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Waldorf Wankers Whingeing (Still)

By 54-11 21 June 2010 32

I see in yesterday’s Crimes that the residents and managers of the Waldorf Apartments are still whingeing about the noise of live venue music.  The reality is, folks, that noise has been there for many years, was there before the apartments were built, and you knew about it before you moved in.

This whole “order of occupancy” issue has been ignored for years by ACTPLA.  I wrote several submissions over many years suggesting that they enshrine such a principle in legislation but they just let it slide.  Nor did ACTPLA ever impose conditions on apartment developers to ensure that adequate noise insulation was installed.

And now, surprise, surprise, the whingers are closing down music venues.  It’s all wrong.

Many jurisdictions/countries have gone through/ are going through this issue.  One example is where residential land encroaches on agricultural holdings, and then residents start moaning about farm smells and noises.  Well, the reality is that these activities were there first, and these johnny-come-latelies have to accept these pre-existing rights.

I don’t agree with much of what the Snow family does or says, but I can understand why they would want to block the Tralee development – over time, the whingers will start to moan about the noise over property, when that noise was there to start with.  We need to have proper protection for earlier occupants to continue to enjoy their properties, within reason, as these activities were there when the later occupants purchased/moved in.  And that principle should also apply to inappropriate hi-rise developments in suburban areas.

What’s Your opinion?

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Waldorf Wankers Whingeing (Still)
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Mr Evil 10:05 pm 26 Jul 10

Wow, The Waldorf people are trying to re-write history now?

As mentioned previously, if The Wardorf was serious about protecting their tenants from noise, they would have refurbished the building properly in the first place and installed stuff like double glazing and proper soundproofing.

Pandy 8:51 pm 26 Jul 10

Toast or its predecessor was there before Waldorf.

twodesiree 7:32 pm 26 Jul 10

The fact is or the facts are?? who cares:

The Waldorf loving known as the Dorf – was there before (Toast & Transit Bar) this is a fact – FACT
Please don’t get the truth in front of a good story. But at least have the smarts to get the story right and correct – no matter how painful it is for the numb nuts out there to gob off and get it wrong – I live there and I am happy to stand by what I mumble
Love the real deal

Erg0 9:37 am 22 Jun 10

54-11 said :

Deadly, if the problem is with the developers/planners/certifiers (and I don’t disagree), why is it that the residents attack only the music venues?

Because they think it’s too late to do anything about the developers/planners/certifiers once you’ve moved in, I guess. There’s also a pretty strong history of councils/governments caving to the residents on this issue (was happening in central Auckland while I was there).

Jim Jones 9:04 am 22 Jun 10

DeadlySchnauzer said :

The fault is with the developers/planners/certifiers, not with the people who move in (and not with the music venues).

Agree entirely.

Adequate soundproofing standards obviously aren’t legislated for this sort of inner city development, meaning that places like the Waldorf are established with decent soundproofing, and they then go on the attack against entertainment venues rather than doing the right thing and investing in proper soundproofing.

If anything is to blame, it’s greed and inadequate legislation.

Special G 9:43 pm 21 Jun 10

$5 buys a good set of silicon ear plugs. I do shift work and have little kids – don’t hear a thing.

54-11 8:52 pm 21 Jun 10

Deadly, if the problem is with the developers/planners/certifiers (and I don’t disagree), why is it that the residents attack only the music venues?

54-11 7:37 pm 21 Jun 10

With respect, millie, you’ve still got it wrong. See an earlier discussion (, stating that Toast became toast, and the Transit Bar could be transitting out if the Waldorf residents get their way.

It’s time for them to pull their heads (and ears) in.

DeadlySchnauzer 7:16 pm 21 Jun 10

Holden Caulfield said :

Nah, I think Deadly is off the mark here.

To this and everyone else saying similar things, you guys are missing the point completely. With proper sound proofing it is possible to have a nice quiet apartment bang in the center of the city. And of course anyone buying an apartment will be re-assured that yes it has X-Y-Z sound proofing done, can’t you hear how quiet it is etc.

But until someone moves in and spends a week there, they will have no idea what the actual reality is. So all I am saying is, cut some people some slack. The fault is with the developers/planners/certifiers, not with the people who move in (and not with the music venues).

millie 5:15 pm 21 Jun 10

Buzz2600, I’ve been around a while. Long enough to remember parking my car in the gravel car park where the Crowne Plaza now stands and then meeting up with friends at the Terrace Bar. I don’t see the Terrace Bar as being in the Waldorf’s area – its on the other side of the Boulevarde complex. I bet if you brought back the Terrace Bar you would’nt get any complaints from the Waldorf…but just wait for the complaints to start rolling in from the Crowne Plaza.

Monster of the Deep 3:52 pm 21 Jun 10

I miss Toast. Screw you, Waldorf 🙁

Buzz2600 3:44 pm 21 Jun 10

Here’s a blurb from their website:

Millie, I’m not sure how long you’ve been in Canberra the Terrace Bar was around well before the Waldorf. Whether you’re converting an existing structure or building from new, the Waldorf should have ensured appropriate soundproofing based on the fact that the place is:

“centrally located in the heart of Canberra City CBD” …. “within easy walking distance of exploring the myriads of shops, the main Canberra Shopping Centre, boutiques, restaurants pubs and bars, plus the culture and excitement of the Canberra Theatre Centre across the road.”

What d*ckhead ever thought this location was going to be nice and quiet on a Saturday night?

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