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When and why did Civic become Canberra Central?

By Smackbang - 17 August 2005 30

This excerpt from the Shitty News

The street furniture also promotes the new logo for Canberra Central depicting the hexagonal shape of the city centre road patterns, with the three surrounding open crescents representing community, culture and landscape.

and some press releases from ACT Government ministers have me wondering whether the name “Canberra Central” is supposed to be more than the name for some silly taskforce tasked with taring up Civic. Are they actually trying to rename, or rebrand, Civic as “Canberra Central”? If so, what on Earth is the reason behind this? It is unnecessary. The area already has a perfectly functional name. Although it doesn’t appear on any maps, the area is known as Civic to all Canberrans. Civic is a word that has some heritage value and significance for Canberrans, as opposed to the bland sounding “Canberra Central”. The very fact it is a commonly known, yet unofficial, name gives it some ‘cultural value’.

But aside from that, the name “Canberra Central” is remarkably similar to the name “Canberra Centre”, Civic’s major shopping mall. It is so similar as to be indistinguishable.

What’s Your opinion?

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30 Responses to
When and why did Civic become Canberra Central?
Thumper 8:05 am 18 Aug 05

Um, why does Civic need a logo?

Maelinar 7:44 am 18 Aug 05

Civic, read it backwards and it reads the same, Civic.

There’s a 5 second logo.

Kerces 11:51 pm 17 Aug 05

I’m just remembering that about four years ago they held a competition for a logo that represented Civic. I can’t remember what the winning one looked like, but I wonder if this is it? And if so, why’s it taken them so long to use it?

b2 10:37 pm 17 Aug 05

its hard to make a nice logo with ‘civic’ in it though isn’t it?

gingermick 8:28 pm 17 Aug 05

Lack of sleep, Samuel.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 7:37 pm 17 Aug 05

and my linking was somewhat spectacularly broken because I forgot a tag…and I can’t edit it…I really should take a break, I’m having to re-type most words because I keep pressing the buttons in the wrong order.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 7:33 pm 17 Aug 05

And that also features City News article (or two). Perhaps they are slightly civic city central middle canberra centric with their office being there.

(And no, I am not pretending that my blog is City News…I have just decided to link to my anti-City News blog post every time I mention the stupid thing).

johnboy 7:19 pm 17 Aug 05

Oh, and RiotACT first became aware of the term on 05-NOV-04.

johnboy 7:15 pm 17 Aug 05

Interestingly ACTPLA classifies the WHOLE of the Inner North AND South as “Canberra Central”.

You can see it here.

Thumper 6:22 pm 17 Aug 05

Its bloody Civic no matter what!

Geez, soon we’ll be saying Marnooka and Wheatengarra…

What’s wrong with keeping a cultural, sociological, historical name? For Christ’s sake, can’t this town have anything that gives it some culture and history?

This isn’t a Corbell driven thing is it?

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 5:55 pm 17 Aug 05

Always good to send tourists to “Maaneeekaaaa”…they can’t find that on the map either.

They all seem to know where Fyshwick is though.

Kerces 5:55 pm 17 Aug 05

The only piece of (writing) style I was given at CityNews was that “we call the area Canberra Central not Civic” (Oh and that for the Queensland Retiree, the target audience was “retirees” not “senior citizens” or “elderly”). So that’s why they do it: it’s their style guide. The only thing in it.

areaman 5:55 pm 17 Aug 05

We all call it Civic, it should bloody well be Civic. At least the bins and stuff only have the logo, so if they wanted to change the name it wouldn’t be hard.

bonfire 5:25 pm 17 Aug 05

there was a faddish rebranding as ‘city’ some years back. i think it will always be ‘civic’ to caberrans. although it will acuse confusionwhen tourists bail a local up who directs them to civic and they cant find it on a map.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 4:38 pm 17 Aug 05

Ah yes, but the Canberra Centre is owned by QIC…and we all know how much Simon loves QIC.

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