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What to do with a Diplomat who goes on a demolition Derby in Woden?

By PBO - 13 June 2009 36

This afternoon at the Hellenic Club in Woden, a car decided that it would be fun to shunt other cars in the carpark and drive off.  Unfortunatly he was apprehended by two public servants who managed to get his details before he fled the scene and in the process hit another car. 

When this gentlemen was apprehended by the public servants, he produced a ACT issue Diplomatic licence.

The Police were informed but declined to attend as no one had been injured.  The only good part of this whole affair is that the holden he hit took a good chunk out of his vehicle.  

What annoys me is tha this gentleman has essentially gotten off without getting breath tested!  He has slammed into hit 2 cars and damaged a third and the police were not interested.  Are ACT Police afraid of Diplomats? 

What’s Your opinion?

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36 Responses to
What to do with a Diplomat who goes on a demolition Derby in Woden?
bigfeet 5:55 pm 13 Jun 09

JC said :

Diplomatic immunity by all rights has to be asked for by the Government, it is not an automatic right.

That is not correct. The Diplomatic Privileges and Immunities Act 1967 and the Consular Privileges and Immunities Act 1972 makes immunity (as defined under the Vienna Conventions)automatic for all diplomats in Australia.

They cannot be prosecuted for anything and cannot be required to comply with any civil court order either, unless their home country expressly allows it. (and they never do)

The worst the Australian government can do is to expel them.

The only exception is if the foreign country does not extend the same privileges to our diplomats serving in their country.

cranky 5:43 pm 13 Jun 09

I believe diplomatic immunity is claimed by the Head of Mission, who, we assume, has weighed up the consequences of so claiming.

However, perhaps the anonymity associated with these events should be removed, bringing public opinion to bear on the HoM.

54-11 5:42 pm 13 Jun 09

I suppose if it was at the Hellenic Club, start with the Greek Embassy…

54-11 5:41 pm 13 Jun 09

JC, that’s the problem. The embassy or consulate will not generally say who it was, and therefore any civil action is out of the question. And ratbag insurance companies will use that to slug the poor victims with excesses/loss of discounts, because the actual driver cannot be identified. NRMA (bastards) did that to me once.

JC 5:29 pm 13 Jun 09

Diplomats in our country are still subject to our laws etc. Diplomatic immunity by all rights has to be asked for by the Government, it is not an automatic right.

In this case I hope someone left his rego details and their names at whitnesses with the owners of the damaged cars, that way their insurance company can pursue the individual for the repair costs at least.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 5:01 pm 13 Jun 09

I figure you report it to the police, get a copy of the police report, and send it all off, with the rego of the offending vehicle to the insurance company.

That’s what they get paid to sort out. Fair? Probably not. But generally effective in resolving my problem.

bd84 4:34 pm 13 Jun 09

The old diplomatic immunity.. hence why a large proportion of unpaid fines in the ACT are those incurred by diplomatic staff.

Having said that, with he details of the bastard diplomat insurance payout won’t be hard. But then with a registration and a witness it’s fairly easy to prove too.

Ozi 4:25 pm 13 Jun 09

Police can offer him a breath test, but if he refuses, cannot do anything. Police are not “scared” of Diplomats: just unable to do anything under law to prosecute them. I recall a hit and run years ago involving a drunken diplomat. He killed the person he ran into, and was never arrested or charged by Police. All they could do is inform protection intelligence of the occurance, who then informed his superiors of the events.

Fairly sure he lost his job over it, but never faced an Australian Court. :/ As bigfeet said: it is up to them whether they co-operate or not. Same with if we try to pull their cars over: their choice if they want to or not.

bigfeet 4:03 pm 13 Jun 09

futto said :

The ONLY person who can solve this is Danny Glover.

with some help from Mel Gibson

(as long he can get time away from abusing jews, or having sex with Russian models)

futto 4:00 pm 13 Jun 09

The ONLY person who can solve this is Danny Glover.

54-11 3:53 pm 13 Jun 09

Does anyone know the riddle of diplomatic number plates? The first numbers tell us which country they are from, but where do we find that out?

hetzjagd1 2:56 pm 13 Jun 09

The immunity should work both ways and allow the owners of the cars to assault the diplomat or damage his employer’s vehicles (although the latter option isn’t very productive) without the risk of police inquiries.

bigfeet 2:44 pm 13 Jun 09

From the DFAT website: A police officer may request the driver … to submit to a breath screening test. Drivers who can provide appropriate diplomatic identity may either accede to or refuse the police request. The Department asks that any person who enjoys diplomatic immunity cooperate.

Note the use of the terms “may” and “The Department asks”. That would tend to indicate that it is totally up to the diplomat whether he submits to a breath test or not. And if he is pissed, why would he go along with it when he doesn’t have to?

ant 2:00 pm 13 Jun 09

I thought they could be held accountable? It’s a grey area though. Good on the two public servants for trying to do something, and I hope they keep pushing it. Do they know which mission he was with?

TP 3000 12:35 pm 13 Jun 09

Well as far as I know Diplomats can’t be charged due to some …………. So in my mind they are the worst drivers in Australia.

So the Police didn’t won’ to waste their time when nothing can be done.

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