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Young smokers and they’re ALL girls

By Philby 30 October 2005 53

My partner and I attempted to enjoy a late lunch at Gus’s yesterday, it was warm and reasonably sunny so we sat in the outside area hoping to enjoy the fresh air. WHAT FRESH AIR?!?! We were enveloped in a cloud of passive smoke. Around our small table for two were 9 separate people smoking, 8 of them women between about 16-22. It was ridiculous we went inside where there was no ventilation and no airconditioning and asked whether any ofthe outside areas were designated non-smoking. The waiter told us “We’ve tried but because it’s an outside area it doesn’t matter what we do they just light up.” Isn’t the government supposed to be banning smoking in outside eating areas or have they already? If so where do I lodge a complaint? If a business is serious about stopping people lighting up it’s not that hard, DON’T SERVE THEM!

As for the issue of those smokers being almost exclusively young girls, well that problem is already well recognised and attempts are being made to address it but such a concentration really highlighted the point. I don’t know whether the most effective influencers of young women are young men or (more likely) other young women but we need to stop these girls young and dump the cigarettes in third world countries where they belong.

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Young smokers and they’re ALL girls
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terubo 11:21 pm 04 Nov 05

Philby, do stop being a tired old wanker….you posted an unfocussed whinge at the top of this strand, you offsided a good many people with your crass attempt at “irony”, you continue to lambaste everyone else as “sanctimonious”, “masturbatory”, and now bitch on about the lack of intelligence and perception of your audience. How grand. You reek of self pity and the best cure for a tosser like you is a good kick in the balls – if you ever had any in the first place. Now piss off.

Philby 10:05 pm 04 Nov 05

“softhead” maybe but I can take pills for that. As for not being effective with my irony, well it wasn’t effective because it wasn’t understood but perhaps what my teachers failed to get across to me was not too overestimate the intelligence and perception of my audience, which I may well have done here and for which I apologise.

I do believe in free choice but not when it robs others of the same right, therefore I do not believe in the free choice of hoons to scream through residential streets at whatever speed they choose, I do not believe in the free choice of somebody to park in a disabled spot because “they’ll only be a minute and surely no disabled people will need it that soon” and I do not believe in the free choice of people to smoke in an area where their CHOICE is going to impinge on the comfort, enjoyment and maybe even health of others. With free choice comes responsibility or the collapse of society.

Maelinar 4:34 pm 04 Nov 05

Free choice died with Hemmingway, Ghandi.

Ever since his time there’s been rules and regulations that you have to follow, chicks stopped putting out for a gent in a suit, and they came up with licenses to shoot and drive things. Heck they even made it illegal to drink before 10 for a while.

Free choice for you is going down to your local supermarket and buying the items off the shelf that have been targetted at you not because of their avaliability, but because they know you will buy them.

Stick free choice up your ass. Next time you want to eat venison, deer or even beef, try rustling up a rifle and an animal laden forest, and then even with those objectives met, try it without your license.

Free fucking choice… You’re a battery hen and you didn’t even know it.

bonfire 3:36 pm 04 Nov 05

you also dont believe in free choice.


terubo 3:18 pm 04 Nov 05

The downside is, Philby, that your teachers failed to get across to you how to post ‘ironic’ remarks. The fact that so many readers thought you were being serious in your Third World comment suggests that you didn’t QUITE phrase it effectively enough…
So instead of labelling everyone else as sanctimonious and masturbatory, you might care to consider your own sloppy journalism.

Maelinar 3:08 pm 04 Nov 05

I’ll have a go at your ‘type’;

You’re a 25-35yo male (at a guess I’d say 32) of a pretty good education (you had good teachers). You’re law abiding, and believe that rules should be followed, because that’s what they are there for. If a rule is wrong, it should be changed, but abided until it is.

You’re reasonably adept at using a computer, and have toyed around with HTML and webpages.

You’re travelled, and have experienced the ‘other’ side of travelling, not just in hotels – backpacking/aid mission ?

How’s that for ‘type’ – close ?

Philby 1:16 pm 04 Nov 05

Well I was going to leave this alone but since no-one else seems to have anything better to do either…

Kandy A, thank you for the useful response

Midnitecalla “…[my} type” what exactly might my type be based on the, no doubt, profound insight into my personality that you’ve gained from a brief post that was meant tongue in cheek but sadly not taken that way (probably because I was the only one who found it funny – but then I was writing for my amusement no one else’s as I understood to be the purpose of this site from so many other self-indulgent musings).

I’ve already said the comment was meant to be ‘ironic’ (… the expression of one’s meaning by the by language of opposite or different tendency, simulated adoption of another’s point of view for the purpose of ridicule.. you know, like if I said, “I enjoyed reading your thoughtful and provocative comment!”?)

Oddly enough I’m not paid a fortune by some tobacco company to push their products so like almost the entire REST OF THE WORLD, I actually disagree with dumping cigarettes in countries that don’t have the time, the expertise, the communications ability or whatever other resources are needed to fight the addiction of their population. You talk about overseas travel, have you been to a third world country and seen the numbers of people smoking? I’ve lived in a couple as it happens and in one I had to light a cigarette for a leprous patient in hospital who barely had a lower jaw, because as Johnboy rightly states “Countries with no public health system tend to get governments that don’t give a damn” … or worse. Most barely have enough for essential services without spending money on education programs when the money has often been siphoned off by officials.

If you’d ever been to a third world country, you’d appreciate how lucky you really are and know that Australia is a very, very long way off being anything like one… or was that comment meant to be ‘ironic’?

I’m sure I’ve said something above that will prompt another flurry of sanctimonious masturbatory posts in reply, I look forward to reading them.

Yours truly etc.

RandomGit 8:36 am 03 Nov 05

so I feel honoured


terubo 9:19 pm 02 Nov 05

JB, don’t forget the SERIOUS manner in which the baccy companies are targeting the third world countries – a relative is in the advertising dept of one of the biggest, and it’s like a turkey shoot.

johnboy 9:13 pm 02 Nov 05

There’s 640 registered users Thumper.

I never know why many of them join and then say nothing but it’s always nice when they do.

Anyway I think Philby’s been unfairly demonised for a throw away line with some validity.

Countries with no public health system tend to get governments that don’t give a damn with a result that many un-coerced people choose to smoke.

That tends to be third world countries so draw your own conclusions.

terubo 5:15 pm 02 Nov 05

Whoa! bonfire agreed with me on another strand this arvo (Goodwin Trees of Ainslie), so I feel honoured…talking of new recruits, the Aislie/Goodwin strands have thrown up plenty – including an oldsoldier. As they say, they never die…

bulldog 4:59 pm 02 Nov 05

dunno, but I think it’s healthy. Welcome aboard all, exits can be found at the top of the page and feel free to get stuck into bonfire about whatever the hell you want – he’ll just disagree with you anyway.

In fact, I suspect he enjoys the attention.

Thumper 4:53 pm 02 Nov 05

My God,

who are all these new people?

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