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Where to next for the lazy cool?

By johnboy - 22 August 2006 25

Those who read SpinStartsHere will be aware that Cube is now a hangout for 30 something hetero female public servants trying to be “liberated” as they gyrate in the cage (possibly mistaken by the Cube clientelle for a drag queen).

On a similar note the SMH is now referring to the Phoenix as a cool place to hang out in a sign that the magic there must be coming to an end.

So, where to go to be ahead of the curve? Please give reasons with your nomination.

What’s Your opinion?

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25 Responses to
Where to next for the lazy cool?
James-T-Kirk 3:38 pm 22 Aug 06

Holy crap Batman ™
Is the Pot still open. Cool. I vividly don’t remember studying surveying at TAFE, because the Pot Belly was our hangout. There is simply a inky black void.

MMMMM, Beer.

James-T-Kirk 3:36 pm 22 Aug 06

Mmmm, 30 year old public service females, gyrating for *my* pleasure…

Damm… I’m married.

bonfire 3:32 pm 22 Aug 06

‘Poetry and alcohol go together when you’re writing it. But they shouldn’t go together when you’re reading it.’

jb this needs to go in the rotating quotes on the front page.


Big Al 3:02 pm 22 Aug 06

Mmmm … difficult question – it’s easy to pick some places I don’t think are up to the mark.

I doubt that it will ever become the next hot thing, but a rather pleasant late Sunday afternoon ale or three can be had at the little bar that’s kind of tacked onto the side of the Mawson Club. The décor is modern and pleasant (and very not your average ‘club’), there’s not a poker machine in sight, the bar prices very reasonable and they seem to occasionally have musicians there too.

VYBerlinaV8 1:25 pm 22 Aug 06

These chicks need to be liberated? Bugger me, what they all need is to feel like a real woman again. That said, I have a huge pile of ironing in my living room…

Heavs 12:49 pm 22 Aug 06

That poetry chap at the Lighty is a real chubby chaser as well.

Absent Diane 12:11 pm 22 Aug 06

okay I will add greenroom for the quality of sound, for the dickhead muso’s that hang out there… and because it has set itself up as canberra’s number one middle sized music venue.. despite not being in a popular area.

simto 12:08 pm 22 Aug 06

Poetry and alcohol go together when you’re writing it. But they shouldn’t go together when you’re reading it.

Thumper 11:51 am 22 Aug 06

Durham Arms, goes without saying doesn’t it!

Pot Belly, for reasons already stated.

Phoenix, great atmosphere to play or listen to local talent.

Ari 11:21 am 22 Aug 06

Dylan Thomas might dispute the theory that poetry and alcohol don’t go together.

RG 11:18 am 22 Aug 06

The Lighthouse (affectionately known as the Lighty) is great except for the awful “Open Mic Night” on Thursdays!! A gentleman there can be found reading his self-published poetry that is as exciting as a belly-up goldfish. The sooner that place realises that poetry doesn’t really go hand-in-hand with alcohol the better!

S4anta 11:17 am 22 Aug 06

well done AD. welcome to the dark side…

Absent Diane 11:12 am 22 Aug 06

I would suggest that if this leads to an influx of sydneysiders and melbournites then sydney and melbourne would be the place to go to avoid said visitors.

having said that I am a big fan of the belco hangs since migrating from the south… Pot Belly for atmosphere and beer – like the phoenix but less bohemian, Lighthouse not for atmosphere but for very good pub feed by the water and The Basement for Bands….almost no need to venture outside of los belcos

johnboy 11:03 am 22 Aug 06

I think any place that doesn’t have poker machines, crap lager in schooners, and bogan karaoke falls into that category.

Ari 10:49 am 22 Aug 06

Hang on, I thought the Phoenix was the place to hang out with homo mates (Source: Pat Carr)

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