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We’re being colonised by Americans via the sperm bank

By johnboy - 13 August 2006 26

The Canberra Times has a story on inadequate levels of sperm donation in Canberra meaning the sperm has to be bought in from the USA.

Why do they have excess sperm to sell and we do not? That would probably be because they pay donors.

What’s Your opinion?

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26 Responses to
We’re being colonised by Americans via the sperm bank
Al 1:12 pm 14 Aug 06

I’d suggest that the fertility clinics in Canberra need to look inwardly at their problem. I tried a number of times to get set up as a donor (don’t laugh – I’m being serious here!), if only to try to put some balance on the issue of smarter people not breeding, and morons breeding like rabbits (see the story about racial abuse of taxi drivers…).
But the clinics would never return phone calls, or the promised person would never get back to you. After 18 months of on-and-off trying, decided the risk of an accidental addition to the family was too high, and chop-chop.
So they had their chance and (sorry for the pun) blew it!

Absent Diane 9:14 am 14 Aug 06

we don’t need more children on this planet…

I do believe there is a need for sperm storage.

LG 9:11 am 14 Aug 06

KaneO – we don’t want them multiplying…

simto 8:39 am 14 Aug 06

Well, it depends. What kind of … supporting material are the offering nowdays?

Pandy 7:47 am 14 Aug 06

Should the men of Canberra be providing a free service?

andy 7:19 am 14 Aug 06

“People just don’t seem to do something for the good of their fellow man – they might do it for a mate next door, but not for the good of mankind.”

yep..i’d have a wank for my mate next door..

andy 7:18 am 14 Aug 06

so.. americans are big wankers, huh ?

KaneO 7:00 pm 13 Aug 06

No-one would believe it if you said Canberra had a shortage of wankers.

Ari 6:56 pm 13 Aug 06

A long as we sent the cream of the crop.

seepi 6:52 pm 13 Aug 06

Yes – it would almost make sense for Canberra to do a swap with somewhere further away.

KaneO 6:32 pm 13 Aug 06

Can’t someone just hand a jar out the window to recumbent cyclists or something?

joeyjo 5:39 pm 13 Aug 06

I think that Canberra being so small could put people off. Do you really want to walk down the street, see a kid who looks just like you and have to wonder if you’re the dad?

Ari 5:12 pm 13 Aug 06

Best to ignore the story, it’s obviously a spoof.

VYBerlinaV8 5:09 pm 13 Aug 06

I reckon if you got paid to provide sperm everyone would be happy to do so. Except me. One of me is probably enough.

boomacat 2:37 pm 13 Aug 06

That could lead to a lot of FAT DNA entering the local gene pool…Chicken Gourmet’s profits look set to skyrocket

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