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Zivko bitch-slaps Koomarri offer

By Ari 31 May 2006 35

Developer Josip Zivko has bitch-slapped Koomarri’s desperate offer to buy back the Narrabundah Long Stay Caravan Park.

But the kindly gent has made a counter-offer in which all the opprobrium for booting out his troublesome residents would fall on the Government, leaving him with a nice clean slate on which to work his development magic

Jolly Josip’s alternate suggestion is that Koomarri could use its windfall to pay for their removal.

Either way, he’s laughing while Koomarri is left holding a big steaming pile of its own making.

What’s Your opinion?

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35 Responses to
Zivko bitch-slaps Koomarri offer
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Kerces 6:15 pm 10 Jun 06

Yes I heard that too seepi, but haven’t seen any sign of it on the ABC’s website, in the Canberra Times or in the ministerial press releases.

Pandy 6:04 pm 10 Jun 06

Hey peeved,

Several thousand dollars in DVDs. I am on $XX,000 a year, have no mortgage or kids and I cannot afford that amount of DVDs! The imagery (poor people)did your mob no good at all from the office talk.

Will you agree to pay market rates to fix all the run-down aspects in the caravan park?

Why dont you form a co-operative (aka strata title) management scheme to take over the running and rent collection for the caravan site?

Thanks mate. Going to have a semellion at Pier One that day.

seepi 3:42 pm 10 Jun 06

I heard on radio yesterday that this issue had been resolved – the govt has found a piece of land to swap with Zivko for the Caravan Park and the govt will manage the park. but I’ve heard nothing since – is this true???

peeved 11:27 am 10 Jun 06

Hey Pandy and others,
A little insight for you, just because someone who is under the hammer makes a broad general statement in the media to back up their unconscionable behaviour, that doesn’t make it either true, or completely true.
Hows this for a half truth, Residents owe $100,000 in site fees – second half of the truth – most of that amount is/was due to the fact that Koomarri had ceased to accept fees, or because the amount owed was in dispute, due to the most bizarre book-keeping system in the entire universe.
Yes a few sites are sublet, and so what exactly?? Oh that’s right, you have a crystal ball that tells you those sites are the ones whose site fees are unpaid – not!!!
And because someone buys cd’s they don’t pay their site fees????? Where can I get some of what you’re taking?
Nobody is living here rent free, the eighteen months mentioned was an option put forward by the developer as his preferred choice. He wanted the government to lease the property from him for eighteen months, get rid of the tenants in that time so he didn’t have to do the hard stuff and could stay at arms length from the bad press, and then come back in eighteen months to an empty site ready for development unencumbered. No one ever agreed to it, and why would they??
And we’re not looking for any “special” treatment thanks, we just want everyone to bugger off and leave us to the continued quiet enjoyment of our modest dwellings in a peaceful, friendly community.
If you want to comment on the issue, why don’t you first come to the open day on Sunday the 18th between 11am and 3pm and talk to us over a free sausage sanger so your input is informed.

Thumper 9:04 am 06 Jun 06

Thanks K, already posted something a minute ago on our amazing changing economic situation….

Oh, bring back Ted…

Kerces 9:00 am 06 Jun 06

RA budget coverage up sometime after 3pm today.

Thumper 8:42 am 06 Jun 06

I thought the comrade condemned Pierces Creek after it got toasted in 2003 and that it was not going to be rebuilt?

BTW, the ACT budget is going to open some eyes tonight.

Indi 4:44 pm 05 Jun 06

Pierces Creek could be a viable option – if it had a dodgy geezers bar, a corner shop and a regular bus to town…now that would be fringe living!

seepi 10:23 am 05 Jun 06

I thought they were now paying rent to the govt?

Pandy 10:05 am 05 Jun 06


They are getting 18 months free rent.

The Government needs to find a new place.

simto 8:30 am 05 Jun 06

That’s fine for the residents who didn’t pay rent, Pandy.

What about the, presumably, vast majority of residents who did? Do they deserve the same treatment?

Pandy 9:52 pm 04 Jun 06

It might reek of incompetence but I am getting sick and tired of these bludgers who:-

1/ Dont pay their rent;

2/ Sublet their non rent paid properties;

3/ Are able to buy a wall load of DVDs at $30 a pop and yet cannot afford to pay rent;

4/ Are given 18 months rent free accomodation to find a new trailer park that has a modern shower block and great roads.

I reckon the Government should move them onto the old foresty setlement at Duffy.

drsballs 4:23 pm 02 Jun 06

I must say I am getting a little sick of the ‘they didn’t pay rent’ line. This is a management issue (i.e. Komarri’s issue) not that of paying residents. If I were to call John Mackay at Actew and say “Hey, I’ve decided not to pay my bills anymore but I don’t expect to get cut off or suffer any implications, and please don’t contact me again” what do you think the response would be? Probably not just let it go, have lots of other people then do the same then sell their electricity business because it was losing money. Koomarri’s role in this entire situation, from the moment of handover through to everyday management, maintenance and unnecessary electricy upgrades reeks of incompetance.

Mr Evil 12:28 pm 02 Jun 06

Yes, they may be true, Seepi, but the fact that some tenants owe a combined total of $100000 in overdue rent probably didn’t do them all any favours when Koomari was considering it’s options.

seepi 11:31 am 02 Jun 06

they are ‘special’ in a number of ways

1 – they were looking after themselves, and not waiting for the govt to give them a house

2 – they have been done over by govt/s, charity and developers

3 – they are a mass of people needing homes that the govt/community will have to address in some way. It isn’t that any individual is more deserving than someone else you may know on the housing list, but just that this is a major blow to an already stressed community housing program.

4 – it is all so completely pointless and should not have happened.

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