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Truth in advertising?

By johnboy - 7 December 2008 22

One of the stranger (or perhaps more depressingly predictable) things about Canberra is our rules on advertising signage. You can’t put up a billboard. But if you can write it with flowers and pay off the Government you can still advertise on prime real estate down Northbourne Avenue. Assuming, that is, your outfit is adjudged sufficiently worthy.

Babscott1 sent in this one from the foot of Vernon Circle a few months ago. She thought it a profound statement on Canberra’s heart.

Go on, have a snigger. You were probably going to hell anyway.

What’s Your opinion?

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22 Responses to
Truth in advertising?
Instant Mash 6:59 pm 07 Dec 08

Looking forward to it haha!

bubzie 6:27 pm 07 Dec 08


see you all in hell 😉

Mordd 6:14 pm 07 Dec 08

Location, location, location!

Instant Mash 6:10 pm 07 Dec 08

Placement is everything…

p1 4:13 pm 07 Dec 08

I would have thought the same. I appears to depend on wether you follow the US or UK understanding of the word Spastic

R. Slicker 2:05 pm 07 Dec 08

I’ve often wondered why they still use the name Spastic Centre. Surely the word “spastic” is politically incorrect nowadays, a bit like the word “abo”.

BerraBoy68 1:23 pm 07 Dec 08

Funniest thing I’ve seen all month!

Thanks JB!

p1 1:18 pm 07 Dec 08

I have always wished I have a few thousand dollars to slip the guys who plant the bulbs so that something unauthorised sprouts…

This is probably better then anything I could have come up with though. See you in hell PB, maybe we could meet up there for a drink?

futto 1:17 pm 07 Dec 08

I hope they leave that exact flower sign up when they move the Legislative Assembly behind it.

Gobbo 1:05 pm 07 Dec 08

I love calling a spade a spade, and I love flower writing.

trevar 1:03 pm 07 Dec 08

Yes, I guess it’s a good thing… but I wish they’d be a little more careful about what gets written. ‘Spastic Centre’ is just a little too close to the truth in Civic…

emd 11:03 am 07 Dec 08

But they’re all charity or non-profit organisations, right? And what they’re engaging in is a community-sponsored “brand awareness” campaign, probably at a lower cash cost than traditional billboard advertising would allow, while adding a bit of colour to the city. I think it’s a good thing.

Pommy bastard 10:55 am 07 Dec 08

Thanks Johnboy…

And yes, I’ve got a first class, one way, all expenses paid, champagne quality, trip to hell following viewing of the image.

johnboy 10:20 am 07 Dec 08

*sigh*. If you insist.

Pommy bastard 10:16 am 07 Dec 08

It would help if the image was visible. 😉

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