The Nightrider rolls for 2010

johnboy 2 December 2010 10

Chief Minister Stanhope has announced tomorrow marks the start of another three month trial of the Nightrider buses.

Deanes Transit Group will run the service every Friday and Saturday night throughout summer, as well as providing additional services on New Year’s Eve.

“The three-month Nightrider trial is part of the reform of the Liquor Act, which recently received a significant overhaul to include several new laws designed to improve public safety by tackling the anti-social and violent behaviour associated with excessive alcohol consumption,” Mr Stanhope said.

“In addition, the rates of drink driving in the ACT suggest that we constantly need to remind people to plan their night out, and if they intend to drink, work out how they are going to get home in advance. The Nightrider bus service is designed to help get people home safely after a night out in Civic.”

Departing from the City interchange, eight Nightrider routes will take passengers home every 90 minutes between 1am and 4.45am. Fares will cost a flat fee of $10 and will drop passengers within a reasonable walking distance to most Canberra homes.

A Manuka/Kingston to Civic loop will also be trialled to operate every half hour between 12.30am and 4am for a flat fee of $5 to link revellers to the buses departing the city and get people home.

Those connecting to another bus in Civic will only have to pay $10 in total if they keep their Manuka/Kingston ticket, however, it is important they know the time of their City bus departure and plan enough time to connect.

Details of Canberra’s second bus network are in a glossy pdf.

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10 Responses to The Nightrider rolls for 2010
karmacarrier karmacarrier 8:15 pm 06 Dec 10

I think that this type of service should be provided throughout the year.
I’m a taxi driver and I’m sympathetic to the complaints about the cost of taxis – particular from people wanting cheaper transport home after a night out.
This will give people a choice of buses or taxis.
Those that opt for taxis do so knowing that the cost will be higher.
Unfortunately taxis have a high cost of service provision and nobody seems to want to subsidise a cheaper service.
Action gets about $60million a year from public subsidies.
No doubt Deane’s will get a fair share.

AussieRodney AussieRodney 5:59 pm 06 Dec 10

Good to see that the trial is a full 3 months this time.

dvaey dvaey 8:15 pm 04 Dec 10

I know it was Friday night & only the first night for the service, but most of the buses were empty or had just a few passengers. We need to get the word out better.

I think maybe the biggest rains in most of our memories, might have put a dampener on people going out in general. In previous years when Ive caught night-rider, there was often standing room only, but still as you pointed out, passengers were often delivered almost to their doors. Excellent service.

johnboy johnboy 5:04 pm 04 Dec 10

it takes years to change perceptions. But if ever a beer coaster ad campaign would work, this is it.

Disposable Disposable 12:05 am 03 Dec 10

AndyC said :

I’m not really sure how this can be called a trial when it has been run for the last 4 or 5 years I can remember over the Christmas period.

Previously the Nightrider service only operated for 3 weekends in December and then on New Years. This trial goes all the way until the end of February.

Sir Pompously Sir Pompously 8:03 pm 02 Dec 10

It would be a difficult time for ACTION and the ACT Government to get the drivers to sign up to these shifts, considering their EBA is yet to be resolved. I am under the impression it was tendered. This years Nightrider is extended for the Trial (After years of cutbacks), and hopefully it can become a year round service.

AndyC AndyC 6:22 pm 02 Dec 10

I’m not really sure how this can be called a trial when it has been run for the last 4 or 5 years I can remember over the Christmas period. Oh that’s right, Labor call it a trial to appease the Greens so they could get their liquor licensing laws through, then have no obligation to continue it after this year. Obviously the Greens have short memories…

I also find it interesting that it’s being run by Deanes rather than Action. I can only assume they have done the maths and it’s cheaper to contract Deans than run the Action busses..

But it is a top idea – and one that should be run longer than just the festive season..

Dimsim Dimsim 3:10 pm 02 Dec 10

It’s obvious, isn’t it?

Deans is used to the drunken anti-social behavior, coming from Quangers. A bus load of pubes with a skinful is easy work for them.

Gantz Gantz 2:49 pm 02 Dec 10

Fantastic idea nad really needed! But Im in the same mind as harvyk1, why no ACTION involvement?

harvyk1 harvyk1 2:32 pm 02 Dec 10


One of the big problems I have with civic is getting home at the end of the night. Taxi’s back home are expensive ($50 – $60 not uncommon) and whilst I’d never delibrately drive if I’m over the limit, there is always that niggling bit of doubt. (For the record when I’ve been pulled over at RBT’s I’ve always been under, even after a few at the local)

So for only $10 at the end of the night (basically the cost of an expensive beer) I can get someone else to drive me home. There is no way I’d risk it with driving.

Hopefully it will be a big success and will continue throughout the year.

PS it’s interesting that it’s Deanes running it and not (no)ACTION

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