usurping the ‘no billboards’ rule for canberra?

astrojax 8 April 2010 24

so, canberra is famous for not allowing bilboard advertising, right?

so why is there a large inflatable animal spruiking an entertainment event (shan’t give them the pleasure of naming and so advertising) erected in the yard of the house at the corner of limestone and chisholm, ainslie?

it is in someone’s private property, granted, but clearly is designed to be seen by passing traffic – thus becoming a public billboard for mine… does anyone else have an issue with this? how is it allowed and are there any regulations being contravened here, that you know of?


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24 Responses to usurping the ‘no billboards’ rule for canberra?
representative representative 6:44 pm 01 Apr 11

pull down all the billboards and pull down all the maccas signs common canberra even latin americ is ahead of us.

miz miz 10:28 am 11 Apr 10

I am sorely tempted to whitewash over the bus stop ads as a form of civil disobedience . . .

And I too detest those water use billboards. They make me angry. All they tell me is that the random ‘limit’ for water usage is set artificially and arbitrarily low (the city continually went over by a fair margin over summer). I think we are all doing what we can to be economical with water, so why persist in trying to put the guilts on the Community? It is now up to the Government to be planning another dam NOW, not just resting on their Cotter-dam-extension-decision ‘laurels’. We are clearly going to need another dam in the not-so-distant future. They are just going to have to bite the bullet and get on with the Tennent (as planned for Canberra) or we will be in this situation again in 20 years. Sorry, but legless lizards and Macquarie perch are just not as important as people’s water needs.

Overheard Overheard 1:21 pm 09 Apr 10

I reckon the water use signs are superb. I ALWAYS check them. If nothing else, it means I give some thought to my water use at least one to two times a day. Sometimes six or seven depending on the day.

stonedwookie stonedwookie 1:06 pm 09 Apr 10

what about all the huge billboards around crace?
its ok for the government to have them but not the people trying to make money that pay tax?

ghughes ghughes 9:59 am 09 Apr 10

I despise the “temporary billboards” telling us about water use. They have been up for months and are just an eyesore.

Overheard Overheard 12:24 am 09 Apr 10

I casually thought it probably constituted a visual hazard for drivers approaching from the Haig Park end of Lonsdale Street, but like a commenter above deemed it far too trivial to lose any stomach acid over.

pibloktoq pibloktoq 10:11 pm 08 Apr 10

Read the Signs General Code under the Territory Plan:

An inflatable sign is not permissible in a residential zone. Signs in commercial zones are a different story – but still regulated under the Code.

Give ACTPLA a call.

deye deye 7:49 pm 08 Apr 10

There is another inflatable creature on the roundabout in Braddon at the corner of Lonsdale and Elouera st.

The one on the convention centre would be better if it wasn’t so bright.

inlymbo inlymbo 7:35 pm 08 Apr 10

It kept my three year old’s mind off the perils of returning to daycare after two weeks holiday! We think it is great…..

2620watcher 2620watcher 7:12 pm 08 Apr 10

Two eyesores spring to mind on this… The new billboards as you head towards the airport (the ones on shipping containers), and the billboard on the outside of the DFO building at Fyshwick.

luther_bendross luther_bendross 4:50 pm 08 Apr 10

I had a quick squiz through the legislation provided above, and I lol’d that Ainslie Ave makes the list of specially protected areas. Yep, definitely wouldn’t want a billboard ruining that gracious street. To be sure, that would divert ones eyes to the advertising and away from the upturned trolleys and meth dealers.

troll-sniffer troll-sniffer 1:49 pm 08 Apr 10

Oh for a return to air rifles. When I was a kid that stupid clown wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes.

Must admit that I find it difficult to believe that the Canberra Centre’s billboards don’t contravene the spirit of the law. Full sized hoardings only cm behind a pane of glass do not perform the function of a shop window, no matter what their slimy legal team might have come up with.

preacher preacher 1:46 pm 08 Apr 10

barking toad said :

Answers to your questions –

1. No

2. Don’t care

Don’t care isn’t really an answer. It’s an opinion.

smeeagain smeeagain 1:46 pm 08 Apr 10

niftydog said :

New bus stops now have backlit adds too.

Can anyone find official mention of the ‘no billboards’ policy anywhere or is it a myth?

Here tis

Disallowable instrument under the Roads and Public Places Act 1937

p1 p1 1:41 pm 08 Apr 10

Maybe you should copy the Tasmainians, and knock it off?

BimboGeek BimboGeek 1:08 pm 08 Apr 10

Billboards annoy me SOOOO much! I actually want to start a campaign to just cover them all either with white paint or even just paper over them. Particularly that enormous one out back of the Canberra Centre – it’s SO ugly!!! In fact the entire Canberra Centre is covered with fugly advertising, please someone make them stop!!!!!

barking toad barking toad 12:42 pm 08 Apr 10

Answers to your questions –

1. No

2. Don’t care

BobGrrl BobGrrl 12:36 pm 08 Apr 10

Yeah, there’s one on the corner of Belconnen Way and Petterd Street in Page. Same deal, inflatable clown holding a blow-up board with details on it.

Freaky looking bastard too.

Grail Grail 12:28 pm 08 Apr 10

The large inflatable clown is not a permanent fixture, so I can’t see that it would contravene any ordinance.

Which establishment is Academy? Is that a night club or something?

sloppery sloppery 12:20 pm 08 Apr 10

Quick, better call the ASIO Anti-Billboard hit squad.

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