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UnPaultry poultry at EPIC

By poptop - 9 June 2009 24

[First filed: June 08, 2009 @ 14:06]

While a more intimate and boutique event than last year, the Royal Canberra Poultry Show continues to be a source of delight to my family. The range of chook shapes and sizes is remarkable. Well worth the $3 admission.

With some of the birds, their raptor ancestors are quite apparent, with others the level of inbreeding suggest they have the survival characteristics of the average afghan hound.

(slideshow below)

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24 Responses to
UnPaultry poultry at EPIC
ant 2:09 pm 09 Jun 09

Don’t worry about the spellung, but please do post a notice about the chook show on its own thing.. I don’t usually check the weekend notices thing. Dunno why. For some reason I think it’s about rock bands and things. Not magnificent must-attend events like The Chook Show!

poptop 1:50 pm 09 Jun 09

Next year I will
(a)post the Chook Show as a stand alone event;
(b)check my spelling;
(c)not malign any breed of dog; and
(d)try and get a better camera, so I can take photos of the darker birds[as I won’t use a flash on the poor brain-limited things).

Inappropriate 11:27 am 09 Jun 09

Had I known it was on, I would have gone…

neanderthalsis 11:04 am 09 Jun 09

Thumper said :

I love runner ducks.

They have a bigger target area for the axe…

TAD 8:39 am 09 Jun 09

Ant, it was advertised on the RA DIY Wotz on

mother of many 8:35 am 09 Jun 09

Lordy – Sorry, I am such a dog geek that I cannot let this one by:

Afghan Hounds are actually self-sufficient hunters/herders…

the reason they were assessed as the least intelligent purebred dog is they were the least inclined to do the intensive heelwork/sit/stay/do what you are told to NOW.

They are actually damn clever… with the ability to figure out a whole heap of stuff you would rather they didn’t – like opening doors – and the nouse to decide that you are perfectly capable of looking after yourself and therefore do not need constant shepherding.

Oh – and they are smart enough to learn what not to kill… mine help me herd up the chicken and rabbit to put them back in the cage after ‘free time’. Well, actually what not to kill when I am around; I don’t think I would trust them to look after the chook and rabbit if I weren’t there.

Thanks for listening!!

Granny 3:14 am 09 Jun 09

I kind of like the hairy hippy looking one.

willo 12:43 am 09 Jun 09

I wonder how many chooks ran away because of the fireworks?

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 8:57 pm 08 Jun 09

What sort of odds were they offering on the big black rooster with the gold spurs?

ant 8:11 pm 08 Jun 09

I do not BELIEVE this. I missed the chook show yet a-bloody-gain. Bugger. They always fail to publicise this properly, although there’s plenty of media attention after the fact. And they’re charging admission now?

I used to thoroughly enjoy this show, the variety of chooks is just incredible, and I’d go off dreaming one day of having a chook shed full of gold-laced wyandottes, chinese silkies, frizzles and pheasants. And those Indian chooks with massive thick legs.

One day…

Ozi 8:01 pm 08 Jun 09

Great pics… looks like a nice show. Always loved the poultry barn at the Royal Melbourne Show. Thanks for sharing the pictures mate. 🙂

poptop 4:57 pm 08 Jun 09

Argh! *shoots self*

Steady Eddie 3:56 pm 08 Jun 09

Note: “paltry” not “paultry” (and before any smarties reply saying “poultry” I was referring to the heading for this item).

Thumper 2:29 pm 08 Jun 09

I love runner ducks.

TAD 2:23 pm 08 Jun 09

I took the kids as well and agree that it was $3 well spent.

Whilst I was there, one of the judges took one of the chooks around for the kids to pet.

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