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Wi-Fi options for Civic Businesses?

By The Phoenix Pub - 2 June 2011 31

Hi, our Pub (The Phoenix) is located in the old Sydney building on East Row (due to the buildings age, approaching its century, our Telecom MDF box is located halfway up Krave Nightclub’s stairwell several doors down) and we get by with old telephone lines and a god awful slow adsl connection through Grapevine/Transact.

We want to have a blazing fast and reliable free wi-fi hotspot as we have a lot of students and tech savvy punters who would appreciate a non-3G connectivity option over a drink while they study/work.

What would the Riot-ACT readership recommend?

What’s Your opinion?

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31 Responses to
Wi-Fi options for Civic Businesses?
el 7:30 pm 02 Jun 11

How far away are you from the exchange? Couldn’t be that far, and that’s generally the limiting factor for ADSL2. Contact Internode or iinet for some advice.

random 4:46 pm 02 Jun 11

I get really awful 3G reception at the Phoenix so would be thrilled at even slow wi-fi.

Disinformation 4:45 pm 02 Jun 11

I’d recommend looking at your pipe to get data into the facility. If you’ve got crap DSL feeds now, nothing is likely to help unless you want to run brand new copper from the exchange. Good luck with that. Most ADSL issues are not ISP based. If your copper from your modem to your exchange is crap, there is nothing you can do about it. Wireless data services basically suck compared to dedicated bandwidth with wires. It’s great as the last hop, but you’d want to get decent capability to your access points. If you can get good data to them, I’d advise getting three 802.11b/g (a if possible too) access points and locking them to channels 1, 6 and 12. (You can get some more if you lie about your country of location, just don’t try Japan) That will take care of the bandwidth to the punters. Set your SSID’s to Pheonix1, 2 and 3 so that the punters with a brain can loadshare.

Make sure that you’ve got some sort of management package with similar to McDonalds so that nobody leeches bandwidth with bitorrents and kiddy porn. Make sure that your accesspoints are also controlled by a business hours timer switch. I’d actually recommend at this point that you see what other businesses with wifi have done. There’s more to just giving data to people for free involved. Once you sort the issue of getting decent bandwidth to the premises, everything else should be straighforward.

johnboy 4:33 pm 02 Jun 11

Now that I think about it RiotACT is a civic business with a short line of sight to the phoenix…

johnboy 4:29 pm 02 Jun 11

Actually you don’t need microwave links, a good solid pairing of directional antenae running straight wifi should let you share with a like-minded business.

banjo 4:23 pm 02 Jun 11

The Barracks LAN Cafe is also located in the Sydney Building is it not? They would have a decent pipe to accommodate their core business, perhaps ask them for some advice?

puggy 3:59 pm 02 Jun 11

Yep, that existing infrastructure won’t do. You need a big fat pipe to your door and if it can’t be fibre, someone will have to put a point-to-point microwave link to somewhere that does have a big fat pipe. Possible, but also probably not cheap.

John Moulis 3:53 pm 02 Jun 11

eq2 said :

a) ask the pancake parlour about their wireless connection.

. . . then read the thread about dieticians.

eq2 3:36 pm 02 Jun 11

a) ask the pancake parlour about their wireless connection.
b) Seek sponsorship from an ISP who might be willing to do subsidised cabling if you give them some coverage in a club. From an ISPs perspective it could be quite good advertising.
c) Mobile wireless connections could be fast enough for your customers (can be 10mbps + in some areas).

The Phoenix Pub 3:31 pm 02 Jun 11

johnboy said :

3g data plans are coming on at such a pace I’m not sure if wireless hotspots are going to figure in the future.

Yeah in all likelihood that is the trend ahead much like the move away from laptops to smartphones lately. Still, the Telcos have enough powerprivacy issues as it is and we’d want access over free & open tech stacks using tcp/ip for as long as possible.

Watson 3:24 pm 02 Jun 11

johnboy said :

On other hand cheaper and better 3g data plans are coming on at such a pace I’m not sure if wireless hotspots are going to figure in the future.

I have never reached my cheap monthly 3G limit, yet am still disproportionally pleased when I discover free WiFi…

johnboy 3:21 pm 02 Jun 11

I think the issue is getting a telco/ISP stack that can service the challenging infrastructure.

On other hand cheaper and better 3g data plans are coming on at such a pace I’m not sure if wireless hotspots are going to figure in the future.

Watson 3:18 pm 02 Jun 11

I use Engin VOIP + ADSL2. Comparatively cheap and pretty fast.

PM 3:14 pm 02 Jun 11

Move to Gungahlin

The Frots 3:00 pm 02 Jun 11

Get one.

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