Unearthed Reviews: Dr. Giggle Bytes. Three and a half stars

Barcham 1 May 2013
Dr. Giggle Bytes

Having finished my epic task of reviewing each and every ACT band with a drum on the Unearthed site, we needed to find a new direction for Unearthed Reviews to go.

This is what we have came up with.

I went through the listing of ACT artists and selected a short list of bands to review. Whenever it’s time for a review, I’ll select a band using a random number generator, and review it. Even if I really don’t want to.

How’d we get the shortlist? I came up with two conditions for selection:
1. They had to have an interesting name.
2. I can’t have heard them before.

Let’s get started.

Our RNG gave me 17, that gives us Flesh Worms.

Flesh worms actually don’t have any music up… so I’ll say they’re not very good.


Let’s do another, RNG gives me Dr. Giggle Bytes.

Here’s what the Doctor has to say about himself:

Dr. Giggle Bytes doesn’t just sit in one corner, he dips his hands in everything. From glitch hop to dubstep, from electro house to D’N’B, no corner is untouched. Aggressive to glitchy, or playfully melodic and silly, this is Dr. Giggle Bytes.

Here’s what I have to say about him:

Despite liking his name, and his little cartoonish character, I was fully ready to dislike Dr. Giggle Bytes. I don’t know why, I’m probably just a bad person.

Turns out these songs are not bad. I don’t mind them at all. His line about dipping his hands in everywhere isn’t wrong. Each song leaps back and forward between styles. Neither of them are ‘one thing’, they are a collection of things and most of those things are pretty great.

Neither track seems to take itself too seriously, and both bounce along with energy and enthusiasm.

Dr. Giggle Bytes may not be your kind of music (it’s not mine), but you should at least be able to enjoy what he has on offer.

Angry Dragons is the stronger of the two, it’s playful and imaginative.

Get SUM! (Feat. illin Degenerate) is played a little straighter, but still seems to be having fun with the genre and style. Which is fortunate because if this song were meant to be taken seriously it wouldn’t work at all, the attitude and lyrics are laughable, but I think that’s the point.

Play along with these tracks and all will be fine.

Three and a half stars.

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