Thievery in civic carparks

arb 21 September 2007 31

I had my car window smashed today (Thursday) in the car park next to civic pool and a GPS unit (which was hidden) stolen. There were several other items of value in the car which weren’t touched. To the sh*theads who did this deed: I hope you burn in hell. Anyone with any information which may lead to the recovery of my property please get in touch – and a reward may be considered for information leading to the successful recovery of my GPS unit. And a note to every honest person out there – don’t leave GPS brackets attached to your car windscreen. My unit was out of sight, so the break-in was done on the off chance I had hidden it somewhere in the car – they got lucky.

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31 Responses to Thievery in civic carparks
kylearaus kylearaus 6:22 pm 03 Oct 07

This is irony. Almost a week after the initial post here, I had the inside of my car trashed. And a whole lot of stuff stolen. This was in a hotel underground car park in a large industrial city just south of Sydney. Now (5 weeks later) I still have no car as the lowlife have managed to bend the steering column. I await parts. Insurance covers the car damage, but the stuff nicked from inside is just my responsibility. PDA, tools, coins, the baby wipes, GPS etc….. As usual, there is nothing the constabulary can do. I know it is not life threatening, and I should get over it etc etc… but I am still really p*$$ed off that the scum get away with this rubbish, and I have no car. And I have contributed to the nations rising insurance costs……And it cost a shirtload to replace the personal items.

ant ant 9:35 am 30 Sep 07

He’s probably a happy chappy due to all the happy substances he takes, so he doesn’t notice what’s going on anyway.

This idea that everyone’s insured so theft doesn’t matter is a disgusting view. Premiums have skyrocketed in recent years, and once you’ve bought the thing you wanted, you don’t want to have to go find another, even in the happy event that you are insured. And if you DO claim, watch your premium at renewal time!

vandam vandam 9:20 am 30 Sep 07

Don’t worry Arb, He’s obviously either a shithead that steals aswell, or he’s a paper pushing knob on good money.
Stung, sure you get over it, but a lot of people don’t. The idea of someone in your house, going through your personal items, not only scares the crap out of them, but affects them for the rest of their life. Some people never get over it!

Stung Stung 3:07 pm 24 Sep 07

haha people like me, ok.. yea my stuff wasn’t insured either – I just moved on and got on with my life.

I don’t think I’m small-minded for that, my last post wasn’t exactly serious if you couldnt tell mate, I’m just trying to think of it from the perspective of the thief..

arb arb 2:19 pm 24 Sep 07


And what about when insurance won’t cover it? The GPS was not a fixture in my car so it isn’t covered and it’s not worth claiming the window repair as it’s less than my excess.

Comments like “I can just take it and the person gets the money back on insurance anyway” just goes to show what a small minded individual you are. It’s people like you that is what’s wrong with today’s society.

Stung Stung 1:50 pm 24 Sep 07

haha Ok I guess I am condoning theft really – if you can get away with it, then why not go for yours.. beats paying for stuff! When I got broken into I was mad at the thieves, but then I also thought “Well, good on ’em I guess. They got me good.”

Instead of sitting back and waiting for things to happen these people take charge of their lives and just take what they want, which is admirable in a way. They think Hmmm I can either save for a while and work my ring off like a sucka to get that big LCD tv, or I can just take it and the person gets the money back on insurance anyway..

Thumper Thumper 12:05 pm 24 Sep 07

Nice shooting Tex…

Maelinar Maelinar 11:51 am 24 Sep 07

@Stung I don’t want the perpetrators dead like some of you lot..

Actually, the terms used were ‘burn in hell’ which has been used as a non-actioned threat by Christians to vent irritation for the last few hundred years or so, give or take some Crusades and a few dozen witches who got to apply a more literal interpretation.

BigDave noted that he would do some burning of perpertrators himself, yet hardly wishing them dead, although Pandy’s comment is bravado inspired atmospheric pollution, yet dead wasn’t mentioned.

Are you crossing the threads ?

NEVER cross the threads !

Genie Genie 10:47 am 24 Sep 07

Stung – I really think is some way you ARE condoning theft. Simply because you just dont care. For some people losing a car stereo or having a window smashed is alot to them.. simply because they cant afford to replace them or they either didn’t have insurance or the provider still wants to charge them for repairs.

I used to park in the Convention Centre carpark 6-7 days a week. Even with a useless parking attendant cars were getting broken into on that much of a regular basis, that the Casino security would check on the carpark. Police never bothered showing up not once when we called them. Not even the day where up to 20 cars had been broken into.

Stung Stung 9:55 am 24 Sep 07

“So you are condoning theft as an acceptable practice?
I suggest you wait until you are the victim of a crime and see how you feel then.”

Yea I have had my car broken into and had my stereo, sunnies, CDs, and a backpack full of other personal items stolen. Funnily enough, I got over it pretty quick and while it was an inconvenience, I don’t want the perpetrators dead like some of you lot..

Pandy Pandy 1:55 am 22 Sep 07

Tie them to a speed camera and then set fire to them. 2 birds with one flaming tyre.

BigDave BigDave 1:39 am 22 Sep 07

bit harsh really.. It’s just a bit of thieving, you’ll get over it.

Bit harsh?? Bit of thieving? Are you some kind of knobhead?? It’s attitudes like that which have got us into this mess where all these little scumbags just get off lightly! If I find out who they are, I’ll gladly set fire to the little shits myself!

ant ant 10:35 pm 21 Sep 07

People who parked at the Rex often had their windows smashed, to get at the parking change in the cars. hundreds of dollars worth of smashed windows for a few bucks in change.

I went to the carpark once at lunchtime, and there was a guy going around the cars, while his mate was cockatoo. So I rang the cops, and lurked in my car for 40 minutes. They never showed.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 9:25 pm 21 Sep 07

While the courts hand out pissy little penalities because it’s ‘only a little bit of thieving’, it will keep happening.

asp asp 8:32 pm 21 Sep 07

oh, that’s original.

sepi sepi 7:14 pm 21 Sep 07

A friend’s car was stolen from that carpark.

A day later the police stopped a woman, who was driving the stolen car. They asked her where she got it, and she said:

Someone gave it to me!

asp asp 6:20 pm 21 Sep 07

Thanks for posting this. I sometime use that carpark during Floriade and have expensive camera gear in the boot. One more car park I won’t use.

Also, crime spree in Conder. Several burglaries. Had a police officer (he showed ID) parked in my drive way for a few hours in an unmarked car because it’s a good vantage point to observe the whole suburb.

boomacat boomacat 12:20 pm 21 Sep 07

I’ve always been really lax about leaving valuables in my car (eg bags, small electronics) in Canberra, whereas in Sydney I always make sure everything is out of the car or at least locked in the boot before I par the vehicle.

I’ll have to start being more careful in Canberra. Dammit.

I imagine arb is just as pished off about the smashed window as the GPS; you’ll be finding little bits of glass in the car forever, and if memory serves me correctly it costs a pretty penny to get it repaired.

hingo_VRCalaisV6 hingo_VRCalaisV6 12:06 pm 21 Sep 07

I keep the bracket on the windscreen of my car but leave the GPS at home. The problem with suction cups is that after taking them off and putting them on a few times, they lose their suction and fall off easily. I’ll consider taking mine off from now on.

Jonathon Reynolds Jonathon Reynolds 10:30 am 21 Sep 07

So you are condoning theft as an acceptable practice?
I suggest you wait until you are the victim of a crime and see how you feel then.

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