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Tobasco Habanero comes to Canberra!

By johnboy - 20 May 2010 27

Tobasco Habanero

I was very excited to find this little bad boy in my supermarket earlier in the week.

And when I posted about it on Facebook I was a little surprised to discover quite a few jetsetters have been smuggling it into the country for some time in their suitcases such is the passion in inspires.

Having used it for a couple of days… wow! In love!

At 200,000 scovilles it needs 200 litres of sugar water to neutralise a single drop.

To put it another way consumed raw it can give your tongue chemical burns.

But a single drop mixed into soup? Or a salad oil?

That rich habenero flavour just rolls over everything.

If you’ve been waiting for a really hot hot sauce then finally there’s one readily available here in Canberra.

[Sadly I haven’t been paid anything at all for these words]

What’s Your opinion?

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27 Responses to
Tobasco Habanero comes to Canberra!
shirty_bear 3:06 pm 20 May 10

Can vouch for the Ultra Death sauce; lethal when taken anywhere near neat; all of 3 drops in a big pot of jambalaya made for a nice heat (i.e. too hot for the kids)

M0les 2:42 pm 20 May 10

I don’t suppose they (IGA) will be carrying the chipotle Tabasco, preferrably in the ~150ml bottle? Would be nice. I can’t remember the last time I found this in Canberra and then it was only in those teensy 60ml bottles.

I miss it )-;

Jungle Jim 1:33 pm 20 May 10

Death Sauce is definitely the stuff! I’ve got the Black Label Society Berzerker range at home and the “Shot To Hell” sauce contains Jolokia pods and boasts the following:

“The hottest sauce in Zakk’s line, this one separates the men from the boys. Be warned, it contains ingredients 600 times hotter than a jalapeño chili. Use sparingly. Not recommended for use without dilution”

The Jolokia rates an arse destroying 855,000–1,075,000 on the Scoville scale.

All said and done though, I look forward to trying the Habanero Tabasco soon!

Dazzlar 12:49 pm 20 May 10

^Worth the trip to Brisbane!!

Dazzlar 12:48 pm 20 May 10
videodrome 12:43 pm 20 May 10

+1 for Death Sauce. It sounds cooler too but I’m willing to give the Tabasco a try.
You can also get a Habanero sprinkle called Death Rain which rocks in a stir-fry.

johnboy 12:33 pm 20 May 10

This one came from the O’Connor IGA. But the promotional packaging suggested it would be part of a campaign.

stereo henry 12:20 pm 20 May 10

You should try ‘Da Bomb’ hot sauce. It’s only 119,000 scoville units, but I’ll bet it’s hotter than this

MsCheeky 12:01 pm 20 May 10

As a chilli hound, I’m excited by what you’ve said, Johnboy. What supermarket would that be?

hellspice 11:45 am 20 May 10

where do you get it ?

OzChick 11:17 am 20 May 10

Which supermarket did you obtain it from? Please share.

ebony57 11:13 am 20 May 10

Aah, Johnboy – you need to head to the Florey Butcher…supplier of life-shortening scoville levels for some time now.

troll-sniffer 10:56 am 20 May 10

In the interests of promoting the business that was obviously smart enough to stock it, from where didst thou obtain this excessively vitriolic potion?

chewy14 10:54 am 20 May 10

Step 1. Purchase Extra Hot Hot Habanero Tabasco sauce.
Step 2. Rub a few drops on unsuspecting friends beer glass rim while he’s not watching.
Step 3. Sit back and watch the hilarity ensue.

Pommy bastard 10:32 am 20 May 10

Which supermarket? I want some!!

Having said that I do have a bottle of Dave’s LIMITED EDITION PRIVATE RESERVE INSANITY SAUCE at home, sent to me by an American Chum.

Trouble is I’m scared to open it…

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