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Who do you think killed Colin Winchester?

By johnboy - 30 May 2009 63

The recent news that David Eastman has been returned to Canberra (by a NSW Corrections system that is very happy to see the back of him) revived interest in the crime for which he was convicted, the murder of Colin Winchester.

Despite the constabulary getting very angry when the subject is brought up there remains a persistent belief in sections of the community that Eastman was just a nutter set up for the murder by either the mafia or corrupt police.

So let’s have a look at what the poll numbers say.

I believe that Colin Winchester was murdered by

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63 Responses to
Who do you think killed Colin Winchester?
Deadmandrinking 10:37 pm 30 May 09

We have as much right to discuss this as people do in regards to acquittals and light sentences.

ant 10:31 pm 30 May 09

I had a chap working for me who took early retirement from the cops after Winchester was murdered. I tried to dig it out of him whether it was the mafia or in fact David H, but he’d just look mysterious and give an evasive answer.

David H. was a regular customer of our office for years and I rather hoped he’d take a swing at me because a jury woudl never convict if I belted him, but for some reason he never tried it.

barry ottor 7:50 pm 30 May 09

L’Onorata had the AFP in their pocket for most of the 80s (and beyond). We had Justice Wood and got sorted out. For the Feds it was business as usual. I think every force needs a Royal Commission every decade or so. Gets rid of the bad eggs and sorts out a complacent culture and leadership.

vg 7:45 pm 30 May 09

“But I am wondering who paid for all of his appeals?”

If you are a taxpayer a glance in the mirror will answer that for you

johnboy 7:31 pm 30 May 09

His sentence is for life without parole.

Those were the days.

TP 3000 7:18 pm 30 May 09

I have been told that back in the 1980’s Mr Eastman attended a lecture at the ANU. Well as soon as Eastman walked in, the lecture screamed at him to get out.

But I am wondering who paid for all of his appeals? Also does anyone know when he is due to be released?

NickD 6:59 pm 30 May 09

Given that Eastman has appealed his conviction through every possible legal opportunity without success, it seems unquestionable that he committed the crime.

BerraBoy68 6:18 pm 30 May 09

Eastman was, and probably still is, a thoroughly nasty piece of work. My father had cause to smack him in the mouth and throw him out his office one day when my father came back from a meeting to find Eastman beating the crap out of someone else in the office.

I can’t say for certain that Eastman did murder the late Mr Winchester (I wasn’t there), but our court system says he did, and that’ll do me. I can’t see any reason for the police to lie and let a real killer go free just to put a nutcase away.

old canberran 5:36 pm 30 May 09

I also knew Col quite well via the credit union movement and his death came as a hell of a shock. Whether Eastman did it or not is really irrelevant, he was tried and convicted and that’s that. Speculation isn’t going to change anything.

Jim Jones 5:20 pm 30 May 09

Kenny Koala

Panhead 4:46 pm 30 May 09


Nambucco Deliria 3:26 pm 30 May 09

When is something going to be done about these ‘Reptoids’?

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 3:05 pm 30 May 09

This story is really inappropriate.

vg 2:54 pm 30 May 09

Doesn’t matter what we think. It matters what a properly convened court with apprporiately submitted evidence thinks.

And before people get all uppity about the evidential part, unless you spent significant time in that courtroom your opinion is moot.

Colin Winchester was a workmate of family members and a close family friend. To rehash this tripe is a disgrace. Grow up a bit JB. I thought you were better than this crap.

The Court (and judge only so he had better than an average shot at acquittal in this town) said so, and a magistrate thought sufficient evidence came out of a coronial to skip the whole committal process to put it straight to trial

vandam 2:37 pm 30 May 09

Are you serious????

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