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The jackboot descends on the throat of the Backanalias?

By johnboy 17 July 2008 32


In his Culturazi email Loadedog has detailed the iron grip of Government encircling the throat of one of Canberra’s more endearing cultural institutions, the Backyard Backanalias:

    Backyard Backanalia under threat

    This morning I had a visit from a very nice police lady who was responding to an ‘expression of concern’ from a member of the public about the goings on in our backyard. It was all very amicable and, while there are clearly risks for me personally from a public liability perspective, and some grey areas about what constitutes a private party versus a commercial proposition, she was satisfied that we were taking steps to keep the crowd numbers to a reasonable level and has left me thinking we have a green light from the cops to proceed.

    Which would be great if we hadn’t last week received a letter from our real estate advising us they were onto us (having seen the web site) and that we should cease activities immediately lest they throw us out. Hmm. We’ve previously been investigated by PALM (now ACTPLA), the cops have passed it, we might have a case to argue, but at this stage the status of the Backanalias is ‘under threat’.

    Oh, and in the middle of writing this, Liquor Licensing came to the door. Just informing us of the rules and regs and firing a warning shot. We can (and probably will if we go ahead in future) apply for a permit to sell grog (in which case no byo), but probably can’t charge money at the door, nor sell food other than suasage sangers if, as expected, the health authorities turn up next (the police informed Liquor Licensing). That’s assuming we can convince the landlord.

While it’s nice to see such unexpected thoroughness and rigour from the local bureaucracy it’s a shame if it means the end of an institution that has caused little harm and brought much happiness.

In slightly better news Loadedog has moved websites. If you used to read you can now find him at Pictures of what he’s done to his ute ASAP.

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32 Responses to
The jackboot descends on the throat of the Backanalias?
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el 8:25 pm 24 Jul 08

The last Backanalia I went to was just fantastic. People of all ages (including kids) enjoying live music in a wonderful, welcoming atmosphere.

I’m sure there’s a few of us that would make ‘quiet’ donations to set up a generator at somewhere like….Corroboree Park in Ainslie?

Quite frankly I’d like to carney all over the resident who ‘expressed concern’ at such a soulful event. Sigh.

Mordd 7:47 pm 24 Jul 08

Ignore the fact that at both houses he has lived at, he regularly discussed the parties with his neighbours, got their consent, always invited them along, and quite often many of them would turn up each time.

The music is off by 10pm, before noise restrictions even apply, the fact is if entry wasn’t charged at the door then legally there wouldn’t be that much the authorities could actually do. Unfortunately making it a Canberra Musicians Club only thing will probably be the only way to continue as a unincorporated organisation can put on events like this and charge their own members and be well within the law doing so.

People just want something to complain about, and the “glad im not next door” comments are typical of the attitude of the whining middle class wankers that populate canberra, you don’t even stop to consider how it has been going successfully for 3 yrs with 0 complaints until now if they have been pissing off their neighbours the entire time. Heck, any licensed venue would be damm proud of a record of 1 single complaint in 3 years of operation, the government should take on Backanalia as consultants to advise them how to improve other live music venues so they don’t impact on the community as much (sarcasm in that last statement in case you can’t tell).

I would like to see our government authorities being so pro-active in the other areas of law they are responsible for, the fact is Civic is a dangerous place to go out at night, and with all the live music venues gone, some of you are seriously going to question why people are gathering in backyards instead? For crying out loud, wake up and smell the culture dying all around you.

ant 9:29 pm 18 Jul 08

I like the do-it-yourself scruffy amateurism of this, but would feel a bit hesitant to go to a gig at someone’s back yard, whom I didn’t know. If it was in a public spot, or a paddock, and was bring your own chair etc, it’d be more attractive.

fabforty 6:47 pm 18 Jul 08

I like the idea – but then again I can say that because I don’t share a fence with you.

You all look pretty cold and miserable though. Before I read the article I thought it was about homelessness !

If you really want to bring live music back to the masses, I agree with those who suggest taking it to a public place such as a hall or community centre or take a generator down to the lake (in summer).

Anyway music lovers “viva revolution” !

I-filed 6:09 pm 18 Jul 08

There have been lots of basement venues in central Canberra. Gypsy bar was the best, but that wasn’t closed because of noise, but because the owner was opening a cafe right above and was jealous of the owner I think? Unfortunately basements are becoming a thing of the past – its all underground car parks now.

gullygroper 4:25 pm 18 Jul 08

What were you doing in that back yard no don’t tell me. In any case was it anyone else’s business? Providing you weren’t making a racket. Welcome to the new woserism.

Mælinar 2:39 pm 18 Jul 08

Oh that lot, I thought they were just tpg.

Mælinar 1:38 pm 18 Jul 08

what’s tpgi ?

Danman 1:26 pm 18 Jul 08

Saturday night can well be done….email me at chefboy (at) tpgi dot com dot au for a mobile number (Premium call charge of $4.95 a minute)

Thumper 1:12 pm 18 Jul 08

Hey Danman,

I may be heading out on Saturday night to do some research. I’ll let you know if so, and when if you want to come along and take some photos.

Danman 1:06 pm 18 Jul 08

I need an editor.

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