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Wet weather driving madness!

By H1NG0 - 26 October 2007 33

Yesterday, as we all know, it was raining quite heavily. When it rains heavily in Canberra, you can usually bet that everyone is going to drive to work rather than use an umbrella at a bus stop. What this also means is that the people who don’t usually drive, choose to drive in the worst conditions possible.

You would assume that these same people know that driving in these conditions require a different driving style than it would on a perfect sunny day. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the case.

Yesterday I witnessed a nasty accident directly in front of me on Northbourne Ave at around 8:10am where 2 cars and a truck were involved. Basically, the truck stopped at a set of lights while the car behind it (Toyota Aurion) also managed to stop safely. The car behind the Aurion was travelling far to close and pushed the Toyota straight into the back of the flatbed truck.

The truck driver and the Toyota driver quickly got out and assisted the seemingly injured driver.

 However this is not the end of it! During the day I saw many other crashed vehicles on the side of the road. Most notably on the Barton Highway roundabout and another near Woden roundabout. Has it been so long that drivers have forgotten how to drive in the rain? Did you see an accident yesterday?

What’s Your opinion?

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33 Responses to
Wet weather driving madness!
bighead 12:16 am 27 Oct 07

Didn’t see or was involved in any accidents… Just out of interest, can anyone recommend a good defensive driver course?, Something I really should do soon.

canberra towie 9:53 pm 26 Oct 07

I make good money out of dickhead canberra drivers
I’ve been a towie for years and nothing amazes me anymore some of the things i’ve seen just boggle the mind !!
If everyone in canberra became better drivers i’d go broke lol

Felix the Cat 9:07 pm 26 Oct 07

[i]Did speed cameras or vans prevent any of these accidents?[/i] Obviously there aren’t enough of them…speed cameras that is, not accidents!

I saw the aftermath of an accident yesterday morning on Majura Rd, a Nissan Pulsar had left the road and was stuck in a ditch. I believe thge driver was a female. Not sure how it happened, didn’t seem to be any other cars involved.

VYBerlinaV8...the_or 8:43 pm 26 Oct 07

All these accidents illustrate the basic point that a few people here have tried to make from time to time: learning proper vehicle control is the only way to make our roads safer. Did speed cameras or vans prevent any of these accidents?

el ......VNBerlinaV8 5:42 pm 26 Oct 07

Saw two bingles on the way home this afternoon. Mid 90s Commodore had ploughed into the back of someone else on Adelaide Ave, and another incident I didn’t see much of on Hindmarsh Drive running between Waramanga and Weston.

nyssa76 4:39 pm 26 Oct 07

I saw a P-plater slide to a 90 degree angle when she failed to stop at the roundabout around 8:20am in Calwell. I was in the roundabout at the time and slowed down when I saw her sliding.

When she stopped (as I did once I had left the roundabout) she revved up the engine and tore off again. Idiot.

PigDog 4:21 pm 26 Oct 07

BenMac – How can a truck stop faster than a car?

Kramer 3:57 pm 26 Oct 07

This havok is all caused by people driving subarus fast in the wet, and then other people not in subarus thinking their car can also drive fast (safely) in the wet.

grundy 3:47 pm 26 Oct 07

My wife called me while she was driving to work to tell me about all the accidents she had seen…..


pierce 3:42 pm 26 Oct 07

Yeah, i saw two on the side of Adelaide Ave last night – one near the roundabout and another about 100 metres up on the other side of the road.

hingo_VRCalaisV6 3:36 pm 26 Oct 07

Yeah I’m not entirely sure if the Toyota Aurion driver wasn’t at fault. They may have hit the truck first, then the car behind also ran up the back of it, but in accidents like that, ususally its the car at the back that hasn’t allowed enough room to brake and pushes the car in front. I hope the lady was ok. I was glad to see both drivers assist her.

The accident near Woden seemed large as well. I only saw one car that hit a pole heading North but traffic heading South was banked up heavily and I assume there was another car involved on the other side.

BenMac 3:26 pm 26 Oct 07

I saw the Northbourne aftermath yesterday. I was wondering if the truck stopped too quick for the Toyota Aurion. Thanks for clearing it up. Too bad for the Aurion driver. That bonnet was wedged in good.

But you are right, Canberra drivers suck in the rain.

Snahons_scv6_berlina 3:24 pm 26 Oct 07

Actually I did see an accident. On Cotter road. Lady runs across the road to a car parked on side with hazard ligths on (nothing appeared wrong with the car) – granted she probably cut it a bit fine but didn’t appear to be dangerously stupid.

Anyway, The driver of car in front of me, panicked, slammed foot on brake and turned their steering wheel and left it at that. Needless to say the car slid across the other lane (at 90 degrees to road direction), down the small embankment doing and ended up 180 degrees from original direction.

Stupid driver…

Lord Mælinar 3:10 pm 26 Oct 07

There are no roads in Canberra. They replaced them with a system of bumper-cars and $$$ traps years ago.

caf 3:03 pm 26 Oct 07



OK, yes I did see the aftermath of an accident yesterday – last night on the corner of Batman St and Limestone Av.

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