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UC’s SA membership runs at 5%

By johnboy 16 October 2006 39

The University of Canberra’s Student Journalism outlet, NowUC, has an interesting story on the uptake of Voluntary Student Unionism:

“The student association (UCSA) has revealed it spent $82,000 on renovations for its offices, yet only five per cent, or 520 students have bothered to sign up”

Showing the grasp of fiscal reality for which student politicians are renowned throughout the land the SA President, Marc Emerson, defends the money spent on the basis that the University had spent $100,000 on a proposal for a lake. Ignoring the minor matter that the University could afford the money and his body could not.

In any event the 5% sign up seems to vindicate the Government’s view that students had little real desire for the services offered at vast expense by their elected bodies.

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UC’s SA membership runs at 5%
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jacross 2:24 pm 21 Oct 06

I echo Andrew’s opinion on the spending of so much money on renovating the offices. As a committee member I supported the concept of upgrading the office, I could not support the amount spent or the way in which it was passed (through an appropriation of up to $100,000. The total cost and all decisions would then be done by the labor controlled executive). Considering that I had no idea how much it would cost, and having no further say in the matter I couldn’t in good conscience support an appropriation of such money. To find out later that the bill was $80,000 was deeply worrying.

While I am the president of the UC Liberal Club, and a staunch supporter of VSU, it is not my wish to see the death of the students association. Ultimately that choice will (and should be) made by the students. To spend so much money on xboxs, plasma tv’s etc when the association is entering a very very lean period, has meant that the SA has gone backwards instead of forwards.

I don’t share the faith of Marc in thinking that we will recuperate this money in the long term, and I fear that the student services that the association should provide with the blessing of its members (advocacy etc)will suffer as a result.

Jey 10:01 am 18 Oct 06

I’ll bring the gluten free snags and beers! 🙁

Have we got any ‘regulars’ that are vegos?

*te he* @ ‘RiotActers’ – I do like that term

VYBerlinaV8 9:26 am 18 Oct 06

BBQ and beers – now that sounds like a plan. How about we have a BBQ in a nice park somewhere and all RiotActers who home brew can bring some samples for everyone to sample? I have this wicked ginger beer that has honey in it when it was fermented…

Vic Bitterman 8:23 pm 17 Oct 06


VSU is proving that ‘Compulsory’ Student Unions suck dogs balls big time.

The students have voted!!!

I really hope those fat leso womyns and their ilk who drained a typical student union are suffering – your average student isn’t propping them up any more!!!!

nyssa76 4:25 pm 17 Oct 06

VY, you buy me a snag and I’ll buy you a beer.

This could be the next RA thing – BBQ and Beers.

Absent Diane 4:18 pm 17 Oct 06

nope i only saw it from one ear.

bonfire 4:11 pm 17 Oct 06

yes AD because all homosexuals are just perfect examples of civility and decorum, exhibiting far greater taste and talent than normal folk.

hang on – did i just stereotype ?

Absent Diane 4:08 pm 17 Oct 06

and just to add relevance.. if they can push their sexuality around.. then why can’t fags?

Absent Diane 4:07 pm 17 Oct 06

its not the football playing.. that was just an example… I am talking about all those testosterone fuelled wankers that treat women like shit… and act aggressively around there mates to prove that they are tough hetro males. I hate these idiots. I have never been the victim of any of that kind of shit, because people are naturally intimidated by me for some reason… but I have a lot of friends who have been, victimised by those types.

VYBerlinaV8 3:33 pm 17 Oct 06

I have never been to the mardi gras parade, nor will I. I figure if I don’t like it I can simply leave them alone. I expect the same in return.

In all reality, there are times when fags would do well to just keep their mouths shut and live their lives without bothering others. Just as I am expected to do.

bonfire 3:25 pm 17 Oct 06

i dont know if playing football is a declaration of sexuality in the same way as standing on the back of a truck decorated by a 20 foot phallus during the mardi gras parade.

VYBerlinaV8 3:22 pm 17 Oct 06

Fair enough, I’d say. Like I said, I’ll generally only reply if someone else starts the shouting, but there’s no reason fags shouldn’t share the same view.

Speaking of homosexuality, I only believe in gay marriage when both chicks are hot.

Absent Diane 3:15 pm 17 Oct 06

Footy heads and those kind of wankers all do it. So why shouldn’t fags? that is more the point I was raising.

VYBerlinaV8 3:02 pm 17 Oct 06

It’s not about proving anything, it’s about my right in this country to go about my business unmolested. If a gay person feels the need to shout about being gay, why can’t I shout about being straight? Don’t mistake this for dislike of homosexuals, I personally don’t have a problem with them (although I choose not to do it myself) – the issue is one of shouting.

Ari 2:18 pm 17 Oct 06

What rank does a sexuality officer hold?

It’d have to be a step up from the grunts.

Absent Diane 2:04 pm 17 Oct 06

but vy no more than any fuckhead jock that has to prove to his mates how hetro he is.

VYBerlinaV8 2:00 pm 17 Oct 06

Lots of people at uni seem to think it’s their right to thrust their sexuality in the face of others. They get very indignant when you encourage them not to. Certain terms and phrases, it would seem, agitate them greatly!

nyssa76 1:08 pm 17 Oct 06

Better that than a turkey slap bonfire….

bonfire 1:02 pm 17 Oct 06

sexuality officer ?

good grief.

a university is a place of learning. why do these fools think that their ‘sexuality’ has to be thrust into peoples faces…

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