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Weird noises in braddon at dawn??

By embilly - 15 March 2012 23

For the last few months, every single (weekday) morning in Braddon there is the strangest sound at around 6.30am – it sounds like a dodgey car horn (like when your battery is going flat) but it goes for about 15 seconds, then stops, then goes again. i thought it was some moron honking their horn to alert their carpool buddy to get their ass downstairs or something – but it is too loud for that.

It can be heard from different parts of braddon (I hear it from my apartment and when out walking at that hour)

Anyone know what it is? It is sooooooo very annoying!!! Suspect it is coming from one of the many nearby building sites… maybe some sort of ‘start work’ siren or safety thing?

What’s Your opinion?

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23 Responses to
Weird noises in braddon at dawn??
peterh 11:53 am 16 Mar 12

Ben_Dover said :

EvanJames said :

Feeding time at Ainslie Village.



Though its a bit early for the denizens of Ainslie village to be up. Pubs aren’t open at that time…

embilly 11:09 am 16 Mar 12

thanks all… hmmm Bacon from Braddon… tasty…

the noise is defintely mechanical… and the same time every morning (and no it’s not my alarm clock) 😉

Exception 10:05 am 16 Mar 12

Braddon always has strange noises – my next door neighbours have a massive pig in their backyard and it starts squealing from about 5:30am onwards……bacon anyone???

Chop71 9:37 am 16 Mar 12

….. have you checked your alarm clock 🙂

Ben_Dover 8:07 am 16 Mar 12

EvanJames said :

Feeding time at Ainslie Village.


lobster 7:19 am 16 Mar 12

When I read the title I thought it was going to be a hot air balloon. But if it has been happening for months, probably not.

Perhaps an air compressor on one of the building sites?

Pork Hunt 6:04 am 16 Mar 12

A garbage truck with a dodgy reversing beeper?

memmum21 12:28 am 16 Mar 12

My brother was telling me about a sound he was repeatedly hearing in his neighbourhood and we finally solved the mystery. It was the mating call of a male Koel bird. If you go to the following link check out if it the horn sound is the same as this bird??

Darkfalz 11:42 pm 15 Mar 12

I hear sounds all the time at night around Braddon. Sounds like a generator running or something, a low, loud hum from an indeterminable place – maybe Merici college. Could be their air conditioner systems firing up.

EvanJames 11:05 pm 15 Mar 12

Feeding time at Ainslie Village.

Thumper 9:53 pm 15 Mar 12


No doubt flushed downstream by recent rains.

p1 9:43 pm 15 Mar 12

Hydraulics on one of the tower cranes?

kakosi 8:28 pm 15 Mar 12

Go for a walk and find the source, then you can report it to ACT environment protection and they’ll investigate it. If you don’t have an exact address they won’t come. You can get through by ringing Canberra Connect.

I-filed 7:48 pm 15 Mar 12

Balloon overhead?

Auntyem 7:00 pm 15 Mar 12

I live in Braddon and I haven’t heard it (and I’m also up and about at that hour).

I listen out for it tomorrow 🙂

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