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Vicki Dunne email interview

By Kerces - 27 February 2006 30

Liberal MLA Vicki Dunne has agreed to be part of a new RiotACT email interview series.

In the past we have chosen ten questions from those suggested, however, depending on the questions, I may pick five and add five follow-ups to them.

So, what do you want to know about Vicki Dunne and how she thinks? Put your suggested questions below before next Tuesday (28-FEB-06) and I’ll send them off on Wednesday.

UPDATED:This is a final call for all the questions you’ve ever wanted to ask of Liberal MLA Vicki Dunne, who has agreed to do an email interview with us.

Questions will be taken until approximately 9.30pm Tuesday 28-FEB-06.

FURTHER UPDATE The questions have now been sent. You can see the ones chosen in the comments below.

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30 Responses to
Vicki Dunne email interview
andy 3:35 pm 24 Feb 06

there is a bus from the city to the airport.
it costs something like $7.00 per trip. Its not run by the ACT Govt. You’d think, with charges like that, they’d be quick to jump on the bandwagon.

seepi 2:25 pm 24 Feb 06


as a politician, how do you approach difficult issues/decisions such as the proposed Majura Valley Dragway, where both sides of the argument are very passionate and have valid points?
– How do you personally arrive at a position on this type of issue.

ps – I second the Airport Bus and especially the Parking in Civic questions.

Thumper 12:06 pm 23 Feb 06


The ACT Liberals appear to be going through a serious bit of turmoil in relation to leadership issues.

The general view, it seems, of the population is that the ACT Liberals need an injection of new blood, as well as showing some solidarity.

This may or may not be due to the current leader.

What are your views regarding the above issues? What plans do the Libs have in place to ensure that they are a viable opposition, not only now, but in future years?

Of course, you may wish not to answer this question.

bonfire 11:54 am 23 Feb 06

Vicki, instead of emailing press releases, why dont the liberals email policies.

i like reading the press release wars from all assembly parties, but i cant recall ever seeing a press release about a substantive non-reactive policy development.

Is policy development occurring within the act liberals, and how are these policies made available for constituents to look at.

simto 10:23 am 23 Feb 06

I have to say, I’ve never found it all that hard to park my car in Civic. Then again, I don’t actually work there, and I’m never there in work hours.

Some people just get very peeved becuase they have to walk an extra block or two…

Maelinar 10:20 am 23 Feb 06

What’s her thoughts about the recent amalgamation of the NSW and ACT tourism departments, and whether or not she thinks development of joint efforts such as the rail link between Sydney and Canberra with a possible (future) integration into an internal Canberra rail system (light or monorail) becoming a feasable tourism venue for Canberra ?

What does she think about putting a bus line through to – I like this one; Canberra International Airport.

What’s her policy on actually being able to park your car in Civic ?

TAD 9:19 am 23 Feb 06

Does she really put her lipstick on with her fist (or does it just appear that way).

wonsworld 10:31 pm 22 Feb 06

Given the hammering the MLAs often get on here, I would like to know how relevant she finds websites like RiotACT in gauging public awareness/feeling when determining/debating polices and would her attitude change if in government?

podfink 9:21 pm 22 Feb 06

If Vicki was planning an ACT Liberal Party fund raiser and needed a community leader from Canberra to speak, whom would she ask?

nyssa76 9:16 pm 22 Feb 06

I’d like to know why she (when she was shadow education minister) did not return my e-mail re: a matter I had raised in said e-mail.

simto 4:39 pm 22 Feb 06

Indeed, can she spell “propose”?

Slapp_monkey 4:14 pm 22 Feb 06

I would be interested to hear how she preposes the ACT deal with the unacceptably high level of teenage school drop outs as a result from the preposed ‘curriculum renewal’? What does she prepose as an alternative?

caf 3:46 pm 22 Feb 06

How does she feel about the Federal Government overruling ACT decisions? While the entire country clearly has a legitimate interest in the decisions affecting the parliamentary triangle area, should residents of, say, Sydney have any more influence on planning decisions in Gungahlin or Tuggeranong than we do on Parramatta?

simto 3:42 pm 22 Feb 06

Is it a useful thing for a party in opposition to settle its internal differences in public, or does it just distract from casting light on the activities fo the government of the day?

colsim 3:30 pm 22 Feb 06

I guess it’s a bit obvious to ask her about the difference between shit and clay 🙂

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