Woden fight

johnboy 30 May 2007 19

YouTube brings a fight from the Woden bus interchange:

The accompanying text reads thusly:

Fight at woden interchange. Dont know the names of the guys.. and I didnt record this fight i was there watching tho. Sorry how the footage stops… the guy that took it says that he ran out of memory or something.

So no security problems in bus interchanges then?

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19 Responses to Woden fight
terry_wrist terry_wrist 1:14 am 01 Jun 07

You said it Cameron.

And I wasn’t originally saying that instead of filming, the onlookers should be stopping the fight. I mean, back when my grandparents were teenagers, there used to be fights. It’s just what adolescents (the dumb ones and the geeks)do. Those in this video didn’t have any weapons, just their fists (and handbags in case:)

My point is rather that the so called “new media revolution” as Rupert Murdoch and many media analysts have put it was meant to be about a new synergy of print, audio and visual media forms. Not brats with expensive phones turning jerks having a punch up into a cheap substitute for WWF on Fox.

Cameron Cameron 5:33 pm 31 May 07

Step in and say “come on guys, settle down” ?

I don’t think I have EVER seen a teenager do that. In my day it used to be “Fight, fight, fight!”

Now it’s, “wait (gets camera ready) ok: Fight, fight, fight!”

Most of the people that are stupid enough to get into a fist fight at that age aren’t usually worth stopping.

GnT GnT 3:05 pm 31 May 07

Agree with terry and ape. Sad to see how many people were eager to film it rather than step in and say “come on guys, settle down”.

FC FC 9:38 am 31 May 07

What’s really disturbing is the comments on the youtube video.

apehammer apehammer 9:17 am 31 May 07

“Hang on, wait, let me get my videophone ready. OK, fight!”
Sad little wankers.

Thumper Thumper 8:18 am 31 May 07

Handbags at ten paces…

Meconium Meconium 1:20 am 31 May 07

Lol… attitude bandanna kid versus the great white trash hope.

The headlock looked all right but mullet got out of it pretty quickly. In any case I’m not concerned for my personal safety in Woden.

terry_wrist terry_wrist 12:24 am 31 May 07

Hang on… let me see here… were they hugging or fighting?

Kudos to the members in the crowd who are obviously of the YouTube generation. About 5 of them flipped out camera phones in just a few seconds. Hopefully when a real fight happens, we’ll get some kick ass, multi angle coverage like the cricket.

Cameron Cameron 11:15 pm 30 May 07

I’m with Avacry – compared to some of the stuff I used to see at Woden Interchange, that ‘altercation’ was comparable to a game of thumb wars.

J Dawg J Dawg 10:52 pm 30 May 07

This is just a bunch of kids pushing each other about… But if there was efficient security wouldn’t a bunch of kids loitering around for a few minutes in that fashion be told to move along?

Avacry Avacry 10:49 pm 30 May 07

Look… back when I was a kid (which wasn’t too long ago) the exchange was much worse than you see here. (i.e before they took out the “metro”). I wouldn’t be calling this anything more than a scuffle.

MRB MRB 10:41 pm 30 May 07

Avacry – exactly, who gives a crap if two pretend homies have a hug like that in public?
Attacking random people at the interchange – that would be a problem.

Avacry Avacry 10:37 pm 30 May 07

I was hoping natural selection takes place here.

sim_m_o sim_m_o 10:34 pm 30 May 07

This seems tame compared to the descriptions that came through with the libs media release this morning about bashings with bats etc.

It has to be said though, Woden Interchange in particular has always been a pretty rough place.

Pandy Pandy 10:07 pm 30 May 07

Mmmm daughters fighting

ducks ducks 10:06 pm 30 May 07

Wow, I think this is from “Boyfights 2.”

Wino Wino 10:05 pm 30 May 07

crap, I’m surprised that this would get a spot here.
Want me to film my 6 and 7 yo daughters having a tiff over who can choose the next singstar song?

shauno shauno 9:14 pm 30 May 07


I-filed I-filed 8:50 pm 30 May 07

Surprised you bothered posting this! Couple of cleanly dressed adolescents wrestle briefly in broad daylight without even any loud yelling, and no damage to either, admonished by an ACTION staffer, whereupon it apparently stops. Sure, mildly bad behaviour…but no confronting of bystanders… ummm how does this reflect on the security arrangements in the bus interchange?

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