Waterpoint loses its top

Gungahlin Al 16 May 2007 18

Canberra Times is reporting that the DA for the 22-storey apartment development ‘Waterpoint’ on Emu Bank in Belconnen has been approved by ACTPLA – but with the condition that it is limited to the 18-storeys that the land’s zoning allows for.

The plans and documents in the DA for this development reflected an attractive design with very good attention to water and energy efficiency.

But the windfall gain to the developer of an extra 4 floors over the allowable height was not on. It’s a good outcome that ACTPLA have held firm on this, and it is reassuring that the community can draw some degree of certainty that zoning provisions will be upheld by the government.

It is also a credit to the Belconnen Community Council and president Stephen Bounds for their work preparing a DA submission protesting the additional storeys.

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18 Responses to Waterpoint loses its top
Pandy Pandy 1:40 pm 18 May 07

GnT never read the classics I guessed early on. But you know what?


johnboy johnboy 12:08 pm 18 May 07

We can’t make a play on ancient classical allusions anymore?

Danman Danman 11:16 am 18 May 07

someones getting tetchy 😛

GnT GnT 11:11 am 18 May 07

oooh, countered with more racism. You’re hilarious!

Pandy Pandy 10:03 pm 17 May 07

GnT: Are you German and therefore miss the point?

GnT GnT 9:58 pm 17 May 07

Forgive me if I don’t laugh at racist jokes. Especially when they’re not funny.

Pandy Pandy 9:46 pm 17 May 07

GnT, I made a joke. Get over it.

(BTW the story of the Phillip building is true)

GnT GnT 9:29 pm 17 May 07

Pandy – are you being racist?

OpenYourMind OpenYourMind 5:04 pm 17 May 07

Pandy, that’s great!
Growling Ferret, there was nothing wrong with the Silverton Centre that a brand new building didn’t fix!!

Growling Ferret Growling Ferret 8:56 am 17 May 07

Are you suggesting another Silverton Centre style debacle?

Pandy Pandy 7:27 am 17 May 07

Yep: Beware of Greeks bearing lifts.

andy andy 7:07 am 17 May 07

sif concerned. i have evidence to back up my claims that Liangis builds cheap buildings.

cranky cranky 8:45 pm 16 May 07

Could be educational to count floors on Northbourne.

Pandy Pandy 8:33 pm 16 May 07

Geez andy. Watch-out for Greek builders.

andy andy 6:34 pm 16 May 07

huh ?

Pandy Pandy 6:34 pm 16 May 07

And lets not forget the guy from the Hellenic Club. built the new health building Woden but opps! It was built 10 meters too long! A quick plan to govco witha wink wink and some extra cash and the now built, longer building gets approved. What were they going to do, pull it down?

Just start counting the floors at Waterpoint boys.

Pandy Pandy 6:01 pm 16 May 07

You have been noticed andy

andy andy 3:29 pm 16 May 07

Just don’t let Liangis build it, or it’ll be a shit heap.

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