The things you find out from Facebook… (Former party) the ACT Democrats running candidates

Jonathon Reynolds 22 July 2008 13

I’ve been trying to keep tabs on who will be who in the political zoo and it appears that the (Former party) ACT Democrats have preselected some candidates for the upcoming ACT Election:

  • Darren Churchill – Ginninderra
  • Marilyn Key Dennis – Ginninderra
  • Grag Tannahill – Molonglo 

I can’t see any reference to any other Democrat candidates at this stage. I wonder how long it will take mainstream media to give us some real details because there is nothing on the ACT Democrats web page about it!

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13 Responses to The things you find out from Facebook… (Former party) the ACT Democrats running candidates
Clown Killer Clown Killer 12:10 pm 26 Jul 08

Whilst I have no idea who Marilyn Key Dennis is, or what she’s capable of, I fail to see why, simply because she has spent the best part of her whole life somewhere other than the ACT, that would in any way impact on her ability to serve the community. Look at the alternatives – time and time again our home grown numpties like Stanhope, Barr, Smyth and Stefaniak et al, run the Territory into the ground.

The Democrats used to be a great party – for fence sitters who couldn’t make up their mind between Liberal and Labor – but they lost their credibility and their relevance meddling with the GST and opposing the sale of Telstra.

At least there’s a good chance they’ll make it harder for fringe parties lik CAP to get a seat which cant be a bad thing.

Jack Dorf Jack Dorf 7:37 am 26 Jul 08

Better late than never!

Jonathon Reynolds Jonathon Reynolds 10:59 pm 25 Jul 08

The Democrats have finally announced what we told you here first:

ABC News Online:

ACT Democrats web page:

Pandy Pandy 6:35 pm 23 Jul 08


jakez jakez 9:52 am 23 Jul 08

Pandy said :

Yeah JR, just like the Poms in the Liberal party.

Jacqui Burke?

Thumper Thumper 8:24 am 23 Jul 08

Viva la revolution…

Pandy Pandy 7:43 am 23 Jul 08

Yeah JR, just like the Poms in the Liberal party.

Jonathon Reynolds Jonathon Reynolds 12:22 am 23 Jul 08

Speaking of facebook profiles Ms. Dennis informs us:

“I am new to Facebook but hope to get the hang of it soon. I have three children, four grandchildren and a fifth on the way. I returned to Australia in 2005 after thirty-eight years in France. I love the four seasons of Canberra – a bit of a change from my birthplace of Sydney. [emphasis added]

Good to see the Democrats have picked a candidate with such strong long term residential affiliation to Canberra (let alone Australia). One assumes that any Francophone voters should be able to discuss the ACT electoral issues with her in their native tongue.

For the benefit of individuals who do not have a facebook login / account:

arkem arkem 11:31 pm 22 Jul 08

I’m sure that the Democrats will do a proper launch when they’re ready.

In the mean time Greg Tannahill has a political blog at that has some more information and Greg has a Facebook group at

Darren Churchill has a Facebook group at

Marilyn Kay Dennis has a Facebook group at

Jack Dorf Jack Dorf 9:22 pm 22 Jul 08

Norvan Vogt ex Democrat senate candidate in 07 is standing for CAP in Molongo.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 7:43 pm 22 Jul 08

Candidates can still stand for a deregistered party – it just means that they can’t be grouped under that party name on the ballot papers. While it may be a “former party” for ACT Government elections (and in some people’s minds”, it is still a federally recognised party and still has an elected member in the SA government.

Jonathon Reynolds Jonathon Reynolds 6:03 pm 22 Jul 08

Apparently they still are deregistered according to Elections ACT:
The Australian Democrats, also known as the ACT Democrats, were deregistered on 13 September 2007 because the acting Electoral commissioner considered on reasonable grounds that the party did not have at least 100 members who were electors.

Mike Crowther Mike Crowther 5:58 pm 22 Jul 08

I thought the ACT Dems had been deregistered?

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