Zed’s PS staff cap claim just ‘hollow words’, says Gallagher

Ian Bushnell 16 April 2019 39
Katy Gallagher: Senator Seselja has failed to protect Canberra jobs. Photo: George Tsotsos

Katy Gallagher: Senator Seselja has failed to protect Canberra jobs. Photo: George Tsotsos.

An election row has blown up over public service jobs, with Labor Senate candidate Katy Gallagher saying any claim from Liberal Senator Zed Seselja that he wanted to see the Australian Public Service staffing cap lifted could not be believed.

Senator Seselja, who is also Assistant Minister for Treasury and Finance, told the Canberra Times that he had been arguing inside the Government for a lift to the Average Staffing Level cap for some time and that it was time for such a change with the Budget returning to surplus.

“[The cap] has been there for some time so I think it’s certainly something I’d like to see and if we come back into government, that is something we do see lift. There’s no doubt about that,” he said.

But Ms Gallagher said Senator Seselja had had plenty of time before an election was called to defend public service jobs in Canberra but had failed to do so.

“More hollow words from a minister who has simply spent the last six years sitting back and agreeing with the Liberal’s APS staffing cap which has crippled government agencies and had a disastrous effect on the implementation of the NDIS,” Ms Gallagher said.

“We have seen Liberal minister after Liberal minister line up over the last six years to take a bat to the public service but Zed has failed to intervene when he had the chance to do something about it. Zed simply cannot be believed when it comes to defending Canberrans, their jobs and livelihoods.

“If Zed really cared he wouldn’t have waited for an election campaign to be under way to stand up for Canberra, instead he would have used his role in government to protect local jobs.”

Labor now says Senator Seselja is in conflict with Finance Minister Senator Mathias Cormann in calling for changes to the cap.

Labor Finance spokesperson Jim Chalmers said the admission was a stunning rebuff for Senator Cormann, who has long defended the ASL cap, and an admission that the cap, and its arbitrary nature, made no sense.

“Scott Morrison needs to urgently clarify whose side he is on in this latest internal Coalition drama,” he said.

Labor has already announced it will abolish the cap, arguing that it had encouraged the use of consultants at greater cost to the taxpayer.

“Abolishing the cap will help ensure more expertise, experience and corporate memory is retained in the public service by encouraging agencies to employ permanent bureaucrats over contractors and consultants,” Mr Chalmers said.

Labor would rein in contractors and consultants, not proceed with the remaining 0.5 per cent additional efficiency dividend next financial year, add 1200 new permanent and full-time Department of Human Services staff, and reducing spending on travel across the public service.

In the 2015-16 Budget, the Coalition committed to capping the size of the Australian Public Service to around or below 2006-07 levels, the last year of the Howard Government, and the decision has been a constant target of the Community and Public Sector Union and Labor.

Senator Seselja said that under the Liberal-National Government 18,400 more Canberrans were in jobs, and the ACT’s unemployment rate was the lowest in the country at 3.5 per cent thanks to our strong economic policies promoting jobs growth.

“Katy Gallagher should confirm how many Canberra contractors will be sacked if Labor were to come to government,” he said.

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39 Responses to Zed’s PS staff cap claim just ‘hollow words’, says Gallagher
watto23 watto23 3:53 pm 18 Apr 19

The options this election are simple.
If you are a Liberal voter and will never vote anyone else other than Liberal, vote below the line and vote 1 for Robert Gunning, the second Liberal candidate.
If you are a Labor voter just put Zed as low as possible and if you are sick of both major parties the Science party has a good Candidate and we also have a good independent winning (again put Zed as low as you can). Even if we don’t get rid of Zed, at least send a message to the two major parties that if their candidates take us for granted we will vote them out.

    madelini madelini 3:21 pm 16 May 19

    Also, don’t forget to actually read the ballot form when you are voting. I cannot stand Zed and think he is a terrible representative for the ACT, but there are two representatives from Fraser Anning’s party and other super conservative groups that genuinely worry me. As much as I dislike Zed, I can’t in all good faith put him last on the ballot paper.

Debbie Thomsen Debbie Thomsen 8:18 am 18 Apr 19

Zed is and always has been a waste of oxygen. A vote for Zed is a vote for doing nothing for his electorate. Even worse, his silence on all things Canberra, is showing the rest of Australia that Canberra doesn't count.

Nunkeri Bungledool Nunkeri Bungledool 1:05 pm 17 Apr 19

Sack Zed. Did nil for Canberra...never will do anything anyway..

Anthony Pesec Anthony Pesec 8:58 am 17 Apr 19

There are more voters outside of the ACT than in it and our seats don’t swing between Labor to Liberal, so neither party cares about courting our voters.

Canberra can be sure that Zed will always put his party and Coalition partners ahead of our interests (eg ongoing decentralisation of government departments to win votes for the Nationals).

On the other hand, after all of the scandals with Canberra Hospital during Katy’s time as Minister for Health followed by her dual citizenship scandals in her brief time in the Senate it’s clear that she has no sense of accountability for her role in government.

