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Young smokers and they’re ALL girls

By Philby - 30 October 2005 53

My partner and I attempted to enjoy a late lunch at Gus’s yesterday, it was warm and reasonably sunny so we sat in the outside area hoping to enjoy the fresh air. WHAT FRESH AIR?!?! We were enveloped in a cloud of passive smoke. Around our small table for two were 9 separate people smoking, 8 of them women between about 16-22. It was ridiculous we went inside where there was no ventilation and no airconditioning and asked whether any ofthe outside areas were designated non-smoking. The waiter told us “We’ve tried but because it’s an outside area it doesn’t matter what we do they just light up.” Isn’t the government supposed to be banning smoking in outside eating areas or have they already? If so where do I lodge a complaint? If a business is serious about stopping people lighting up it’s not that hard, DON’T SERVE THEM!

As for the issue of those smokers being almost exclusively young girls, well that problem is already well recognised and attempts are being made to address it but such a concentration really highlighted the point. I don’t know whether the most effective influencers of young women are young men or (more likely) other young women but we need to stop these girls young and dump the cigarettes in third world countries where they belong.

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53 Responses to
Young smokers and they’re ALL girls
bonfire 10:39 am 31 Oct 05

yet another anti smoker whine.

imagine that, people drinking coffee and having a smoke outside.

the horror.

everyone else will not conform to your ideal.

quick! make the govt do something.

fucking wowser.

Absent Diane 9:54 am 31 Oct 05

I will stop smoking in public if people stop eating eggs in public… that is f**king feral… and far more offensive to me than any ciggarette smoke… and I hate even my smoke being blown into my face….

ssanta 9:48 am 31 Oct 05

whinging bitch. Sorry, but I am sick of this smoking malarchy. Get over it. I would be more concerned about 120+kg people wearing lycra and sweating in cafe next to you, rather than the fact that a bunch of girls have taking up smoking as it is an appetite supressant, and in order to hang out with the rest of the latte swilling ignoramous’ out there they have had to contend with societies unhelathy need for all chicks to look dangerously thin. Shove your head bacl up your arse, and start eating breakfast at macdonalds where you cant smoke. Dickhead.

terubo 9:20 am 31 Oct 05

Not sure if the focus of this posting is on women smoking, discomfort at Gus’s or commentary on tobacco companies targeting the 3rd World. However, on the topic of women smoking, let them get on with it – but they shouldn’t complain about not being able to find enough men in this town…any semi-intelligent guy will run a mile when conronted with a seriously fag-ridden maiden on the make.

colsim 8:51 am 31 Oct 05

I’ll just add my WTF to the 3rd World comment – I’m just going to assume that you were being ironic or something Philby

Having a smoking and non smoking outside bit at Gus’ seems the easiest thing in the world to do, what with there being two separate self contained outside bits. (From a business perspective, you’d guess Gus’ would put the smokers over next to the Essen/Milk’n crowd 🙂

Of course this doesn’t allow for the “It’s all about me” mentality that seems so popular of late. (Or maybe it’s always been like that and I’m just getting old and crotchety but doesn’t it seem like this cult of the individual is just part of an overarching divide and conquer policy by the big boys)

Spot the wog 8:26 am 31 Oct 05

how about we fix up our poor and homeless before we start on the third world, it would make alot of sense and we won’t sound too hypocritical of the countries that really need the cigaretts.

Spot the wog 8:26 am 31 Oct 05

how about we fix up our poor and homeless before we start on the third world, it would make alot of sense and we won’t sound too hypocritical of the countries that really need the cigaretts.

el 7:05 am 31 Oct 05

Get over it.

dump the cigarettes in third world countries where they belong.

bloodnut1 6:46 am 31 Oct 05

Ah the good old days where you could sit at your desk at work and light up, or enjoy a cancer stick during the movies…

Don’t deny ssmokers their last waning moments of freedom here in our wonderful city. They’ve already lost so much already.

Gus’s have never discouraged smokers – that’s why their outdoor area is there. It’s the last bastion of the Long-black-and-a-cigarette.

Thumper 6:44 am 31 Oct 05

Tyhe simple solution, of course, is to have some outside non smoking areas.

And as a smoker I have no problem with that.

I’d just hate to see smoking banned everywhere because already pretty much the case.

yakz 10:52 pm 30 Oct 05

right on joeyjo, let smokers smoke inside behind closed doors hidden from view like the depraved disgusting people they are so “normal people” can have fresh air outside without having to see this disgusting habit. Better yet lets send the smokers to the third world with the cigarettes solves 2 problems at once.

joeyjo 10:35 pm 30 Oct 05

I hate it how the smokers monopolize the outdoor areas and the normal people are forced indoors. Stop airing your dirty habits in public and do it in private you scumbag smokers!

tom_crumz 9:49 pm 30 Oct 05

yeah that last comment made you sound like a complete dweeb. dweeb boy.

morto1980 9:23 pm 30 Oct 05

I was with you until that last sentence. wtf?

Kerces 5:15 pm 30 Oct 05

Dump the cigarettes in third world countries where they belong??

What and get all the third world people hooked on cigarettes instead of our young people?

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