TransACT says Hello to Microsoft

che 7 September 2007 9

ZDNet have this snippet on how TransACT were using open source software for their systems but due to ActewAGL’s inability to integrate the system with their billing procedures, TransACT have had to dump the open source system and fork out the dough to Microsoft for Windows Server 2003 and SQL Server 2000.

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9 Responses to TransACT says Hello to Microsoft
Maelinar Maelinar 12:39 pm 10 Sep 07

And possibly highly influenced by the actual IT knowledge of TransACT personnel.

The cat did it The cat did it 12:30 pm 10 Sep 07

Sounds a bit suss. TransACT isn’t really such a large organisation, so it would be really surprising if there weren’t off-the-shelf open source packages for handling billing. At an educated guess, this is another instance of Micro$oft offering a deal that would be commercially hard to reject, to draw agencies away from open source. The UK IT website ‘The Register’ regularly carries reports of local government agencies in the UK that carry out feasibility studies of moving to open source software, only to suddenly find themselves being offered M$-based deals at a fraction of M$’s standard commercial pricing.

utah utah 3:13 am 08 Sep 07

when you scale out to large numbers of servers the TCO goes through the roof.

Paypal do alright.

caf caf 3:07 pm 07 Sep 07

The headline seemed unprofessionally one-sided until I noticed the line “Source: Microsoft”.

On a side note if they really had trouble finding people to support Oracle-on-RedHat they should have given KAZ a call.

Spectra Spectra 1:11 pm 07 Sep 07

> Especially when you scale out to large numbers of servers the TCO goes through the roof.

Really? Someone better warn Google then – I’m sure they’ll be falling over themselves to switch to the cost savings afforded by moving their 450,000 (I think that’s “large”, don’t you?) servers from Linux to Windows 😉

Seriously, I can’t speak for the whole of ActewAGL, but their ISP, Grapevine, seem to lack even the most basic of technical ability. When you send a mail from their mail servers, for example, it doesn’t try to deliver it to the server identified in the target domain’s MX record, it just uses the first A record it finds and gives up if that host happens to reject mail. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just trust me that it’s fricking appalling behaviour, and we’ve observed it with two different targets from two different Grapevine users).

justbands justbands 11:49 am 07 Sep 07

> Especially when you scale out to large numbers of servers the TCO goes through the roof.

Funny, that statement is usually reserved for Windows…the most expensive piece of crap you could possibly run anything on. Note: I’m no big Linux fan either, I’m a REAL Unix admin. 😉

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 11:11 am 07 Sep 07

Not a MS hater – actually like Windows. Way back when I was in the industry and promoting/selling systems loaded with Windows 3.0 then 3.1, all my mates were going “you’ll never replace DOS for “proper” users.”
Wish I’d backed up my confidence by buying shares…

That said, our website is hosted on Linux, built on the open source Joomla CMS, with open source templates and add-on components.
It all works quite well, and was relatively straightforward for me to learn (never having had anything to do with website design or HTML).

Importantly for a community group, it means we are not tied to one person’s copy of a proprietory software package, and can move web responsibility from person to person, hoster to hoster, as needs dictate.

In the same way, requiring incoming executive members to run all GCC email through a Gmail account means when the inevitable happens and that person moves on, they only need to hand over the Gmail logon details and the incoming person inherits the entire history of the position instead of starting over from scratch.

Likewise, we are playing with an open source wiki in which to gradually build a “user manual” for the association. (Looking at a wiki for our Section at work too for program guidelines – corporate knowledge protection.)

Kramer Kramer 10:39 am 07 Sep 07

I guess Transact, like many other businesses are finding Linux still lacks some of the maturity of other operating systems. Especially when you scale out to large numbers of servers the TCO goes through the roof.

That’s all I’m saying – otherwise we’ll start huge s**tfight.

hingo hingo 10:02 am 07 Sep 07

Its a sad day for the fish arse’s

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