I hope that voters realise that it makes sense to vote for Independent representation in the Senate that can focus on the Territory’s interests and not be distracted with party politics.

Anthony Pesec – Independent Candidate for ACT Senate 2019

    madelini madelini 3:26 pm 16 May 19

    I actually think Katy was a great advocate for the ACT when she was in the senate, and I think she was a strong Chief Minister. Not perfect, but I have never met a politician (or political candidate) who is.

Mac John Mac John 7:14 am 17 Apr 19

Both Senator Seselja and Ms Gallagher need to retire or be defeated because of their self indulgence on the public purse. What we need are fresh faces from both the Liberal and Labor political parties. Indeed, the Liberal party need two terms in opposition and maybe we need a fresh Labor Senator and either a strong Independant Senator or a Greens Senator.

Spiral Spiral 5:34 am 17 Apr 19

There is only on thing we want to hear Zed say, and that is “Goodbye”.

Please remember Liberal voters.

You can still vote Liberal. Just vote below the line, putting another Liberal candidate first and put Zed last.

Zed doesn’t care for Canberra and doesn’t represent our population.

Andrea Lloyd Andrea Lloyd 12:19 am 17 Apr 19

He must be joking! He has consistently failed to defend Canberra’s public servants and he wants us to believe he now cares! Put him last.

Jan Gulliver Jan Gulliver 11:33 pm 16 Apr 19

The budget isn’t back to surplus do nothing Zed, it’s a predicted budget .

Jacob Woolley Jacob Woolley 11:13 pm 16 Apr 19

Great to see Katy back. She has always been wonderful for Canberra and is a great listener.

Gabriel Spacca Gabriel Spacca 10:09 pm 16 Apr 19

Yeah. Considering both side of politics have used the so called efficiency dividends to keep numbers and wages down, I don’t think either major party can claim the high moral ground here.

    Andrea Lloyd Andrea Lloyd 12:21 am 17 Apr 19

    Gabriel Spacca but only Zed was in a position to influence government decisions and he failed to do so. Not once did he try to prevent public servants being transferred interstate to government electorates.

    Gabriel Spacca Gabriel Spacca 8:22 am 17 Apr 19

    And when Rudd was PM Kate Lundy was the Labor Senator who couldn’t do anything to stop the erosion of the PS.

    It’ll be a cold day in hell when I vote for Seselja, but just because this Government has been dysfunctional, doesn’t mean the electorate should forget the shortcomings of the other flavour.

Jack Hearps Jack Hearps 10:04 pm 16 Apr 19

Zeds wobbly lips ... its a classic deflection because he's been told to say it ...This is footage of the LNP and supporters celebrating Malcolm Turnbulls overthrow. http://i.4cdn.org/gif/1555260324443.webm

Jay Annabel Jay Annabel 10:01 pm 16 Apr 19

oh, so zed wants to represent his electorate now that there's an election on.

James Hodges James Hodges 9:18 pm 16 Apr 19

Komrade Katie on the warpath. Did somebody mansplain to her again? Nothing against the ALP, however, I’d really like her in particular to tell the electorate why she sees herself as being qualified to sit in the senate. That would be the same body that she was thrown out of for being in breach of the citizenship requirements. Is all that now to be forgiven? You know, her taking a six figure salary that she was not qualified to receive? What’s wrong with the fella who warmed her seat while she was in exile (that would be working in a job for ALP members in the naughty corner). Go on Katie, instead of being solely preoccupied with getting your snout back in the trough of public largesse, how about explaining to the electorate rather than treating them as idiots?

Lucas Anasdow Lucas Anasdow 8:54 pm 16 Apr 19

She a person removed from Parliament after lying about her dual citizenship ... She needs to just bow out quietly before her mother’s lineage and her inherited Ecuadorian citizenship gets her referred for 44c again

Colin Wilson Colin Wilson 8:53 pm 16 Apr 19

What is she doing back??!!

    Jack Hearps Jack Hearps 10:04 pm 16 Apr 19

    Colin Wilson taking charge ... cause she can and will.

David Burfoot David Burfoot 8:43 pm 16 Apr 19

She's just another 'has been' or perhaps 'never was'. Did little to nothing that had long term benefits so why is she getting oxygen now?

Helen Kvalheim Stephenson Helen Kvalheim Stephenson 8:39 pm 16 Apr 19

That’s rubbish their is no return to surplus! All smoke and mirrors and rubbish and lies!

Adam Forwood Adam Forwood 8:35 pm 16 Apr 19

I have to agree with Katy. We’ve had the APS cap for 6 years, and now, during an election campaign, suddenly they’re *thinking* about lifting it? Give me a break. If they were serious about it they’d match Labor’s commitment. They’re just hoping to grab a few votes without having to commit to anything

Roger Mungummary Roger Mungummary 8:32 pm 16 Apr 19

Has never stood up for Canberra against Lnp bashing and pork barreling by the nats

Hans Dimpel Hans Dimpel 7:25 pm 16 Apr 19

Seselja would never stop the Nationals moving a department to their own electorates. Ever.

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