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The Rat Patrol

johnboy 29 October 2006 11

Loadedog has a much needed explanation on the “Rat Patrol”, the gang who haunt the inner north on mad modified bikes, sometimes towing a mobile disco behind them at night.

Nice to finally know who they are.

UPDATE: It turns out they do have their own web page.

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11 Responses to The Rat Patrol
Limp Jimmy 9:20 am 31 Oct 06

Our 'policy' is to make bikes from things that would otherwise be disgarded using beer, wit and power tools — it doesn't matter what kind of bike it is I guess, but we are a freakbike group, so it's good if you inject some imagination into whatever you call it. Avoid the use of lycra :)

bonfire 4:12 pm 27 Oct 06

also - whats your policy on recumbent bicycles ?

bonfire 4:12 pm 27 Oct 06

beware - if the monkey bike riders hear of you there could be a rumble.

Limp Jimmy 3:13 pm 27 Oct 06

ONE MORE COMMENT: we are not a gang! At worst, you could say that (technically) we are a bike club, but I'm not even sure if I would agree with that definition! It's an inclusive community-oriented phenomenom. That's about as formal as it gets.

Thumper 3:10 pm 27 Oct 06

I think its seriously cool.

Just the sort of thing I would have done, nay, did, when I was a kid.

Limp Jimmy 3:08 pm 27 Oct 06

Yep, that's been known to happen. Seems to be a beer-related thing (strangely enough).

Just don't ask "Why?" or say "Chuck a mono!" m'kay :)

Jey 2:39 pm 27 Oct 06

I think I've seen a few of this lot riding along at night. The REALLY tall bike. I was a bit tipsy and/or tired and I was like 'WTF?!?!'

Limp Jimmy 2:09 pm 27 Oct 06

NOTE: the long gold limo bike (Schloooong) has been stolen and has been seen around Ainslie. We know where you live already thanks to our urban network, so how about you (mind you, anyone dumb enough to STEAL or to steal something like that would surely not have enough brain size to READ, let alone use a computer...) drop it back sometime real soon... OK?

The "dragster" is called Pollyanna, if that answers your question... it's a very old Schwinn which has been lovingly stripped back and given new life. Normally we would employ the angle grinder and welder for this application, but it's owner Scrujette had power of vito in this case...

We like the idea of cutting old things and joining them to make a 'new' Functional Work of Art (or FART). Our limits are not the limits of physics, so much as the boundaries of the mind.

OK, for all those about to ask "Why?", all I can say is that you'll have to answer that one for yourselves... [THINK!]. Or read the manifesto.

Ride more, USE LESS...

Thumper 1:49 pm 27 Oct 06

What about the Dragster?

Well, I think thats what it was called. it even had three gears with the gear shifter on the bar in front of you.

bonfire 1:31 pm 27 Oct 06

(hand up) guilty as well.

remember the crossrider ?

i tried to buidl one out of a 50's era malvern star and an old husqvarna motorbike as a kid.

it was not a great success, but i sure thought i looked cool.

Thumper 9:03 am 27 Oct 06


That is cool.

As a kid I modified a standard treddlie and extended the front forks, put on some ape hangers as well as a banana seat and sissy bar on it (Come on, own up, how many out there did the same things)

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