The Magic ATM of Jamison

johnboy 27 October 2010 19

Winning ATM

Owen was in the Jamison CSCC (aka Wests) the other day and wondered just what this ATM was meant to do?

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19 Responses to The Magic ATM of Jamison
akinom akinom 1:27 am 28 Oct 10

There’s a bit of a literature about the relationship between ATMs and pokies. It might be that the club has located its ATM away from the pokies so as not to be seen to be helping problem gamblers access cash too easily. But, as the ATM in the pic seems to be in an out of the way place, the club might actually be allowing a problem gambler to withdraw cash without attracting too much attention. Check out the Productivity Commission’s huge 1000 page tome on gambling, which contains a discussion on ATMs and pokies.

bd84 bd84 12:12 am 28 Oct 10

Old joke to play the ATM as it always spits out money like you’re winning..

clueless70 clueless70 9:41 pm 27 Oct 10

Calls to mind the joke Baudrillard tells in one of his strange aphoristic books. A man is withdrawing large amounts of cash from an ATM and taking his time about it. An irate queue is forming behind him. The first irate person behind asks him when he will be finished his business. The ATM user turns in annoyance and says, ‘Can’t you see I’m winning? As long as this thing pays out I’m staying.’

chrisi chrisi 9:29 pm 27 Oct 10

hmmm…. different story if it was right next to a poker machine, but its obviously in a walk way sitting next to a candy machine and trophy case. I suspect this was much funnier after a few beverages :)>

JessicaNumber JessicaNumber 7:12 pm 27 Oct 10

The lucky winner gets to take home this vomitacular carpet!!!

screaming banshee screaming banshee 4:58 pm 27 Oct 10

Funny when Owen was drunk perhaps

Pork Hunt Pork Hunt 4:42 pm 27 Oct 10

Two seals walked into a club…

Holditz Holditz 3:22 pm 27 Oct 10

It’s a poor joke if you have to explain the punchline…

astrojax astrojax 2:57 pm 27 Oct 10

i always rekkuned atms should have a ‘double or nothing’ option – could be used like one arm bandits as a stupidity tax and save the banks charging other fees…

phil m phil m 2:51 pm 27 Oct 10

Look at the top of the photo.
I got a chuckle.

Gerry-Built Gerry-Built 2:49 pm 27 Oct 10

sunshine said :

i’m obviously missing something here

I don’t think it is funny as it may have originally seemed… or else, I too, am missing something…

But then, I’d rather see stuff that’s only half funny, then miss out on fully funny…

lumnock lumnock 2:41 pm 27 Oct 10

I live up the road from that club and can verify that it is a normal ATM which dispenses cash. No idea as to the point of this thread either…

sunshine sunshine 2:22 pm 27 Oct 10

i’m obviously missing something here

p1 p1 2:17 pm 27 Oct 10

Well, it pays out more than all the other video machines in the club.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 2:17 pm 27 Oct 10
Gerry-Built Gerry-Built 1:27 pm 27 Oct 10

Perhaps he means all the “WIN” signs around the “ATM” signs, you know, being a club with pokies and all…

It’s no “Woodstock” sign

frontrow frontrow 12:58 pm 27 Oct 10

I don’t get it either. Is it meant to be the specified number of microns away from the gaming area?

Gantz Gantz 12:39 pm 27 Oct 10

Im not entirely sure I understand the post, or is there some history I am missing?

I believe the ATM is to dipsense cash for drinks, pokies and such…

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