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Westin v. Carney

By keithsaisell - 13 June 2007 32

the westin issue – there was much clashing of teeth and howls of moral outrage re the law letting the westin girl off “lightly”.

i notice, from afar, in todays Australian, that a canberra raiders football player has also got off for the third lot of serious road/traffic offences. very similar to the westin girl.

but i have not noticed any moral outrage.

could i assume that rugby league players, ie elite sportspeople etc, are not held to the same high moral level.


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32 Responses to
Westin v. Carney
Invisible_Hulk 10:53 pm 13 Jun 07

Moral outrage? I am outraged that previous convictions, good behaviour bonds and suspended sentences mean nothing in the ACT – whether you’re a star or whether you’re struggling.

Consider Matthew Newton’s conviction on the same day as Carney and Westin were last in court – not that I am condoning his behaviour. He pushed his girlfriend at home and has had his contracts torn up. The judge said she had to record a conviction to send the message that high profile people do not receive preferential treatment.

He should get into training – I am sure the Raiders will eventually have an opening at half back after a few more Carney episodes.

sepi 10:21 pm 13 Jun 07

Sadly the prospects for children placed in care are very poor. This is why judges aim to keep them with their families, even when the families are disfunctional, ala Ms Westin.

utah 9:55 pm 13 Jun 07

If I remember rightly, Westin repeatedly violated her bail conditions, prior to being sentenced – i.e. being before the court for the death of another person didn’t seem to slow her down.

el 7:31 pm 13 Jun 07

Well guess what folks, plenty of ‘normal’ (low-profile non famous type) people have been done DUI multiple times and escaped any kind of custodial sentence (I’m aware of a chappie that’s been done either 3 or 4 times that hasn’t even been sentenced to community service).

Not saying it’s right, just how it is.

soulman 7:00 pm 13 Jun 07

Westing is a habitual drug and alcohol abuser with a child, who has a large number of offenses involving drugs, violence and driving. After a string of offenses, she fled police causing the death of another road user.

Carney on the other hand is just stupid and immature. He doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong. Hell, he might not even know what those two words mean.

My point is while Carney did get off somewhat lightly in my opinion, he has prospects. Embarrassment in the public eye, treatment for his problems and hopefully a serious threat from league bosses that he will risk his professional career will go a long way to setting him straight. Put simply, he is not a lost cause.
Westin on the other hand is repeat, serious offender whose activities are apparently becoming more serious. There is also the issue of her child. As a primary carer for a child, her actions are endangering both her life, and that of her child. Where as Carney has hope for rehabilitation as the courts put it, Westin has no hope. All that can be done now is to deal with Westin harshly and promptly for the safety of her child, and the community.

boomacat 6:17 pm 13 Jun 07

So, they were both driving erratically under the influence, both while their licences were suspended, both failed to stop when directed to by police, but by pure coincidence Carney didn’t harm anyone?

Seems to be the same level of culpability to me, just fortunate that Carney didn’t kill someone.

I’m not trying to diminish Westin’s wrongdoing, but it is strange that our criminal justice system places such a degree of influence on chance.

Special G 6:01 pm 13 Jun 07

Wouldn’t surprise me if it was. Apparently after being told on several times he still doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong.

What a load of crap.

OpenYourMind 5:29 pm 13 Jun 07

Does anyone know what car Carney drives? A white Lexus IS200 with bling wheels was seen in Bruce today – a girl I know swears it was Carney driving.

andy 5:23 pm 13 Jun 07

heh. so how is Carney gonna get to the game now.. mummy gonna drive him ?

KandyA 4:51 pm 13 Jun 07

loathe to bring this in, as I only heard it on the radio, but was Ms Westin’s prior for ASSULTING A 70yr old in a supermarket???
Well, sympathy runs thin

KandyA 4:47 pm 13 Jun 07

killed someone did he?
assulted them?

not actually that equivalent?
who was it then, put in a link!

If it was one of the Raiders, well, no doubt there was a fair bit of discussion on these pages but, youre right, a fair bit less outrage..probably because of the way big clubs support players, rather than the rest of society begrudgingly footing the bill for their existence and screw-ups

Ralph 4:45 pm 13 Jun 07

Indeed. One is a drug addled fiend, living on welfare, with prior convictions, who killed an innocent elderly woman, on the day she was due to appear in court (and didn’t) on another misdemeanor.

You bleeding heart muppet.

jenna 4:43 pm 13 Jun 07

It does bear comparison, because until she killed that unfortunate lady, Amber Westin had previous vehicular charges against her. Had the punishment been more realistic one that she really felt, she may not have gone on to kill someone and devastate a family. Should we wait until the elite sports star kills someone too to impose a real sentence? It’s time we stopped idolising these guys just because they are good on a sports field and treating them as better than the rest of us!

RandomGit 4:43 pm 13 Jun 07

I’d say, measure for measure, that Carney got it harder than Westin due to his public profile, not the reverse.

Growling Ferret 4:33 pm 13 Jun 07

Once is a drug farked scumbag who killed an innocent lady whilst avoiding a court appearance

The other is a rugby league player who went dui and then was caught driving without a licence.

When Todd kills someone, let there be howls of outrage. He’s lost his licence forever, been publicly humiliated, is now on a rehab program, has got a job, is doing community service.

The other is a doey bitch who was busted taking pot and intravenous drug equipment into the remand centre when she was serving periodic detention.

Hardly bares comparision…

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