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Watson highest unlawful entries in ACT.

By darryl_smith33 - 2 January 2008 37

It makes me wonder……… since moving into quite Watson in 2006, I have seen a surge of unlawful entries, graffiti and vehicle hooning in the area. My question is why the AFP have not yet set up a taskforce to target the the criminals carrying out these acts?? Especially since an article in the Canberra Times identified Watson as the highest break in suburb in the ACT (stats from National insurers).

 I guess I will just take matters into my own hands as the AFP are failing to carry out their duties. – LOOK OUT CRIMS – DARRYL IS ON THE LOOSE.

What’s Your opinion?

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37 Responses to
Watson highest unlawful entries in ACT.
TAD 4:48 pm 03 Jan 08

VG was transferred to an area where it’s best to keep ones head down.

Skidbladnir 3:37 pm 03 Jan 08

I say we take off and nuke the site from orbit.
Its the only way to be sure.

Mr Evil 3:18 pm 03 Jan 08

Yeah, and most burgleries in Kingston were linked to Fraser Court.

Cluster bomb the Guvvie Flats on Northbourne Ave – end of problem!

Sands 2:42 pm 03 Jan 08

A few years ago Kingston was the place to be seen breaking in. It used to outrank other suburbs by far – think it was a few years in a row too. Go Watson! (is it in the built up leggo townhouse area or the housing area?)

Special G 2:30 pm 03 Jan 08

Pick almost any suburb in Canberra, its all the same. Fact is that the ACT courts view burglaries in the same light as stealing a mars bar. The cops catch them and then the revolving door starts.

JD114 2:27 pm 03 Jan 08

The reason Wartson is so vulnerable is because it’s more or less on the back route from Charnwood to Queanbeyan so the crims can stop off on the way and stock up…

Heavs 1:33 pm 03 Jan 08

Whatever happened to our local HeroCop VG? In days gone past he would have been all over this post like shit on a blanket.

Sands 11:42 am 03 Jan 08

If I caught someone in my house – F*** the law. I’ll be defending myself and my property with whatever force I deem reasonable at the time thanks.

toriness 11:38 am 03 Jan 08

that is, residents without a criminal record or drawing centrelink payments 🙂

toriness 11:37 am 03 Jan 08

i’ve lived in 3 suburbs in inner north for the last 8 years and have been broken into 3 times in that period. i say either increase police presence/patrols in this area or issue all residents with taser guns.

Ozhair 11:19 am 03 Jan 08

“(The courts won’t do anything anyway).”

That’s where you’re probably wrong, VYB. Someone defending their home would most likely feel the full force of the law, especially if they’ve beaten on a poor little haouse-breaking junkie who’s had a hard life 😛

VYBerlinaV8 11:05 am 03 Jan 08

If you catch a criminal in your house, whip their ass. (The courts won’t do anything anyway).

Mr Evil 10:39 am 03 Jan 08

Good comments, TAD – yeah, it’s all too hard so the AFP should do nothing?

Once the crims have finished raping Watson, where ever you live could be the next targetted suburb.

TAD 9:53 am 03 Jan 08

It’s not the AFP’s fault you chose to move into a shit suburb.

TAD 9:47 am 03 Jan 08

Darryl, you are a tool.

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