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Tent embassy fires deliberately lit – coroner

By johnboy - 21 July 2006 24

In 2004 there were some suspicions that the fires plaguing the Aboriginal Tent Embassy could have been the result of poor camp discipline.

The ABC now reports that Coroner Ron Cahill has decided that arson was the cause of the fires. Sadly there are no ideas about either motive or who might have done it.

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24 Responses to
Tent embassy fires deliberately lit – coroner
simto 2:05 pm 21 Jul 06

The tent embassy traditionally thins out during winter and gets pretty expansive during summer. For rather obvious, weather-related reasons. It’s much more comfortable to protest when you’re not going to freeze to death on the lawn…

Mr Evil 2:03 pm 21 Jul 06

In my opinion it doesn’t support their cause; just makes them look like a bunch of tossers with chips on their shoulders.

D9 the whole place!

VYBerlinaV8 1:41 pm 21 Jul 06

I’ll probably get flamed here, but stuff it. I think the Aboriginal tent embassy is a national disgrace. If they want to play this game, then they can play by the same rules as the rest of us. Why don’t they get themselves a proper building, and get themselves on the tourist attraction map to show the world about their culture and plight? The Victorians have got the right idea: douse the fires and put canturf straight over the top. I just don’t see how having a shack and a few campfires around the place supports their cause.

Indi 1:00 pm 21 Jul 06

Thumper – I was pondering on just why the tent residence was thinning in numbers. I thought it may have had something to do with the required ‘clean up’ in preparation for the next phase of development into a ‘recognised’ embassy with education programs delivered by representatives…of course, my oversight was that it was a touch too cold for the so called committed was an oversight.

Thumper 12:34 pm 21 Jul 06

Oh jesus…

No shit caf….

I’m glad you pointed this out to me as I had no idea that this was how it all worked.

Why couldn’t the police just have a look, conclude it was arson, and then everybdy is happy.

Or are we keeping these people in jobs by letting them investigate the bleeding obvious…


wait till summer and you’ll see what spread is…

Mr Evil 12:32 pm 21 Jul 06

Maybe the Israelis can be convinced to help remove this ’embassy’ from Canberra?

I’m sure I’ve seen some Muslim terrorists down there……..

Ari 12:29 pm 21 Jul 06

Sort of like weeds in bushland … needs a controlled burn every now and then.

Swaggie 12:23 pm 21 Jul 06

Anyone else notice how it’s s p r e a d i n g? What was an small ‘Embassy’ is now a small ‘compound’ and will soon be a small enclave but the gutless Pollies won’t act….

caf 12:13 pm 21 Jul 06

Unfortunately, or fortunately, the legal systems prefers to operate on the basis of investigations and findings of fact, rather than what “any idiot” tells you.

snahon 11:17 am 21 Jul 06

Stir the pot time….

What I love is: “…result of poor camp discipline”

I didn’t realise that I could pitch a tent and camp there as well 🙂

Wonder how far I would get before some sort of Govt official (police or parks ranger?) asked me to move along – be it in front of old parliament house, next to the High Court or somewhere along the lake….

barking toad 11:11 am 21 Jul 06

I’ve always been disappointed that the town hoons haven’t torched this tip on a regular basis.

What’s wrong wiv the yoof of today!!

snahon 11:10 am 21 Jul 06

Thanks jb.. I couldn’t conceive how they would but by using this misnomer, the suggestion that that are or they have “extra” rights is being validated.

Thumper 11:04 am 21 Jul 06

I just have to laugh about the fact they held an enquiry to see whether it was arson or not.

Geez, any idiot could have told you it was arson…

As for squatter’s right, it can only be claimed on Common Land, or Crown land?

Ah, I can’t remember….

johnboy 10:43 am 21 Jul 06

They have an unrecognized claim to sovereignty over “ever inch” of Australia.

No formal recognition at all, but after all these years they’d have to have some sort of claim to squatter’s rights.

snahon 10:38 am 21 Jul 06

Out of curiosity, does that place have legal “embassy” status or has it just been labelled that for the last upteen decades ?

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