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What’s with postcode tattoos?

By Rollersk8r - 1 December 2011 72


Perhaps an old topic – but the young tradie who turned up at my place recently got me thinking: What is with Canberra postcode tattoos?

Is this irony, as in Canberra’s the last place you’d find a turf war?

Or are there really turf wars that I’m too old and out of the loop to know about? 

And is this just a Canberra thing?  Do people get the tatts in other states and overseas?? 

Kind of limits your ability to buy a house in another suburb when you grow up, doesn’t it?

[Photo by lemaChet]

What’s Your opinion?

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72 Responses to
What’s with postcode tattoos?
Henry82 4:49 pm 01 Dec 11

Its been discussed a few times before. Those who even have their postcode tattooed on their arm answered here:

I-filed 4:45 pm 01 Dec 11

poetix said :

2602 gettin’ smuggy

You’d be advertising a restaurant at the Ainslie Shops if you did that …

PBO 4:41 pm 01 Dec 11

“2614”…….That means employed in postcode speak.

VicePope 4:30 pm 01 Dec 11

Tattoo = prima facie evidence of bogan status. Excessive identification with a place = serious image issues. Why advertise,unless it’s a cry for help? What’s the postcode for the AMC?

poetix 4:17 pm 01 Dec 11

2602 gettin’ smuggy

MightyJoe 4:16 pm 01 Dec 11

Unfortunately, it seems that douche behaviour is becoming more and more prevalent in Canberra these days..

Question though, do you get the southern cross stickers before or after the postcode tattoo?


MightyJoe 4:14 pm 01 Dec 11

wow, lucky for me i didn’t get Quankers for life… as I live in Gunners now..

2914 Yo!

2.0 3:53 pm 01 Dec 11

2617 Represent Yo!!

devils_advocate 3:26 pm 01 Dec 11

*adopts air of superiority*

“Kind of limits your ability to buy a house in another suburb when you grow up, doesn’t it?”

I think it’s more the demographic these “these types of people”(TM) find themselves in that limits their ability to escape to more affluent areas, rather than any tattoo.

fromthecapital 3:25 pm 01 Dec 11

It also help prove what areas the bogans live in.

Deref 3:24 pm 01 Dec 11

So people with IQs less than 10 can tell people which town they live in.

shirty_bear 3:24 pm 01 Dec 11

Imported douchebaggery

Reprobate 3:16 pm 01 Dec 11

So that Balinese authorities know where to ship the body back to?

Roadrage77 3:12 pm 01 Dec 11

I’m all for postcode tattoos. Now you can tell that someone is a complete dip**** without having to speak to them.

Mang 3:11 pm 01 Dec 11

it doesnt limit your ability to change suburbs, it just means now you can tell people thats where you came from in a jenny-from-the-block kinda way haha

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