to make sure they see them incase they fall and break a hip (or worse)… we all do.
can you have a street bbq and have 150 people show up like a huge family where everyone chips in with food and drinks and if someone cant afford food for the bbq there is pleny to go aound…. we can
if your neibours get into a bit of strife and can afford food or a bill would you know or pass the hat around…. we do.
when koomarri says that 65-85% of tenant were behind in there rent did they SAY, that they would not accept payments the last 2-3 weeks before the sale was put through… no they didnt.. so guess why 65-85% were behind in there rents… ask koomari
we are just a huge family in here and thats what we fight for… we wont get another place like this any where, let alone loosing our houses we loose our homes

Thumper 8:35 am 22 May 06

Peeved, email your photos to JB and he’ll be able to post them.


Thumper 8:33 am 22 May 06

I agree with the Toad.

It’s cultural!

If others can walk around in funny clothes with funnier hats on specific days and be funded by the ACT government, then we need to ensure that this caravan cult is not lost!

But seriously, why is it that these people from a lower socioeconomic and disadvantaged background, get dealt with very much differently by our socially aware and progressive goverment, than others from low socioeconomic and disadvantaged backgrounds.

Would it be because they tend to be white, male, anglo saxon?

Nah… Couldn’t be, could it?

peeved 1:45 pm 20 May 06

In an attempt to clarify, I took photos of my home, and a couple of others in my street, but I’m not computer smart enough to get them on the site. The homes are best described as caravans and transportables with various annexes, carports, and garages attached, or fixed dwellings. Some in the park are beautifully maintained, some are not, pretty much as is the case in suburbia.
The Longstay is in Narrabundah Lane, next door to the Sundown Village, down the road from the TGA.
I paid $29,000.00 for my place, and I’ve probably spent another $5,000.00 doing up the bathroom and restoring the verandah.
I did a survey of the park, and found only three sites where removal would not entail extensive disassembly of annexes or other structural improvements. It would cost thousands of dollars to move any of the “vans”, mostly requiring cranes and low loaders,the further the move the higher the cost, if there was a place to put them which there isn’t.
I’ve lived here for 5 years, as did my wife till she died of cancer last year. My home is full of her things, her memory, her love.
Forget about finding us somewhere else to go, help us find a solution that lets us stay where we are, because we’re not moving!!!!

barking toad 4:02 pm 19 May 06

All van parks should have pissed old blokes wandering round sans shirt and swigging on a longneck – just like in the ‘burbs.

It’s tradition – I do it often – but I’m not old

VYBerlinaV8 3:44 pm 19 May 06

I only believe in long stay caravan parks when there’s an air of neglect.

VYBerlinaV8 3:42 pm 19 May 06

HAHAHAHA!! Damn right!!!!!

Ari 3:37 pm 19 May 06

… unless they’re both hot, eh?

VYBerlinaV8 3:32 pm 19 May 06

Now come on, everyone: people in glass removeable emergency public housing with an air of neglect shouldn’t throw stones…

Roland GRNS 12:04 pm 19 May 06

Yes, H, you have it wrong. Narrabundah LSCP is on Mugga Lane in Symonston near Jerrabomberra Ave, between the Sundown Village and an olive farm.

Maelinar 11:59 am 19 May 06

I agree with the air of neglect comment.

I was unaware that there were more than one park in that area.

So Roland, keen to enter dialogue on whether or not it was appropriate at any level for your leader to be occupying a house that any given member of the caravan park could have been in while she was earning the top dosh as a MLA ?

Regardless, that’s one house. How many more are being held up by executive level public servants via the security of tenure clause ?

I’m positive an aggressive audit would find sufficient housing to accomodate the entire caravan park.

I do hope you realise Roland that your words are weightless given your leaders track record in bludging off the public teat.

H 11:36 am 19 May 06

OK. I thought the Fyshwick Caravan Park (the one with the Pub on it) was the Longstay. Have I got that wrong?

Roland GRNS 11:09 am 19 May 06

Many of the homes are works in progress.

Yes the gravel roads are in poor condition. The Sundown motel and Caravan Park next door proposed to seal them if they had been successful with their bid to buy it from Koomarri.

(I understand that Koomarri had indicated it would seal them earlier on but failed to deliver.)

VYBerlinaV8 9:59 am 19 May 06

“I disagree with the air of neglect comment “

How would they objectively be described then?

barking toad 9:11 am 19 May 06


…I’m not old!


…who are the britons?

…how do you become king then?

Vic Bitterman 10:36 pm 18 May 06

Sorry Blinker and dusty, I lost my shirt playing 2-up with a greens politician. Ronald the Green, was his name, or something like that….

Binker 9:03 pm 18 May 06

God save us from the disgusting ataxic drunk men with no shirts and long necks, FFS.

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