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The full litany of prison complaints

By johnboy - 13 May 2009 45

The Liberals Jeremy Hanson has finally got his prison complaint list online. So here goes:

    — The iris scanner only works after multiple attempts;
    — The searching of visitors is intrusive and demeaning;
    — The prison is freezing cold and prisoners have inadequate clothing:
    — The food portions are inadequate;
    — A mother and child were locked in the chamber access to the visiting area when the electronic system failed;
    — A number of doors, toilets, and door handles are faulty;
    — Prisoners are told that if they touch Mr Hargreaves glass artwork that was installed at massive expense in the visitors’ area then visits will be cancelled!

The cold is an interesting one. That can kill people over time, especially if they’re on a reduced calorie diet. (In a human rights compliant way).

What’s Your opinion?

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45 Responses to
The full litany of prison complaints
Anna Key 2:11 pm 13 May 09

At least Guantanamo Bay was warm

amarooresident2 2:01 pm 13 May 09

“The searching of visitors is intrusive and demeaning”

Of course it’s intrusive – that’s the whole f**king point.

LG 1:55 pm 13 May 09

I like the rules on the artwork. I wonder if it will be rolled out to the broader community. 10m radius at all times around the ‘pear-shaped rocks on crates’, ‘pine log native grasses’ and ‘left over industrial waste’ along the GDE – on the spot fines to be issued.

Jim Jones 1:49 pm 13 May 09

captainwhorebags said :

This reminds me of the tripe that started spewing forth when the public was told that Ivan Milat had access to a toaster.

A toaster! Well I’m just appalled.

No wonder people commit crimes: in prison everyone is just living the high life, eating toast and whatnot.

screaming banshee 1:17 pm 13 May 09

dammit, chain gang

screaming banshee 1:16 pm 13 May 09

For those inmates that have taken away the human/civil rights of others I feel no pity for when they themselves have their human/civil rights taken away

We could always give them nice warm orange jump suits and start a chain gain….plenty of litter on the highways. Prisoners might take offence though, what with looking like Palavi and all.

farq 1:10 pm 13 May 09

I can end this thread now for us. the rest will basically read:

– rabble-rabble…prisoners are scum, bring back the stocks, etc.

back in your box ‘people’. go back to your tabloids and current affairs shows.

Sounds like the outcome of most act gov projects. Lots of stuff-ups.

S4anta 1:02 pm 13 May 09


Now that the Greens are part of the Government, someone has to come up with vacuous reasons to poo-bar the decision making of the powers that be.

dvaey 12:59 pm 13 May 09

PBO said :

I would love to see Emporor Corbell ….

You lost me right there.. Emporor Corbell.. Thats one thing I would love not to see, thanks all the same

captainwhorebags 12:48 pm 13 May 09

Blingerific: typically office workers have the ability to wear warmer clothes, get more food, use a toilet in a different part of a building etc. Comparing an office to a prison is a bit of a stretch (no matter how much you may hate your job).

TP 3000: The punishment is deprivation of liberty. I’m no fan of criminals, but I am a believer that the function of prisons is to keep dangerous people out of society, not inflict additional punishments such as freezing cells and insufficient food rations. If they can be rehabilitated along the way, even better.

This reminds me of the tripe that started spewing forth when the public was told that Ivan Milat had access to a toaster.

PBO 12:45 pm 13 May 09

Perhaps make the prison yard into a colesseum and we can pit prisoners against one another, charge an entry fee and our prisons become self supporting. I would love to see Emporor Corbell giving a Massey the thumbs down.

PBO 12:42 pm 13 May 09

My thoughts on a prison is where the inmates get whomped around the clock, it is cold and dingly and there is only general population, no special protection for peadophiles or rapists. This is not meant to be a holiday camp ppl.

Perhaps we should consider Sharia law in our prisons?

TP 3000 12:18 pm 13 May 09

I suppose if the Liberals had built the Hume Gaol, then it would of been better then the Hyatt Canberra? Now while these prisoners aren’t the lowest of the lowest. They have still ruined innocent victims lives & so why shouldn’t they be punished for it? Have a look at when the Daily Telegraph went into NSW’s Maximum Security Prison (,22049,25450641-5006009,00.html).

I have one sentence that use to go around in prisons “Toughen up Princess!!”

Blingerific 12:07 pm 13 May 09

Well, um, it *is* a prison isn’t it? Not a holiday resort?

Sure it is not good that security measures/devices are not working as advertised but I know of office buildings (hello Campbell Park) that are constantly cold and the workers within are not equipped for those conditions yet Parliament (State or Federal) isn’t banging on about those is it?

peterh 12:03 pm 13 May 09

his list is titled “NEW PRISON IS NO BETTER THAN THE OLD ONE” is there an old one?

where is it?

who in their right mind would put glass artwork into a prison?

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