Top five ways to save water this summer

Icon Water 6 December 2019 17
Only start the dishwasher once it is full

Only starting your dishwasher when it is full is one of Icon Water’s top 5 water-saving tips. Photo: Supplied.

We all want to save water. Not only is it good for your wallet and the environment, when it’s hot and dry saving water benefits the whole community.

Icon Water thinks about water a lot. Here are our top five tips for using less and making the most of the water in your home.

These tips can not only save a lot of water but they’re also easy to include in your everyday life.

Think you can do better?

Icon Water is asking for your best water-saving ideas and every tip is in the running for a weekly $100 Bunnings gift card all through summer! Simply post your tip on Facebook and tag @iconwatercbr to enter or go to the Icon Water website.

Tip One: Water wisely

Dripping system

Dripping systems get water straight to where it’s needed.

The biggest savings you can make are in the garden. Stick to the Water Conservation Measures and only use sprinklers or irrigation before 9:00 am and after 6:00 pm. Extra points if you use a drip system – it’s water straight to where it’s needed (and don’t forget to mulch – it can prevent 70 per cent of evaporation!).

Tip Two: Turn off the tap

Turn the tap off when you brush your teeth

Turn the tap off when you brush your teeth.

Turn off the tap when you brush your teeth and you’ll save 10 litres a minute.

When you rinse veggies in the sink, use a bowl. And if you wash your car, use a bucket – not a hose – and do it on the lawn, please, to make the most of the water you do use.

Tip Three: Fix those leaks

Fix your leaking taps

Fixing leaking taps around the house can save thousands of litres a year.

A leaking toilet can waste thousands of litres a year and dripping taps are not much better. Learn how to read your water meter and check for leaks.

If you need help fixing leaks, call a plumber.

Tip Four: Fill ‘er up

Make sure your washing machine and dishwasher are full before you switch them on – and if you’re buying a new appliance make sure it’s a water-efficient model (check out the WELS star rating – six stars is the best).

Tip Five: Use it twice

Catch water in a bucket

Catch the extra water in a bucket and use it on your garden.

Catch water in a bucket while you wait for the water to heat up in the bathroom or kitchen, then use it on the garden. If you’re keen, a greywater system can help you reuse tens of thousands of litres of water per year from the bath, shower or washing machine.

For many more good ideas, follow Icon Water on social media, visit the Icon Water website and don’t forget to send through your own great ideas for saving water for your chance to win.

Top 5 tips to save water this summer

Do you have a water-saving tip? Post your tip on Facebook and tag Icon Water to go in the running to win a $100 Bunnings gift card.

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17 Responses to Top five ways to save water this summer
Pamela Badman Pamela Badman 2:24 pm 14 Dec 19

Use the shower Over your bath ( if you have this setup) with plug in

Then bucket for use for the garden

... you will be shocked how much water can be accumulated

Can also bath the kids in it after adding little top up of hot water

    Julie Macklin Julie Macklin 5:28 pm 14 Dec 19

    When I have stayed with people where water is very limited, such as on a farm, I use the bath rather than a shower, as it uses less water. A bath can be had in 4 or 5cm. A shower will fill the bath more than that, so if water is really restricted, a shallow bath is better. Also, often it takes time for the hot water to arrive, so that water in the bath can be considered the cold water, and then just add enough hot water as needed; no more cold.

Laurie Berry Laurie Berry 1:27 pm 11 Dec 19

The best tip of all, applies to the toilet. If it is brown, flush it down. If it is wee let it be.

Emma Stewart Emma Stewart 9:58 pm 10 Dec 19

Dripper irrigation has to be on a long time to water a garden...

    Julie Macklin Julie Macklin 10:47 pm 10 Dec 19

    How long, for say a vegetable garden?

    Emma Stewart Emma Stewart 6:08 am 11 Dec 19

    Julie Macklin it depends on your pressure too, you might have to do a few tests and see how well it soaks in

Debra Greig Debra Greig 7:41 pm 10 Dec 19

A quick lather in the shower then brush teeth in the shower with an electric toothbrush as it has a 2 minute timer. Great for the kids as long as they remember to wash themselves first!

Cletus Barry Cletus Barry 7:08 pm 10 Dec 19

non of it matters when you realize how much water animal agriculture uses

Martin McMaster Martin McMaster 10:49 am 09 Dec 19

Can someone explain why people leave water running while brushing teeth. I've never done this or understood it as a habit. Is it so common that it needs to be raised so often?

Judy Hancock Judy Hancock 7:21 am 09 Dec 19

Perhaps water restrictions now rather than waiting until things become dire?

    Kylie Gleeson Kylie Gleeson 7:51 am 09 Dec 19

    Judy Hancock wow Jude you really think outside the box xx

    Nathan Horton Nathan Horton 12:38 pm 09 Dec 19

    Judy Hancock I believe we should all do our bit to save water. But it seems a lot of people are ill informed about Canberra water storage. Maybe you should do a quick search and get all the information before making such statements.🤦‍♂️

    Martin McMaster Martin McMaster 1:30 pm 09 Dec 19

    Here is a helpful starting place Storage has dropped from 65% to 50% in the last 12 months. If the drought continues I'd be worried about that rate of decline now, not in 12 months. Hope I'm wrong

    Laurie Berry Laurie Berry 1:29 pm 11 Dec 19

    I am sure we are supposed to be on level 2 or even three. No one enforces it tho..

    Ashley Wright Ashley Wright 7:58 pm 11 Dec 19

    Laurie Berry I’m sure that you are wrong and that it is a little more complex and involves looking at all factors.

Julie Stoker Julie Stoker 6:41 am 09 Dec 19

Put a bucket in the shower to catch that first bit of water while you are waiting for it to heat up.

Wash your fruit and veges over a bowl.

Use on your garden.

Remember.. If it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down.

maven maven 12:13 pm 08 Dec 19

I am thinking of installing grey water system at my home. Does anyone recommend greywater installer in Canberra? Thank you.

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