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Unearthed Review: Kareelag Vista. Zero stars.

By johnboy 29 August 2011 28


Unearthed Review continues its inexorable progress through the Canberra musicians on the TripleJ Unearthed website.

By popular request the Eagle’s Nest denizens are shooting me in the head with nerf guns demanding I turn off Kareelah Vista.

He has this to say about himself:

Kareelah Vista is the electronic music production work of Sebastian Ryan. After dj’ing for a couple of years, playing music for countless and while continuing studies in Digital Arts, Kareelah Vista stands as the product of all the influences Sebastian has had; from DJ’s, live performance and new media arts. With all of these influences, Kareelah Vista aims to produce performance and installation pieces that combine electronic music with digital video art.

Opinion is hugely divided up here about what we think of Kareelah Vista’s tracks. Some think it is awful, others that it’s the worst thing they’ve ever heard.

There’s a heavy use of sounds which have a similar effect to nails drawn over a blackboard.

Another problem is a lack of dynamism within the tracks, 10 seconds listen generally suffices to know what the next three minutes will bring.

I’d have liked to have listened longer to get a better idea for possible hidden depth. But my colleagues had moved beyond threatening violence, if I continued to play it, to actually perpetrating violence to make it stop.

No stars.

(We note he’s got some fans of his live performance which we pass no judgment of)

What’s Your opinion?

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28 Responses to
Unearthed Review: Kareelag Vista. Zero stars.
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milkman 7:36 am 11 Sep 11

Snoman said :

Secondly I want to say I’m hugely dissappointed in the comments above, I joined riotACT very recently believing it to be an actively balanced and current local community website.

Interesting, yes. Balanced, uh, no…

Roadrage77 11:48 pm 10 Sep 11

I made it to 0:47 before I started looking around the room for a sharp object. But then again, maybe I just don’t *get* art.

Snoman 6:15 pm 10 Sep 11

Not sure what you mean by throwing my toys JB, everything I said has been in specific reference to the severely sub-par lines of your review. I’ve never heard that analogy before, actually.

Yes, if the reviewer’s opinion of the music is negative, then the review should reflect that. It should also consist predominantly of an actual critique of the music and not a narrative on the reactions of JB’s colleagues.

Thanks to p1, CK and even Thumper somewhat for using actual adjectives in your opinions, and for having even a few constructive words that Seb can use. This can actually make a review FUNCTIONAL.

Androyd 12:51 pm 07 Sep 11

And what’s more Phoebe and Snoman, the review has made other people listen to it (who probably wouldn’t have) and make up their own minds – so not a bad outcome…

Clown Killer 12:44 pm 07 Sep 11

Well there’s 15 minutes of my life that I will never get back. To be honest I don’t think it rates as aural torture, but it is predictable, cliched and well … just a little dull really. Maybe its context driven. Who knows? Who cares?

p1 12:29 pm 07 Sep 11

OK, I just listened to the three songs tracks on the unearthed website. To be honest it wasn’t as bad as I though after reading JB or Thumper’s opinions.

That is not to say I think it was good either. Definitely had some issues with repetitiveness. Had some sounds in there which made me wonder if my headphones were on the blink. Generally though I rate is as not too offensive background noise. That said, I didn’t play it out loud, so I have no way to judge the potentially violent reactions my cow-orkers might have exhibited had I done so.

In the general scheme of things, I’d call it somewhere about half way between Led Zepplin and Justin Bieber.

Androyd 12:24 pm 07 Sep 11

Hey Phoebe and Snoman –
1 Johnboy and Riotact have been reviewing and promoting Canberra music of all genres for over ten years, so whinging about their ability to review or their lack of support for local talent frankly says more about you than about them.
2 Yep, bad reviews hurt. Ask musicians, movie stars etc. But dummy spits don’t get you far in the credibility stakes.
3 Any performer will learn pretty quickly that everyone has an opinion, some people will like you, some won’t. I remember going in band comps and the result was usually that two judges liked us and two judges said we sucked. If Sebastian is half an artist he will either shrug this off, or he might even learn from it. Or at least get a thicker skin to help him pursue his Vision.

Diggety 12:24 pm 07 Sep 11

Snoman said :

…the riotACT community is just a narrow-minded, more conservative crowd than I first thought.

And there lies your problem, Snoman.

You seem to think that making crap music, then labelling anyone who does not like it “narrow-minded, more conservative crowd” excuses the poor quality of the work.

That attitude will always leave you disappointed and depressed 🙁

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