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Tattoo Artist Needed

By skaboy12 31 May 2007 30

Ladies and Gents,

I am in need of a tattoo artist to do a fair bit of work. I want to try and get it done in the ACT, but since none of my previous tatts were done here, I need some recommendations.

So tell me who the best and worst Tattoo Artists are in the ACT.

What’s Your opinion?

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Tattoo Artist Needed
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motleychick 10:23 am 29 Mar 10

Mischief Moon in Darlinghurst, Sydney are the best. Although if you are unable to travel and have to get something done here I would highly recommend Beatle from Tattoo Culture in Tuggeranong.

Would never, EVER recommened Xtreme in Queabehole – the guy there did a tattoo for my ex and coloured out of the lines. Horrible.

Kuku 11:01 am 28 Mar 10

Can’t recommend anyone in Canberra but if you’re in Auckland, go and see Tane at the parlor in Durham Lane, off Queen Street. He’s very talented.

cleo 9:39 pm 27 Mar 10

I must admit I went shopping around for a tattoo, got a design from the internet, went to extreme he wanted to alter the tatt I’d picked out, I’m paying for the tatt and thats what I want on MY skin, so I went to Lynehamm, I found them to be professional, and got what I wanted, which I’m very happy with, it is so classy, many people have had many postive comments regarding it.

Scarlett2010 11:39 pm 26 Mar 10

My first tattoo was at Xtreme tattoo (or whatever it’s called)in Queanbeyan years ago when i was 18. I had a pretty negative experience, The guy who did it was rude and tried to rush it because it was a butterfly design and i think he thought it was below him. I ended up getting it covered over a few years later because he did such a shotty job. After 5 years it was so faded, considering it rarely saw sunlight, and a part of one wing wasn’t even coloured in! When i compared it with a friend who got hers on the same day it was astonishing the difference between the two.
It’s amazing how a negative experience can transfer onto the tattoo.
I even went back in with the same friend a few years later to get a quote on a small tattoo.
A change from the larger pieces i have gotten in the past. The man who served us was really rude and unhelpful and instead of just saying ‘look this just needs to be a little bigger’ he told us “ladies why don’t you get a real tattoo” to our backs as we were leaving.
I never went back and if anyone asks me, and alot do, i highly suggust to them to avoid this place.
In the end it doesn’t matter how good of a tattoo artist u are if u r a complete ass!

zeitgeist 9:47 pm 03 Mar 09

Tattoo Power gets my vote for sure. By no means has Tattoo Power degraded.

justbands 10:41 am 03 Mar 09

Timely that this post is rising again. I need to book somewhere to get my Ironman symbol tatt when I finish Ironman in 5 weeks. My last one was done by Patto @ Lyneham & he did a great job. Still the go then you reckon? The one in Civic & also Tuggers both seem to get good wraps.

zeitgeist 10:22 am 03 Mar 09

For those of you that actually know Chris Cashmore (as I do), you know that he is Jovial, he likes to have a joke and also has a very dry sense of humour. He is an awesome guy and brilliant tattoo artist, perhaps those that take his comments to heart should lighten up and laugh it off … or even take it as a compliment. I can think of worse names to be called than “Miss World”.

C’mon people lighten up, seriously – lighten up.

Its not that Tattoo Power don’t care anymore, they are just that busy they barely get time to stop. They are booked out for months in advance because they are in demand, they still have a good solid highly regarded reputation.

I am female and I am heavily tattooed / pierced, I have been in the industry for 10 years. I have heard stories about and actually seen the results of bad work coming out of Forever Ink, Freestyle Tattoo, Tattoo Extreme, Tattoo Culture, Wicked Ink and Yes Tattoo Power. Tattooists are only human, and all humans make mistakes every so often. A majority of the time these mistakes can be easily fixed.

To sum it up, Chris Cashmore has been tattooing for over 20 years, is an award winning tattoo artist and his work speaks for itself. Chris Cashmore is the best tattoo artist in Canberra – if you want great work (and a laugh), then tattoo power is the place to go.

Further more … don’t believe everything you read on the Internet …. looking on this site alone (not just this notice thread but the entire site) I have seen several “stories” about the tattoo industry in Canberra that are just not true. If you want to find a tattooist that is suitable to you, best way to do it is to go into the studios, and find out for yourself.

Danman 8:52 pm 16 Jul 08

Wow old thread

Biro – Forever Arts Tattoo – Kicks Arse – Need I say Any more..

gbloke 8:06 pm 16 Jul 08

I had two tattoos and multiple nipple piercings done by May at Freestyle Tattoo Civic. She has great rapport with her clients and did a great job each time. The shop is clean and the tattooists have their stations set up in private areas. I can’t praise them enough. I will be going back again and again to Freestyle at Civic.

I too have been to Lyneham and have two colour tattoos by Chris. When I last visited there I was not made to feel at all like a repeat customer would expect. I agree with the comments about the attitude change in that shop.

mdme workalot 8:06 am 20 Jun 08

Anyone know if eX de Medici is still around? I need to get some work done, and I’d really like for her to design it.

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