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Thievery in civic carparks

By arb - 21 September 2007 31

I had my car window smashed today (Thursday) in the car park next to civic pool and a GPS unit (which was hidden) stolen. There were several other items of value in the car which weren’t touched. To the sh*theads who did this deed: I hope you burn in hell. Anyone with any information which may lead to the recovery of my property please get in touch – and a reward may be considered for information leading to the successful recovery of my GPS unit. And a note to every honest person out there – don’t leave GPS brackets attached to your car windscreen. My unit was out of sight, so the break-in was done on the off chance I had hidden it somewhere in the car – they got lucky.

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31 Responses to
Thievery in civic carparks
asp 6:20 pm 21 Sep 07

Thanks for posting this. I sometime use that carpark during Floriade and have expensive camera gear in the boot. One more car park I won’t use.

Also, crime spree in Conder. Several burglaries. Had a police officer (he showed ID) parked in my drive way for a few hours in an unmarked car because it’s a good vantage point to observe the whole suburb.

boomacat 12:20 pm 21 Sep 07

I’ve always been really lax about leaving valuables in my car (eg bags, small electronics) in Canberra, whereas in Sydney I always make sure everything is out of the car or at least locked in the boot before I par the vehicle.

I’ll have to start being more careful in Canberra. Dammit.

I imagine arb is just as pished off about the smashed window as the GPS; you’ll be finding little bits of glass in the car forever, and if memory serves me correctly it costs a pretty penny to get it repaired.

hingo_VRCalaisV6 12:06 pm 21 Sep 07

I keep the bracket on the windscreen of my car but leave the GPS at home. The problem with suction cups is that after taking them off and putting them on a few times, they lose their suction and fall off easily. I’ll consider taking mine off from now on.

Jonathon Reynolds 10:30 am 21 Sep 07

So you are condoning theft as an acceptable practice?
I suggest you wait until you are the victim of a crime and see how you feel then.

Stung 10:12 am 21 Sep 07

“I hope they burn in hell”

bit harsh really.. It’s just a bit of thieving, you’ll get over it.

Mr Evil 8:51 am 21 Sep 07

You can’t hide anything valuable in a car: take it with you – otherwise it’ll get nicked!

hk0reduck 8:50 am 21 Sep 07

Even if you remove the bracket TomTom’s have a suction cup that leaves residue on your windscreen, no GPS unit is safe unless you only have it in your car when you’re using it:( and usually have GPS units for cheap at least once a month if you’re in the market for a new one.

I hope you catch them next time 🙂

Danman 8:38 am 21 Sep 07

Live in Gunghalin ?

Kramer 8:35 am 21 Sep 07

“The real question is, why the hell do you need the GPS in the car to drive to work?”

How else do you get to work in Civic, and avoid roadworks at Glenlock & GDE, traffic jams at Floriade, slowdowns near the airport, green cycle lanes, etc…

Sammy 8:24 am 21 Sep 07

they got lucky

Well they didn’t get that lucky. They may be thieves, but they still had an ounce of intelligence.

A GPS bracket in the car is a sure sign that a GPS is likely hidden in the car.

If you had taken the GPS out of your car and left it at home, the easy removal of the bracket would dictate that you would remove that as well.

The real question is, why the hell do you need the GPS in the car to drive to work?

Danman 8:09 am 21 Sep 07

Had my car broken in to several times (at least a dozen)
Reportin gto teh police is unfortunately only good if you wish to claim on insurance.

I once had all my chef tools and a few dirty chef jackets stolen from my car while I was relaxing after work.

Easy 600 dollars worth of tools that I made a living with gone.

Not much the police can do really – they just told me to keep a look out at cashies and what not.

I moved on – and have had to do so each time since.

All you can hope is that Karma will have its way eventually.

Thumper 7:56 am 21 Sep 07

Even if the coppers do find the scumbag you can just about bet that they will get a slap on the wrist.

Watch eBay and check Cashies.

arb 7:08 am 21 Sep 07

GnT is right. The only way I’ll get it back is if the coppers seize it and manage to match it back to the theft report I filed.

GnT 7:02 am 21 Sep 07

The GPS can be used to find it’s own location, but it’s not a beacon (I assume).

Joe Canberran 6:55 am 21 Sep 07

I don’t know if this is possible but as you no doubt have the serial number of the GPS and it is a GPS after all would it not be possible to find out it’s location?

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