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WIN News to be cancelled?

By papadoc - 2 April 2008 48

Amazing! Working where i do, a lot of press releases and intersting emails cross my path on the way up to the management upstairs. Personally, this one left me shocked and astounded. Righto, prepare for the backlash:

“In Light of recent events, channel 9 has decided to cease broadcasting local news in the canberra and south coast regions. Furthermore, we will be filling the timeslot with “a current affair” until further notice. Over the past months there has been a large dip in ratings which in turn, has forced our hand. Our sincere apologies to those who relied on this service, but there will be alternatives in programming investigated in the not too distant future.”

Lots more text is attached to this and i’ll pdf it asap.



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48 Responses to
WIN News to be cancelled?
CanberraResident 9:32 am 03 Apr 08

Ha! I wonder if Papadoc knew it was an April Fool’s Day joke, or did he fall for it like so many others … Must admit … I fell for it too, until I read post #14.

Mind you, Good still reads the news like she’s reciting grandmas favourite pudding recipe …

Jonathon Reynolds 9:25 am 03 Apr 08

ABC 666 just confirmed on air that this was an April Fools prank.

Sammy 9:25 am 03 Apr 08

Duh, April Fools!

Bloke from Win TV just confirmed this on 666.

ant 8:54 am 03 Apr 08

A shame, I remember when everyone but one channel pulled out of our local news. I believe our local news is the local news for the surrounding region, too, Jindy and teh like. But if it’s not Sydney, it doesn’t matter. Thank heavans the ABC resurrected local news a while back. WIN did have a very literate girl reporter working for them, although I hadn’t noticed her recently. She actually knew how English is meant to be used and didn’t use cliches and other clangers.

LG 8:48 am 03 Apr 08

Hopefully an April Fools thing. I like WIN News – why the fudge would I want to watch Sydney news anyway?

At least there’s still the ABC – and RiotACT 😉

papadoc 8:42 am 03 Apr 08

There’s always something interesting going on in the Capital(s).

S4anta 8:16 am 03 Apr 08

This is an example of the Ray Martin Curse, Uncle Kerry is striking back from beyond the grave.

Absent Diane 7:56 am 03 Apr 08

Someone should just cancel channel 9/win altogether. The world would be a better place. Okay? Cool. consider it done.

Swaggie 7:51 am 03 Apr 08

“large dip in ratings” If that’s true they btought iy on themselves but I’m surprised that this comes, apparently, from Channel 9 and Not Win TV. Something smells fishy….?

VicePope 7:31 am 03 Apr 08

The item you saw, PapaDoc, it wouldn’t have been April 1, would it? Although WIN News and Current Affair are both all-year jokes anyway.

Thumper 6:32 am 03 Apr 08

Geez, local news is the only thing I watch on WIN.

Gungahlin Al 5:59 am 03 Apr 08

Well that would be a real shame. Win news has been very good for us of late, and a strong community supporter. And we’ve been getting quite good at YouTubing our stories on the tele and hooking them back into our website for further coverage.

Jonathon Reynolds 12:09 am 03 Apr 08

If they cut the half hour week day service there will still be licensing conditions in place that mandate a minimum quota of local news content each week. Unfortunately it will probably follow the format that PRIME and SC10 currently use; short segments where they simply read out headlines at strange times during the day.

I believe the following DCITA (now DBCDE) licensing conditions may still apply:

I was involved in a submission to an ABA inquiry in early 2002 on this very issue:

The loss of yet another significant local & comprehensive news service would be a significant blow to the region. But perhaps this would open opportunities for RiotACT lift its journalistic game and become a serious player to fill an emerging information and news void?

Holden Caulfield 11:46 pm 02 Apr 08

Hurrah, finally, we’ll get the see all of the ODI cricket telecasts during the summer!

But no more Good eye candy. 🙁

Aeek 11:15 pm 02 Apr 08

I’ve been watching it more often since they shifted it to 6:30.
No interest in sidney news. One less reason to watch 9.

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