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Westin v. Carney

By keithsaisell 13 June 2007 32

the westin issue – there was much clashing of teeth and howls of moral outrage re the law letting the westin girl off “lightly”.

i notice, from afar, in todays Australian, that a canberra raiders football player has also got off for the third lot of serious road/traffic offences. very similar to the westin girl.

but i have not noticed any moral outrage.

could i assume that rugby league players, ie elite sportspeople etc, are not held to the same high moral level.


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Westin v. Carney
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CraigFromCurtin 12:28 am 22 Jun 07

Jellen, you are way off the point and your arguments do not apply in this case. NO-ONE (repeat NO-ONE) is arguing that Westin or Carney are innocent, and ooh – let’s be light on them because they may not be guilty. There is irrefutable evidence that they did the things they were charged with and – best of all – they pleaded guilty! Any discussion of the risk of an innocent person being found guilty is just bollocks. Your misguided view that there are “plenty of nasty precedents from 20th century European history” that makes it “much better to slant the system in favour of the odd Amber or Todd” is rubbish! The precedents are irrelevant. A & T pleaded guilty! Please make some sense before you post again. Leniancy for first offenders has NOTHING to do with the issue of guilt or innocence. They are separate issues and must not be confused.

Anyway, she went down today for 7 months. Good thing too. She deserves to be banged up (pardon my pun). Like other posters, I feel sorry for the kid. People like Westin don’t plan families – they find themselves pregnant from somebody or other they probably can’t remember during a drug-induced smoke-filled “session”, and the child is the true victim in these circumstances. There ought to be a compulsory sterilisation regime for people that can’t prove that they can be responsible parents.

And let me clear this up: Her real name is Amber JOAN Westin. When she was arrested, the court had her name incorrectly recorded as Amber JANE Westin. Her legal team corrected this in court (I was there).

vandam 3:41 pm 18 Jun 07


I appreciate your comments, and some are fair, however with such a lenient system in place, should first time offenders be let off? If so what is the point in putting them before court?

There will always be problems with people being charged for offences they did not commit. Thats reality. That isn’t such a bad thing though as most of those cases are based on suspicion. All I can say is that with such a lenient system in place, is there any benefit for the victims of the crime? They go through months/years/lifetime of pain. It’s fair that Westin goes to jail for 2 years when she has ruined a life time of another person. And not only that person, but the rest of the family and friends. If you kill someone whether on purpose or accident, you should pay for that crime. The poor husband left alone for the rest of his life will still be alive when this low life gets out of jail. Hardly justice.

hairy nosed wombat 8:47 pm 17 Jun 07

Hmmm, I used to like the Judge Dredd Graphic Novels. “Public vis” and doing a crime used to earn the perp an extra 6 months.

It sounds like something that should be used in real life, not just graphic novels

jellen 8:02 pm 16 Jun 07

I’d choose the ACT justice system over the USA every single time. In other words, its better to have the odd Amber situation than to have a David Hicks and Guantanamo Bay situation. That is the point of a justice system after all – it is based on the principle that it is better that the odd guilty person go free in order to protect the principle that innocent people should never be locked up by the State.
There are some very nasty precedents from 20th century European history which should remind us why it is much better to slant the system in favour of the odd Amber or Todd than to have people locked away on their first offence.
The problem with the approach of criticising ACT justice by reference to Amber’s case is that it completely ignores the outcomes for all the other people treated leniently on their first offence who do not go on to reoffend.
In the theoretical situation that you were charged with an offence that you did not commit and you were given the choice of facing ACT justice or USA justice, every lawyer on God’s earth would tell you to choose ACT justice. I know I’d choose the ACT to face my fate. We should be proud to live here for that reason. Or, as the Americans say, love it or leave it!

vandam 11:22 am 15 Jun 07

This comparison is just another fine example of the ACT justice system. I believe that in Westins case she should’ve been on trial for manslaughter and given a full time jail sentence. What are we teaching young people by giving her weekend detention?
And if Carney had been caught in the US, he would be serving more jail time than Paris Hilton. Its more so the ACT Justice System.

I’d be interested to think what people think each person actually deserved rather than what they got. Personally I think both people got off lightly.

Maelinar 10:56 am 15 Jun 07

Bring back the Stocks !

neanderthalsis 9:39 am 15 Jun 07

Until gross stupidity becomes a capital crime, society will be plagued by pillocks such as Westin and Carney.

Despite the obvious difference of A.J.W killing someone, the crimes are quite similar and are characterised by a complete disrespect for social norms and continual flouting of the law. Maybe a few hours in a public pillory would make their humiliation complete and convince them not to re-offend.

Sammy 8:18 am 15 Jun 07

I can’t believe the way people idolise football players

I didn’t say anything about idolising Todd Carney.

I think he is a talented rugby league player. That’s it.

bighead 11:53 pm 14 Jun 07

Maybe it’s just me, but everyone seems to be calling her Amber JOAN Westin now. WIN news did it tonight, ABC has done it for the last few days.

She will be sentenced again tomorrow. I have heard from someone that works in the court system, that he is expecting a harsher sentence on her….. one can only hope

p1 11:09 pm 14 Jun 07

I have always wondered about the legal distinction between drink driving, having a crash and no one being hurt verses drink driving, having a crash and someone dying.

Sometimes I think that punishing someone more over a matter of luck is harsh, but then the alternative is to punch people the same based on their actions rather then the outcome.

Which would mean either 1)sentencing every drink driver to a lengthy prison term, regardless of weather people die, OR 2)giving everyone a slap on the wrist even if someone does die.

Unfortunately, if AJW’s case is anything to go by, we seem to already be following option 2, and I’m not so happy with that.

Mess 8:39 pm 14 Jun 07

Carney got punished for his crime.. Westin didn;t.. Plain and simple. Perhaps Carney did get off light.. But Westin killed someone and has pretty much got a slap on the wrist.

soulman 6:45 pm 14 Jun 07

The thought of those two getting together and breeding makes me sick. Their children may even be another species, scientific name….

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