Teething problems at the new Dendy Premier Lounge

johnboy 5 January 2007 58

Graham Smith has sent in a link to his detailed letter of compalint about the service in the new Dendy Premier Cinema in the Canberra Centre. (RiotACT is still awaiting any reply to several emails sent to Dendy management)

It sounds like they’ve got a long way to go with bedding down the concept.

Graham will let us know how they get on.

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58 Responses to Teething problems at the new Dendy Premier Lounge
morto1980 morto1980 11:17 pm 21 Jan 07

Harden the f*ck up, Australia!

YouTube Link

Maelinar Maelinar 1:41 pm 15 Jan 07

So is Craig (Manager Dendy) going to take Macca77 (Craig) for a behind the scenes tour fight club style ?

johnboy johnboy 1:40 pm 15 Jan 07

Yah, maybe my training is just out of date.

snahon snahon 1:37 pm 15 Jan 07

Come on JB, you’re actually talking this notion of customer service !!!! That went out of fashion a decade ago when call centres became the rage…

johnboy johnboy 1:15 pm 15 Jan 07

A business doing its customer complaint resolution via the Office of Fair Trading has got a truly broken customer service model.

I can’t speak for Dendy’s training but at UCI in the UK they hammered into us from day one (literally, with tests) to never try and match wits with the customer and always treat a complaint (at any time and in any form) as an opportunity to put things right.

ihatestupidpeople ihatestupidpeople 1:05 pm 15 Jan 07

Sammy – you answered your own conundrum. If you sent the email, you should have been prepared to wait for the response.

If you think about it, when is a plumber going to get the time to check his email? He isn’t sitting in front of a computer all day and probably can’t justify next generation technology to manage it.

For those that are interested, the ACT Office of Fair Trading considers cinemas to be in the same class as restaurants and cafes when it comes to complaints.

This means that you need to bring the Management’s attention to the situation or problem at the time, not via writing three days later to receive any support from Fair Trading.

Sammy Sammy 10:35 am 15 Jan 07

is sitting infront of a computer and whinging the only method understood!

If a business promotes email/web as a recognised means of contact, then they need to make sure it works.

Nothing pisses me off more than a business that promotes an email address as a means of contact, then treats it as a second-class form of communication. Example:

I email a plumber who promotes his email address in the Yellow Pages in large-type, about a non-urgent issue (quote for a new tap). I also contact other plumbers.

A week or so later I get an email response from the first plumber, and when I respond to say that the job has already been completed by another plumber, he responds that he only checks his email every week or so, and that I should have phoned. ARRGGH!

johnboy johnboy 8:07 am 15 Jan 07

frankly I’m fascinated no-one ever ran a test on the contact box.

The website positively encourages customers to use it.

simto simto 8:02 am 15 Jan 07

Well, nothing beats actually talking to a human being, JB. The internet’s a wonderful place to blow off steam and rant a bit. If you actually want something done, though, doing it in person wins every time.

johnboy johnboy 7:45 am 15 Jan 07

Stupid lazy customers expecting the dendy website and email to work!

Macca77 Macca77 10:30 pm 14 Jan 07

One other thing….. I also asked about parking.

For those who maybe confused Dendy do not own or operate any of the surronding carparks and as such have little to no say whatsoever in regards to the operation or pricing of them. Even as a major.

Craig said that he, and other senior managers at Dendy, had spoken with Canberra Centre Management on a number of occasions in regards to matching the “Free Parking Offer” available in the other centre. He said they will continue to push the issue with centre management until a satisfactory resolve is made.

For those of us who think that paying for parking is a joke make yourself heard…..

Place your complaint in writing to Canberra Centre Management via email to centremanager@canberracentre.com.au

OR post your complaint to
Canberra Centre Manager
PO Box 271
Civic Square ACT 2608

If you want free parking….make yourself heard!

Macca77 Macca77 9:50 pm 14 Jan 07

After waiting just over a week for an answer to a comment lodged through the Dendy website I rang the cinemas today and spoke to a very friendly duty manager called Craig.

