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Shoot the Surveyors

By RandomGit - 14 April 2005 26

Dissing Canberra roads is in and I got a stretch that could do with a few roundabouts.

William Hovell drive. You know what I’m talking about. On the way to Civic, where you get stuck on the way behind some 60 kay mother f*cker in a 82 model Laser who miraculously speeds up to 110 when he hits the overtaking lane before the Coppins Crossing turn off. You know what amazes me is if I was to drag him out of his car at the lights and smash his head against the bonnet of his car throw him into the light poles a few times and maybe drag his ravaged bleeding flesh through the gravel then take him into the paddock and stash his fading carcass up a cows rear end, I’d be the one getting arrested for Road Rage! Is there no Justice?


But I digress.

The situation is, the overtaking lane merges into single lane to make room for the Coppins Crossing turnoff then back to double lane for the lights then back to single lane for the mergers from Hawker then back to double lane.

Who designed this debacle? They couldn’t afford the extra 50 meteres of paddock it would take to make it dual lane all the way? They couldn’t even extend the road back down the hill in the opposite direction to prevent another dual to single to double fiasco. Not to mention the gits who pull out of Coppins Crossing and go ‘just’ fast enough to make the change to single lane but not so fast that you don’t have to slam the brakes back down to 60.

This stretch could use a roundabout. Right on the junction into Coppins Crossing, blocking it off entirely. Problem fucking fixed, give the actual traffic back to the lanes it needs.

But it’s not going to happen, so I’ll just have to send in Davey to lay out some ownage on these inconsiderate drivers. So until you get some driving lessons, be warned:

What’s Your opinion?

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26 Responses to
Shoot the Surveyors
RandomGit 1:14 pm 14 Apr 05

Evictor, I love you.

Evictor 12:58 pm 14 Apr 05

Re: Bad drivers.
Especially love the pricks who, on Barry Drive heading to Belconnen in peak hour after work, decide to overtake everyone from the LEFT hand lane then, just as they panic and realise that the lane actually takes them to O’Connor, cut into traffic without looking, jamming on the breaks to avoid ramming Nanna McGee in her volvo.
As soon as I see one of these dudes take off to accelarate round, I take great pleasure in varying my speed so these fuckers get stuck and can’t get back into the Belconnen bound lanes. I’ve got three into O’Connor this week. Brings me no end of cheer on an otherwise dull drive home.

The Evictor

andy 12:17 pm 14 Apr 05

im not even going to start on things people do on the road that piss me off.

mainly because I’m equally guilty of doing most of them.

Except the whole “driving below the speed limit” one, or the “driving AT or below the speed limit in the right hand lane”.. I don’t care if you want to turn right 500Metres down the road. STAY FUCKEN LEFT so I can speed if I so choose, with somewhat less life-endangering.
its NOT your right or responsibility to make me drive at the speed limit.

Santa 11:17 am 14 Apr 05

Marco, I would prefer known good drivers to be given tanks to blow 300kw cars and their incessant techno blaring off the road. And anyone whos hair is in those annoying multi-bleached mohawks things, dickheads.

Bodhichitta 11:15 am 14 Apr 05

No Marco. You see the problem people have in canberra is that they dont like being overtaken. Believe me, I ride a motorbike and at least once a day some git wants to play stupid games merely because Ive overtaken them.
I have no idea how it affects them that I whiz past and go on my merry way, but somehow it DOES affect them and they feel the need to hunt me down and chastise/abuse/run-me-off-the-road for it.

Marco 10:48 am 14 Apr 05

Perhaps we could have a scheme where Known Good Drivers can be issued with cars that have at least 300kW so overtaking slowpokes and getting away from idiots can be done with considerable pace, leaving the bad drivers to slug it out amongst themselves 🙂

RandomGit 10:33 am 14 Apr 05

@Threeze, right on!

bonfire 10:27 am 14 Apr 05

i maintain that all road laws should be repealed.

let mayhem reign for awhile. as chairman mao says – from chaos comes order.

threeze 10:20 am 14 Apr 05

i drive down that road every morning as well. i have no issue with the 60k driving goons, i just wish they would learn to MERGE and not fight to be first over the LANE marker.

Also, to ms green festiva driver this morning, if you are going to pull out in front of me to overtake the car in front of you, please do the following:
1. indicate
2. look behind you
3. not be going 10kms slower than me
4. accelerate
5. actually overtake the camry


RandomGit 10:15 am 14 Apr 05

a) Ah yes, I got one of those last night as well.

b) I think it is an ‘anti-comment-spamming’ feature of WordPress

b) I resent the implication that I am not a faceless goon!

Santa 10:08 am 14 Apr 05

Mr git, some screen popped up when I putting in my comment. That question was aimed at Che, JB or one of the faceless goons at this fine site.

Thumper 9:36 am 14 Apr 05

Yep, drive that way every morning and night. Oh for the one lane to be turned into two.

I’ve found leaving at 0715 every morning ensures that you don’t get stuck behind a car doing 60 clicks and then suddenly zipping up to 110 clicks when it hits the double lane.

Then again, the government can’t even build a new road so what hope for another lane? I would suggest absolutely none whatsoever….


RandomGit 9:26 am 14 Apr 05

I’ll answer your question with a question.

What the hell are you talking about?

Santa 9:23 am 14 Apr 05

Whats this ‘slow down cowboy’ wank boys?

Santa 9:23 am 14 Apr 05

I too drive along this road, and I find it perplexing, but I have a sneaky feeling that the cost to expand the part of the orad you are talking about is prohibitive. My suggestion would be to take it easy and eat a piece of fruit while stuck behind the inept folks from Charnwood who cant drive or afford a car that can travel at appropriate speeds.

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