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Zivko bitch-slaps Koomarri offer

By Ari - 31 May 2006 35

Developer Josip Zivko has bitch-slapped Koomarri’s desperate offer to buy back the Narrabundah Long Stay Caravan Park.

But the kindly gent has made a counter-offer in which all the opprobrium for booting out his troublesome residents would fall on the Government, leaving him with a nice clean slate on which to work his development magic

Jolly Josip’s alternate suggestion is that Koomarri could use its windfall to pay for their removal.

Either way, he’s laughing while Koomarri is left holding a big steaming pile of its own making.

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35 Responses to
Zivko bitch-slaps Koomarri offer
seepi 9:15 pm 31 May 06

ACT govt was willing to throw 500 thousand at the buy back. Koomarri can afford to spend a bit too.
– The O’connor park recently closed down – I don’t kinow who owns that one now…

ant 9:14 pm 31 May 06

The whole thing is ridiculous. these people need low cost accommodation, and what they have is a hell of a lot more social and pleasant that a block of concrete flats. They aren’t holding their hands out for the gov’t to do any thing for them, they just want things to remain how they’ve been for years.

We are moving from being a society, into being an economy, run so that a few rich people can line their pockets.

aussielyn 6:04 pm 31 May 06

The Act Property Council has been quiet on this issue trying to divert attention from its star developer, Jo Zivco. Maybe it wants to change the intent of the Land ACT to allow land speculation in the ACT, thus improving the wealth of its members.

How much will his 9 hectares be worth in five years time when the mass eviction is only a memory? Will other parks, such as Watson Carotel, Symonston Southside and O’Connor be purchased with a view to changing land use to multi-unit development? More mass evictions are not out of the question because of the current lack of legislation. The Property Council knows how to lobby!

One would hope that the ACT Libs would promise not to change the Land usage of the Narra Longstay from a Caravan Park. Big Bill from Narrabundah should let us know what his position is.

Ari 4:29 pm 31 May 06

The trouble in moving the tenants next door is that bags of public money would be needed on infrastructure to set it up.

Then again Koomarri has $2 million in ill-gotten gains from this episode. Could be a tempting pot of cash to use.

seepi 4:19 pm 31 May 06

If there is a plot next door that would be the ideal solution. Move the tenants there – they are still close to shops/busses etc that they know. AND their presence will keep Josip’s land value low.
I think Koomarri are more at fault than the developer. It is stupid of them to sell something because it was losing them money, and expect the buyer ( a developer) to continue to run it. Whereas Josip was just buying a property that was legally for sale.

Chris S 1:29 pm 31 May 06

What bothers me about Jolly Josip (nice one, Ari!) is what deals he has made, or will make, with the ACT government once that 18 months is up. Will he then have an agreement, or at least an expectation, that Seven-Storey Simon will approve whatever plans he has for the site?

I don’t trust this governemnt one jot in that we can no longer expect that (if we ever could) that secret deals are not being made, and Jolly Josip needs to bear in mind that behind-the-scenes double-dealing can come back and bite him.

Ari 1:20 pm 31 May 06

Still OT for a second – I doubt the ACT would have enough of a secure water supply for a reactor anyway.

Jervis Bay would be a cert.

Les Whinin 1:11 pm 31 May 06

Slinky, as my sarcasm meter is broken, I will err on the side of seriousness and mention that the latest mail on any proposed nyucular (sic) site is that it will be somewhere in Jervis Bay, as this is federal land and free from any state-level beurocracy.

Sorry for the OT banter everyone – back to the point.

Thumper 1:00 pm 31 May 06

Goo Goo Ga Joob….

Roland GRNS 12:51 pm 31 May 06

there is an issue of Corporate Social responsibility.

The Property Council, the Liberal party, et al have been very quiet on the issue since we raised it last week.

Mr Zivko bought the property from the now apologetic Koomarri with the intention of evicting the residents.

That was his intent, not Koomarri’s.

It’s all a bit like the Walrus and the Carpenter.
Koomarri the Walrus and Zivko the Carpenter, but whoever does what, the oysters get eaten.

Slinky the Shocker 12:34 pm 31 May 06

Symonston or Hume? That’s where they want to build the nuclear reactor!

Les Whinin 12:29 pm 31 May 06

I seriously don’t see the massive problem here. The Government and Koomari should admit they’ve cocked up completely. Then they should arrange to allocate the plot of land opposite the long-stay to either swap with Zivko or develop it as a new facility for current tennants. Hell if they decided to go the way of a new development it could even be given a positive spin and made better than the current establishment.

Failing that there is plenty of land at Symonston or Hume.

Ari 11:30 am 31 May 06

I notice Brendan Smyth has been noticeably quiet on all of this, since his actions are the root cause of this debacle.

Combine his negligence with naked greed from a charity and you end up with hundreds of damaged people and a developer smiling like the Cheshire Cat.

The Govt doesn’t have a whole heap of options now, but I do hope they play hardball to make it as difficult as possible for Jolly Josip.

And for once I’d have to say Foskey was right about something. The Govt should have listened back when the sale was mooted.

seepi 11:01 am 31 May 06

The govt missed their chance to do that – despite warnings from the Greens. Deb Foskey should be trumpeting that more.
As someone else has said, the lease probably includes ‘shortstay accomodation’ or some such, enabling Jozip to build luxury hotel or fancy short stay units such as James Court.
Koomarri still looks ridiculous, and the govt hads only put off their problem for 18 months – although in the meantime they will have to maintain the park and try to collect rent from the disgruntled tenants.
I do think the govt should think about building a new long stay park somewhere else, as part of the housing solution.

areaman 10:50 am 31 May 06

If the government played hardball and said that they wouldn’t approve any change of lease on the site, do you think he’d change his tune?

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