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Will he call it tomorrow?

By GnT - 13 October 2007 24

All indications are that the PM will call the election tomorrow. The GG arrived back in Australia yesterday, but today wasn’t good because it clashed with the repratriation ceremony of Trooper David Pearce. Rumours are that Howard is catching an early flight to Canberra tomorrow. All I can say is: Finally!

There will be a huge media contingent camped out at Government House to catch the news. Any RiotACT readers going to be part of it? Can anyone give us a scoop?

What’s Your opinion?

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24 Responses to
Will he call it tomorrow?
HA 10:35 pm 14 Oct 07

bd84, the point about delaying naming the date is not about sport, or uncertainty, or the power of incumbency; it’s about wasting millions and millions of dollars of taxpayer-funded advertising about policies about which most folks have already had more than a gut full! The last month of wall-to-wall advertising on telly, in the papers, and on radio (not to overlook banners on the ‘net) has been a disgraceful abuse of the system.

The approximate $60 million spent in the last 45 days to sell Work Choices, superannuation, citizenship, climate unchanged and etc makes anything ever done before (be it Iemma, Kennett, Keating or even Fraser) seem like chicken feed.

Two things: the sooner we get fixed terms, the better; and get the rodent out of our collective lives. His Australia is not the Australia about which I am proud. His Australia is intolerant, exploitave, shameful, racist, divisive, partonising and uncaring.

Remember: John Hunt is a coward. Well….you know what I mean.

bd84 8:55 pm 14 Oct 07

GnT: I didn’t say it had to stay the same, I have no preference either way as to when hor how the date is set. In the scheme of things it’s not going to change much either way, nobody is going to miss out on the election if its set on a nominated date or when the sitting government selects a date. You will just have to set your social calendar up 3 or 4 years in advance if it becomes the former 😉

Anyway I just think it’s a bit rich for Labor to be whinging about it now when they’ve had no qualms about it before, and their governments have done similar things. Anyone would think they were breaking the law by setting it they way they have..

Deadmandrinking 8:00 pm 14 Oct 07

And throw the empty bottles at the old one as they leave! Parliament lawns piss up, anyone?

Ingeegoodbee 6:55 pm 14 Oct 07

Better get cracking and send out the invites – we love nothing more than a good get-together, barby, band and a truck load of booze to see in a new Government!

Growling Ferret 6:40 pm 14 Oct 07

“Anyway, 24 Nov has totally screwed up my plans now …”

Postal vote or pre-poll, and no plans are screwed up. Better than lining up for half an hour a local primary school on election day.

But remember what they say – vote early, and vote often

Cameron 5:20 pm 14 Oct 07

Hey, I’m in favour of fixed terms as well. But at the moment we don’t have them, and it’s incredibly hypocritical for Rudd to whine about Howard using his ability to time the election to his advantage given that every single government of the past has done the exact same thing.

24 November? Good – let’s get this done.

GnT 4:45 pm 14 Oct 07

bd84 – just because that’s the way it’s always been, doesn’t mean we can’t try to change it. I’m in favour of fixed terms so no political advantage can be gained by the incumbent government, and also 4 year terms – they might actually get some decent work done in that time instead of having an election campaign for a third of it.

Anyway, 24 Nov has totally screwed up my plans now …

el ......VNBerlinaV8 4:24 pm 14 Oct 07

24 November it is.

Cameron 11:54 am 14 Oct 07

His point is that this is how the elections have been called forever, by both parties, and that whinging about it being delayed until it best suits the government or consideration being given to sporting events etc. are at best, silly.

Anyway, he’s seen the G-G – press conference in 10 minutes. Nov 24 is the predicted date.

Ingeegoodbee 6:41 am 14 Oct 07

…and your point is?

bd84 2:40 am 14 Oct 07

Of course he will call it today, it was always going to do it today.. it’s the last possible day to call it before parliament goes back. all this bullsht from labor telling him to call it is a load of crock. The current election calling arrangements have been in place for many years, and it’s not like labor wouldn’t do the exact same thing in the same situation, funny enough they weren’t whinging last election when john did the exact same thing (must be more confident this time).

Then there’s the whingers going on about the election calling taking second place to national sporting events.. it always has. Politics falls behind when it comes to sport in australia. Ever been an election on an AFL grand final saturday? or in january? Only time politics comes up at the same time as sport is when the policy needs to be hidden!

get over it people.. it’s no different to any other election and johnny is more than within his right to name an election date until january. you will still get to vote no matter when the election is.

Sammy 1:01 am 14 Oct 07

According to he flew into Canberra tonight (Saturday), so it looks like the election will be called tomorrow.

HA 12:41 am 14 Oct 07

Yes. He’s back in town. His press office arranged last week to get six of the top gallery folks’ mobiles (and their locations) to call Sunday. His press office is disseminating dirt on Labor to the effect there is a hit list of departmental secretaries to get the chop. It’s all fiction, and it’s oh so oh so learily transparent where it’s coming from.

barney 9:42 pm 13 Oct 07

Treating Australian’s with contempt is a great practice. All the best.

Growling Ferret 9:32 pm 13 Oct 07

I don’t give a toss when the glory hunting gnome calls the election and the best thing about the Wallaby loss last weekend is he won’t get the anticipated Wallaby bounce. I hope the corrupt lying midget loses his seat to Maxine…

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