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Westfield Woden to lower boom on ticketed parking

By Ian Bushnell 12 October 2018 39

Westfield Woden’s car parks are moving to a ticketless system using licence plate recognition. Images: Supplied.

Ticketless parking is coming to Westfield Woden’s car parks, with entry boom gates to be removed, and new automatic pay machines and licence plate recognition technology installed.

Owner Scentre Group has lodged a development application for works to provide the new parking system at car parks within and around the shopping centre, including the multi-level facilities on Bradley Street and the basement car park.

The proposal includes 11 new or amended entry/exits, including removal of boom gates and installation of LPR camera systems, changes to signage and kerbs, installation of automatic pay machines, and car park office within the basement level.

The subject blocks in Phillip are located between Corinna Street, Callam Street, Neptune Street and Bradley Street within the Woden Town Centre, and there will be a gain of four parking spaces.

The system will be the same that has been operating for some time at Westfield Belconnen where licence plate recognition technology is used to replace paper tickets.

The Westfield Woden precinct. Yellow highlights the subject blocks. Orange the area of proposed entry/exit works requiring a DA. Blue highlights the areas of proposed entry/exit works which do require a DA. Automatic pay machines are not shown as they are all internal.

Westfield says it means less congestion, and easier entry and exit, without having to bother with paper tickets.

At Westfield Belconnen, there is no ticket or gate on entry to the centre’s carparks. If you stay under two hours, you can go straight to the exit where your licence plate will be recognised and the boom gate will lift automatically.

If you stay over two hours and register for Ticketless Parking the boom gate will automatically open upon exit, and any parking fees will be automatically deducted from your credit or debit card. You are able to update your vehicle or credit card details at any time.

If you are not registered for Ticketless Parking and you stay over two hours, you can pay at any of the pay stations near the centre entrances.

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Westfield Woden to lower boom on ticketed parking
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bigred 2:27 pm 15 Oct 18

I will be in interested to see if it makes the exit from the underground towards the Neptune Street roundabout any easier. At the moment traffic tends to get a bit of a tail back on the ramp, thus challenging a few who still drive vehicles with a manual clutch. Probably also torture on those duel clutch automatics also – just today I noticed someone waiting at the bottom for the ramp to be clear.

    Crazed_Loner 1:32 am 19 Oct 18

    Nope, no problem at all with a dual-clutch auto. Any car or driver that couldn’t cope with that modest incline shouldn’t be on the road. Similarly, I suppose it’s only a challenge for manual drivers if they’re not up to driving a manual in the first place; hill starts are part and parcel of the skill set.

Capital Retro 9:03 am 15 Oct 18

Re the argument about licence plates and registration etc., this is just another example of metrolingualism, that being the creative linguistic practices across borders of culture, history and politics.

Phil Jacobs 7:34 am 15 Oct 18

I know it doesn't happen all the time... But.... The other day I had to change my "Rego" to ACT (from Victoria). I did get some strange looks from people in the car park as I was unscrewing my old plates, but under this new system, how would I have exited the carpark?

Kingsley Newman 7:19 pm 14 Oct 18

Caleb Diamond welcome to the future!

John Moulis 4:31 pm 13 Oct 18

It’s about time. Over the years I’ve experienced the many quirks of the current system by Skidata, which sounds very much like the Greek word skata which means sh*t. Tickets being spat out, the rollers running in reverse and not accepting the ticket, having to get on the intercom and the drivers behind looking daggers. Quite often Westfield have given up in frustration opening the gates and letting everybody park for free.

The system at Belco works well but a few times I’ve had to reverse or move forward a bit before my plate is recognised and the gate opens. The surprising thing is that Woden has been left to limp along with tickets for so long and it wasn’t installed at the same time as Belco.

    JC 7:03 pm 13 Oct 18

    Belconnen was installed to keep the public servants out. See with number plate recognition you cannot leave and come back and start the clock again.

    I don’t think Woden had quite the same “problem” as Belconnen did in this regard and to overall capacity. Belconnen is shocking for parking with many more living in the area and less parking.