After explaining my situation to him he was very apologetic and said that I was the second person today that had informed him that they had tried to send something to them via the website and had not recieved a reply.

After resolving my problem he took all my details and said he would call me back after contacting his website IT Support team and let me know the outcome. (Not that I cared but it was a fantastic guesture.)

Late afternoon he called me back and explained that website IT guys discovered a coding error in the design of the “Contact us” page on the website only affecting Dendy Canberra.

He explained that this meant anything, anyone had submitted over the past 4 weeks since they had launched had disappeared into the black hole of cyberspace.

His biggest concern was that he was the Marketing Manager for Dendy in Canberra and it was the first he had heard about it.

He said that before calling me back he called all the other duty managers to see if any other patrons had complained and that they had all said no!


I’ve noticed that alot of people are complaining about Dendy and thier failure to return contact through the website.

Has anyone in here heard of picking up the phone or getting of your butt and following up, or is sitting infront of a computer and whinging the only method understood!!!!

Mistakes and computer glitches happen – computers AREN’T perfect – just like people aren’t either.

If myself or the other lady hadn’t called them today, and we had left it up to some of the other people reading this, it would have never been fixed.

Craig was sincerely apologetic and even offered to take me on a behind the scenes tour when I went to see my next movie. (As well as free tickets for my previous problem.)

For all the badmouthing and whinging that people are carrying on with about Dendy, I for one will remain a loyal customer for many years to come if they offer even near the service I recieved today.

Meconium Meconium 12:24 am 12 Jan 07

again i am in agreement with vg

vg vg 9:25 am 08 Jan 07

Empathy: identification with, and understanding of another’s situation, feelings and motives.

You may also need to learn the meaning of words you teach

vg vg 9:22 am 08 Jan 07

….and your surrender to a superior mind is complete. I catch you on your good days, which is a little sad.

Hard to hear your voice when you type it

nyssa76 nyssa76 1:03 am 08 Jan 07


There is no empathy in your posts whatsoever. There is a major hint of smart arse though admist a pathetic attempt to ignore the crux of the complaint raised because the word “depressed” was mentioned.

Again, I offered possible reasons for said use of the word and you didn’t want to hear anything but your own point of view.

If there is a lack of reading “charge” it’s all yours.

As for your last statement, thanks for the laugh. You couldn’t catch me on a bad day.

Finally, perhaps some inner reflection is needed. You obviously don’t want to hear anything but your own voice.

vg vg 12:14 am 08 Jan 07


Your debating skills don’t extend much beyond simply repating back to me what I say do they?

What part of these following quotes from my posts indicate a lack of empathy?

“He had a shitty time…yes that is bad”

“Upset, saddened, pissed off….yes”

“agree he should be fairly compensated”

“I’m sure he had a shithouse evening”

Lack of empathy, eh?

I’d suggest, once again, lack of reading on your part. It really hurts getting caught out by me time and time again, doesn’t it?

nyssa76 nyssa76 10:40 pm 07 Jan 07

Get a reality check vg, I offered possible reasons for him indicating that it was depressing to him, not a diagnosis. You offered nothing except smart arse comments and a lack of empathy.

If you can’t take it, then don’t respond.

Oh and btw, it’s you that needs to get a grip – on reality.

vg vg 5:40 pm 07 Jan 07

“Clinical depression – oooh big words.”

Thats why I thought you may have to ask an adult what it means.

So Dr. Nyssa, was he depressed or just pissed off by the experience? You seem to know all about it.

Get a grip

nyssa76 nyssa76 3:59 pm 07 Jan 07

Can you distinguish “too trivial” and too trivial?

I put those words as so (“too trivial”) to distinguish you words from my inference.

Simple really.

Clinical depression – oooh big words.

I offered possible reasons as to why he might be depressed by it all. People can be depressed by something without being clinically depressed. They can be sad, angry, let down etc without needing a psychiatrist. Most people experience the “blues” over a situation at times.

Feel free to continue making incorrect assertions and inserting your own words to substitute for mine to suit your own hysterical ends though.

Try the other way around.

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