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Worst Canberra Restaurants

By lenny 3 May 2006 228

Now that we have uncovered the best Canberra restaurants, What is the worst place you have eaten out in Canberra?

For me.. Cons Seafood at Mawson, Blind Freddy could have cooked me a better meal

What’s Your opinion?

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228 Responses to
Worst Canberra Restaurants
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Evchung89 10:53 pm 16 Aug 11

Mamak Roti House. The new offical biggest rip off in Canberra. I expected Canberra price but didn’t deserve a rip off! Dishonest pricing and food quality and quantity. They need to have a look at in brisbane.
The drinks are expensive too, but you only get a small glass.
The chicken roti didn’t have chicken in it.
The Nasi Lemak charges $4 for each side. This should not be charged. Nasi Lemak is a dish with sides, why should we be charged? Also the sides are very small, about 2 bites.
The poor guy next to mytable had to order extra bread after seeing the size of his meal

lumpy 5:26 pm 04 Aug 11

jjc said :

Rose Cottage – xmas in July

I drive past this every day, and correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it was only taken over by new management not so long ago. Definitely not a fine start to it! That’s just appalling!

To add to the list, ordered a takeaway dish from Timmy’s Kitchen in Manuka a few months back, came with a bonus fried-up cricket. Although it’s probably a delicacy on the other side of the world, the most we received was a laugh in the face and our money back. Nothing to compensate the excessive laps of the block finding a park and time wasted to return it. They couldn’t even spit out an apology or expression of embarrassment.

Martlark 10:18 pm 24 Jul 11

LurkerGal said :

Musica e in Belconnen. Shit food and worse service.

+1 for that. And they have closed.

EvanJames 12:09 pm 24 Jul 11

breda said :

Thanks for the heads up on Rose Cottage (shudder). It has just been permanently crossed off my list.

Me too, that’s f-ing disgusting. On all counts. And why the hell didn’t they seat kids with their own parents?

creative_canberran 2:42 am 24 Jul 11

Innovation said :

That place at Weston Park. I know they have a disclaimer on the menu that they bear no responsibility for the meal once it’s put on the table but when a bird craps in it after the second mouthful I would have thought that they would let you have the meal for a discount instead of just laughing at your misfortune.

The last time we went (yes, we stupidly went back), they lost our booking and we all got the strong feeling that they thought we hadn’t actually booked at all. When we did finally get a table, the service was slow, the manager openly complained to us about the quality of his staff, the prices were expensive and the menu was a bit limited.

If I was the devil’s advocate perhaps the prices are so high if their unique position and lease is really expensive and it must be hard running a mainly outdoor restaurant through the Canberra winter. However, I can’t help feeling that if the NCA allowed another similar lease nearby, I reckon things would change really fast.

You should see their kitchen, both the staff and the state of the place. The staff are incompetent and the kitchen open to the elements so that all kinds of flies are all over your food before you even see it in Summer. They also manage to drop something major on the floor every time I’ve been there looking at the co-located galleries.

Postalgeek 10:19 pm 23 Jul 11

We must be getting close to slagging off every eatery in Canberra by now?

As much as I enjoy a pompous unqualified defilement of a small business’ reputation as the next person I’d appreciate the introduction of a new rating system for critics.

Such a system would really help me sift through pretentious polemics and find the rare witty hatchet jobs.

breda 8:25 pm 23 Jul 11

Thanks for the heads up on Rose Cottage (shudder). It has just been permanently crossed off my list.


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