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Today I’m Danish

By johnboy - 2 February 2006 30

For those who haven’t been following the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad Drawings controversy, the wikipedia is covering it well here, and the SMH has coverage here.

Jyllands-Posten Muhammad drawings

So, (and I bet you were wondering where the local angle is) can any of our panel of experts suggest where one can buy danish produce in Canberra?

UPDATED: Just had the following email from “(the Infamous) Mr. Squiggle”


In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful I respectfully ask that you put thwse pictures I provide in response to the disrespect to the Prophet Muhammad you have commitedqw1234.

All praises and thanks be to Allah, the Lord of everything else.

Jesus Ikea

Jesus is your buddy

We’re all free to make bad jokes.

UPDATED: Christopher Hitchens has written, better than I, why these cartoons need to be published.

What’s Your opinion?

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30 Responses to
Today I’m Danish
simto 8:11 am 03 Feb 06

From what I read, one of the cartoons wanders remarkably close to the line of vilification (the Muhammed with a bomb in his turban one). It’s not that far from, say, the yellow peril cartoons that the Bulletin ran in the not-sufficiently-distant past, and it’s a fairly irresponsible and unintelligent use of free speech.

The rest of them are merely annoying to fundamentalist Muslims. Only one of the cartoons strikes me as actually funny, though (the “stop, we’ve run out of virgins” one).

barking toad 7:59 am 03 Feb 06

there’s a report in today’s orstralian that the loonie section of the muslim kiddies are upset that anyone else dares to reproduce the cartoons

watch for the fatwa agin ya!

johnboy 12:10 am 03 Feb 06

The Carlsberg was excellent.

Also I hear most of the world’s insulin is made in Denmark.

So good luck to diabetic boycotters with that.

seepi 6:47 pm 02 Feb 06

Danish foods are marzipan (from Odense), feta cheese and salami. They are also the only country to have alcohol as part of their national breakfast – little shots of orange stuff – but I can’t remember what it is called.

johnboy 1:17 pm 02 Feb 06

if this IS villification then are laws are stuffed.

we’ve all got to learn to take a joke and accept that our religion may dictate our own lives and choices but doesn’t dictate anyone else’s.

I think I’m drinking Carlsberg tonight.

Oh, and Bill Clinton has really shown himself to be the sack of crap I always suspected him to be.

Indi 10:39 am 02 Feb 06

bejebus – I can hear the wambulance in the background…sensitive lot you are!

DoppelFrog 10:37 am 02 Feb 06

And just in case there’s not enough controversy, images of The Prophet, throughout history:

DoppelFrog 10:18 am 02 Feb 06

Hehe. That licorice is definitely an accquired taste. I like it tho. The Dutch do something similar as well. Potent stuff.

Maelinar 10:17 am 02 Feb 06

Very tenuous link to Canberra.

colsim 9:46 am 02 Feb 06

D’oh – guess that’s the one. Cheers DoppelFrog – I had a Danish housemate for a while who was crazy for the stuff, just assumed it was Danish.

Anyone ever tried Danish salt licorice? My god that shit is salty. Peh. (And available at that Chocolate Shop in that arcade in town – Chocolate box?)

DoppelFrog 9:31 am 02 Feb 06

colsim, are you thinking of Ritter Sport ?
If so, it’s actually German (and very very good)
I know several Danes who will drive down to Germany just to buy the stuff. (Also cos’ it’s a lot cheaper south of that particular border)

che 9:22 am 02 Feb 06

a big stretch for a Canberra angle

after seeing that it was an argument against self censorship I guess you couldn’t help yourself

and hopefully people will actually read the article and see that is the point is about self censorship rather than thinking its just straight out anti-islamic sentiment

Absent Diane 9:14 am 02 Feb 06

jesus, mummahamed – they are both some kind of sick joke as is….. anyone dumb enough to believe some fairy tale deserves to get offended by those cartoons… and in my books they also deserve to get laughed at severely… fire when ready…

colsim 8:59 am 02 Feb 06

Bit of a stretch for a post isn’t it JB?

Trying to provoke some discussion here SGS style perhaps?

(For the record, I think the SportzRitter – something like that – chocolate bars are Danish and can be found in a fair few supermarkets around town)

jr 8:57 am 02 Feb 06

Johnboy: I believe that you are severely overstepping the mark here and the posting of the Danish cartoons here is both in poor taste and of no relevance to Canberra (or the region).

It is close to bordering on religious vilification considering you have done it to provoke a reaction.

And in answer to your question… if you want Danish produce try a deli or the supermarket.

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