Tramcar Trev 8:59 pm 12 Oct 18

Maybe an idea to replace the screws holding your numberplates on with tamperproof screws... its been proven that plate swapping increase with photo recognition.

Astrid Ries 8:17 pm 12 Oct 18

Then maybe ‘South Point’ Tuggeranong will join the 21st Century and let you pay with a card on the way out...

Rowie Stirling 7:19 pm 12 Oct 18

Deb Robinson so we were talking about this today.... get your boom gate fun in now!

Vikki Downing 7:11 pm 12 Oct 18

It’s the best, love it at Westfield Belconnen

Kerrie Buitendam 6:28 pm 12 Oct 18

There is no parking left. Instead of charging they should be increasing the parking not decreasing it

Heather Gordon 12:55 pm 12 Oct 18

They have this at Southland in Melbourne, doesn’t always work and recently the power went out and no one could leave any of the car parks - kaos. Also be wary getting close to the two hours point. Tried to check the machine to find out how much time I had left and it didn’t recognise my number plate. Did that on three separate occasions.

Giuliana Zuccaro 10:52 am 12 Oct 18

It also helps if you remember where you parked your car as well :)

Sandi Hyatt 10:45 am 12 Oct 18

Doesn’t always work @ Belco 😡

I’ve had to sit there looking like an idiot a few times because the gates don’t open until I use my card to pay - so in fact I am paying twice as it still comes off the credit card just the same as if it worked as planned . Useless

    Debbie Dowse 4:25 pm 12 Oct 18

    If you have already paid and the boom gates don’t open, press the help button. If you are charged twice, you can take a copy of your credit statement to the concierge and talk to them about a refund.

    Sandi Hyatt 6:19 pm 12 Oct 18

    Debbie Dowse — they never answer when you press that button 😞

Avril Le Roy 10:30 am 12 Oct 18

Just like Belco

Dave Ferymtok Ward 10:19 am 12 Oct 18

On topic - awesome! Ticketless parking is brilliant. Love it.

    Janet Ilchef 10:31 am 12 Oct 18

    I don’t - it’s an easier way to get more money

    Stephen Page-Murray 10:53 am 12 Oct 18

    Janet Ilchef

    How exactly?

    Dave Ferymtok Ward 10:55 am 12 Oct 18

    Janet Ilchef I think it's easier for me and it also means a much quicker entry and exit. I find it convenient.

    Justin Watson 1:23 pm 12 Oct 18

    It is easier to book people, thus easier to make more money. Number plate recognition, just requires a person in a car to drive around with number plate recognition. When the system has failed, they just book everyone and get them to prove through a receipt that they had paid.

Dave Ferymtok Ward 10:06 am 12 Oct 18

I'm not trying to be argumentative but I don't understand the use of the term, 'licence plate" when clearly it's a rego plate. I was brought up to cope with number plate (as wrong as that is as well).

A number plate has no relationship with a licence. So does anyone know where this dialectical usage derives from? Do most people find this term ok? (I ask that last question because that is pretty much the definition of the English language, ie if it's generally accepted then it is correct). Thoughts?

    Stephen Page-Murray 10:53 am 12 Oct 18

    It’s always been a lic plate, and I’m an oldie

    Dave Ferymtok Ward 10:54 am 12 Oct 18

    Stephen Page-Murray cheers. Do you know where it comes from? Was there a time when it was your licence number perhaps?

    Ashley Wright 5:40 pm 12 Oct 18

    Is comes from the good old US of A. And I dislike it too.

    Blen Carmichael 12:51 pm 13 Oct 18

    I hear you brother. It's a registration plate, or just plain 'rego'. Anyone who tells you it's always been 'licence plate' in Australia' is wrong.

    Julie Macklin 1:54 pm 13 Oct 18

    I grew up with number plate. The other terms are very recent. It was never registration plate, as there used to be a registration sticker until recently. Same with licence plate; that wasn't used. So, with the registration sticker, the plate was just a number plate, and that traditional term was used.

    Dave Ferymtok Ward 1:58 pm 13 Oct 18

    Julie Macklin actually, now I think back, I think you're spot on. Rego sticker! Yes!!n

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