The Fagan Scholarship

johnboy 1 May 2007 19

The ABC reports that the ACT Government has decided to set up a scholarship to honour the memory of CPO Audrey Fagan.

The Chief Minister Jon Stanhope today told the ACT Legislative Assembly that she was a dedicated officer of the highest calibre and the government would establish a tertiary scholarship in her name.

“I would like to see this scholarship for tertiary study opened up to any Canberra woman working the areas of care and protection, ” Mr Stanhope said.

Sadly there is no word of an open investigation into the causes of her death.

There’s now a media release from Mr. Stanhope.

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19 Responses to The Fagan Scholarship
el el 6:29 pm 09 Apr 08



Danman Danman 3:29 pm 09 Apr 08

Unlike Audrey LOL

Mr Evil Mr Evil 2:46 pm 09 Apr 08

This thread has really come back to life!

Mælinar Mælinar 2:30 pm 09 Apr 08

Haha I crack me up with my old comments.

Jellybelly – She was already under fire for inappropriate use of AFP contractors for private works, with more in the pipeline. Her suicide was a convenient way of all that disappearing in the haze of smoke and mirrors that followed.

As said before though, I don’t think you are the brightest star in the sky, hence your comment has only served to bring up the topic again.

ant ant 1:24 pm 09 Apr 08

jellybeautiful said :

“Jellybeautiful”: i beg of you all to stop talking about this subject,

We had. Back in May 2007. Until you ferreted it out and resurrected it.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 12:48 pm 09 Apr 08

Jelly may be beautiful, but obviously not the brightest.

Ari Ari 12:22 pm 09 Apr 08

Jellybeautiful, if you check the dates on the posts, the last time any talked about the subject was May 2 last year.

By posting you’ve resurrected the thread so it appears on the front page and there will almost certainly be more comments now.

jellybeautiful jellybeautiful 12:15 pm 09 Apr 08

i beg of you all to stop talking about this subject, its hard enough coming to terms with her death let alone knowing that people are talking about her and why she died behind the scenes.
i know that this is a public forum but think about the impact of your words on her still greiving family.

Maelinar Maelinar 2:50 pm 02 May 07

Sending a fagan student along for a fagan education is a fagan brilliant idea.

The fagan Fagan scholarship for fagan dumb students so they become fagan smart in the memory of a fagan Fagan.

For those who know who I am, I have every excuse.

Snahons_scv6_berlina Snahons_scv6_berlina 9:30 am 02 May 07

why is this not surprising from the town mayor ?

Maelinar Maelinar 8:28 am 02 May 07

Yet another sexist, one sided scholarship for the promotion of some idealistic agenda ?

I’m sure this is what CPO Fagan was all about…

Before the flames start about females being minority bleh blah blah bleet, lets consider firstly that CPO Fagan was at the top of the ladder.

TAD TAD 7:16 am 02 May 07

JB, there is no political mileage to be made out of this so there will not be any Royal Commission.

If Stanhope were to want one then firstly you have to ask why. Secondly Stanhope is akin to the Lord Mayor of Wollongong with respect to the power to demand anything.

teddy bear teddy bear 11:05 pm 01 May 07

A scholarship is much more useful than a statue.

johnboy johnboy 10:38 pm 01 May 07

If the local Government were to publicly request the Federales start a royal commission it would be hard to see it being refused.

If the Marks Royal Commission was worthwhile it is hard to see how this is any less important.

TAD TAD 10:18 pm 01 May 07

If you mean when are we going to get a responsible government then your guess is as good as mine.

If you mean an inquiry. Not likely.

The ACT govt wouldn’t have jurisdiction for a start seeing how its a QLD death and AF was a Commonwealth employee. The AFP wouldn’t be calling for it as in my opinion the death had more to do with national AFP bullying of ACTP than a hack writing an opinion piece in a local rag that nobody even reads.

johnboy johnboy 9:47 pm 01 May 07

Well a responsible government could commission it’s own inquiry.

I wonder where we’re going to get one of those.

TAD TAD 9:44 pm 01 May 07

The Qld coroner only will need to concern him/herself with the manner and cause of the death which will be covered by the basic police investigation, forensic recording of the scene, post mortem examination by the pathologist and the submission of the suicide notes.

Unless the family requests it, there will be no public inquest as is the case with the 50 odd suicides we get in the ACT each year.

DavidM DavidM 5:56 pm 01 May 07

When you say ’causes of death’, you mean why she committed suicide?

LG LG 4:29 pm 01 May 07

“areas of care and protection” is a pretty broad category.

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