Who is allowed to block the roads?

Impassive 22 October 2009 11

Is anyone with a flouro orange vest and a few flouro bollards allowed to block the roads in the ACT?

I note that the lads building the spectacularly dull new block of flats in the Belco towncentre randomly block 2 lanes of traffic so that they can work on the building from an enormous cherrypicker, with what authority, I wonder.

Who decides that the ease of construction and minimizing of effort for the construction company supersedes the right of ratepayers to have access to the roads they pay for?

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11 Responses to Who is allowed to block the roads?
Clown Killer Clown Killer 12:36 am 25 Oct 09

Urban renewal has come to Mawson! Time to invest methinks.

Anna Key Anna Key 8:38 pm 24 Oct 09

Try driving through Mawson with trucks and utes parked seemingly anywhere and everywhere. Does anyone buy a house there anymore and actually live in it rather than knock it down

colormonochrome colormonochrome 2:10 am 24 Oct 09

because when they don’t cordon off parts of the road….this happens:

DJ DJ 8:47 pm 22 Oct 09

I guess they randomly pick when it will cause you the most disruption to your life…. high visibility is all powerful!

dvaey dvaey 8:43 pm 22 Oct 09

Grail said :

Road closures are listed here…

Nice link there.. I do have to wonder though, why each street needs a 30-90kb pdf file to give the missing half dozen words of explanation about the closure, that for some reason isnt included on the linked page.

Grail Grail 5:55 pm 22 Oct 09

You could call Canberra Connect on 13 22 81 and find out some details for yourself.

Road closures are listed here: http://www.tams.act.gov.au/move/roads/road_closures_and_alternate_routes/general_road_closures_due_maintenance

I called to late to get hold of a human, so I don’t have any idea who to talk to about partial closures such as the ones you’re talking about. Before you call, make sure you’re aware of what street and address is affected, this might help our public servants figure out what’s going on.

In general, I would expect any construction site involving work at height or transport of bulky loads to require parts of roads to be closed while heavy vehicles are manoeuvring, walls are being knocked down, or items are being lifted by crane.

dvaey dvaey 1:51 pm 22 Oct 09

amarooresident2 said :

Yes I’m pretty sure they do it just to inconvenience the travelling public. Nothing to do with safety at all.

I think youre getting confused with the construction work at the GDE, where road restrictions last for 18 months while the roadwork lasts for maybe 12 months (and only every 2nd day during that 12 months anyway).

bd84 bd84 1:37 pm 22 Oct 09

They need to seek authorisation for Traffic Management from Roads ACT. It would be very easy to get for major construction projects, as these people causing you such inconvenience by requiring to stop for a minute or so are also ensuring your safety and the safety of the people working.

icantbelieveitsnotbutter icantbelieveitsnotbutter 1:25 pm 22 Oct 09

They most likely have a permit for every day… but choose to only use it on certain days when they actually need to.

amarooresident2 amarooresident2 12:16 pm 22 Oct 09

Yes I’m pretty sure they do it just to inconvenience the travelling public. Nothing to do with safety at all.

S4anta S4anta 8:26 am 22 Oct 09


There is a requirement in Contruction QMS plans to have an exclusion zone around anythin 1.5m’s high to ensure that nothing lands on people/items heads etc

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