How many Christmas lights are too many? [With poll]

By 20 December 2011 35


A couple of weeks ago the Canberra Times was breathlessly reporting the Guinness world record attempt light show of the Richards family at 3. Tennyson Crescent in Forrest.

Two weeks later we note Guinness remains silent on the issue.

But MJay has been down to see them and sent in these photos.

We thought we’d take this opportunity to ask what you lot think of ostentatious light displays, beyond a well done tree in the window?

Ever more lavish Christmas light displays

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35 Responses to
How many Christmas lights are too many? [With poll]
screaming banshee 7:30 am
23 Dec 11

This is a good one, though I imagine it going over and over again all night could really annoy the neighbours

luther_bendross 9:19 am
23 Dec 11

OpenYourMind said :

Raises money for charity and brings pleasure to those who choose to visit – yet people still complain.

+ heaps

Bramina said :

However many is too many, 3 Tennyson Crescent Forrest has probably overstepped that line.

Yeah I reckon, look at all the people in the photo enjoying themselves, and at Christmas! What a pack of wankers! The worst part is they’re passing on donations to SIDS research!

carnardly 9:59 am
23 Dec 11

We went. It was great. It was chockas and when we left there was a line of people about 100 metres long.

Good on em I reckon.

Primal 10:15 am
23 Dec 11

Shoving as many random lights and nicknacks into the front yard as possible is easy. Doing it while making it look as good as this (and for charity) is another matter entirely – good on em.

GordonResidential 10:28 pm
25 Dec 11

Christmas lights. Enviromentally irresponsible, a foreign concept imported into this country some time back, and a complete ego centric look at me effort.

Put your lit up Christmas tree in the front window of your house, and be a good citizen.

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