1957…The year that music died?

Elvis Las Canberras 16 November 2007 4

Although this will spur many emails about what John Howard hasn’t done for Canberra and although he has shun the lodge or drinking a beer at the local, what exactly is wrong with the PM?

In ten years from now one would hope that younger Canberrans can look back on the lasting legacy of this generation and say that we have learned as much as we could from their achievements as well as their mistakes and hope that in such a haste to take over the reigns, that we did not just push this pioneering generation aside without taking the time to learn from their journey.

By the way a few grey highlights doesn’t provide wisdom beyond your years or a Senate seat Kerrie!

It looks like Liberal has had its day (and so have many Labor members Wednesday night drinking sessions at the Holy Grail), but its only after the fact that the Party and Little John’s form can be assessed.

Little John’s peers, the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Robert Plant, Dave Gilmour, and even ‘the Cat’ Yusaf Islam are still putting out solid albums today, and their past records stand alone – see Let it Bleed, White Album, Led Zepplin 1-4, Dark Side of the Moon, and Tea
for the Tillerman.

Furthering the musical analogy, Rudd’s 1957 peers in particular are Laura Branigan, Gloria Estefan, Donny Osmond, Falco, Sheila E, Lyle Lovett and on an upnote Sid Vicious and Nick Cave(neither of which look so crash hot these days). Getting curious about the corked 1957
vintage, a look at the big screen analogy uncovers Rudd’s peers are Dolph Lundgren, Melanie Griffiths, Leeza Gibbons, Kelly McGillis.

Although the youth of Kate Lundy provides balance, Labor really has little in the way of expertise (and mimimal original members from the golden era of the band – see Guns’ n Roses) in running the country, however this outcome presents opportunities, hopefully the transition is smooth, but in my view the new talent is unlikely to put anything groundbreaking out in the age of ‘manufactured faces’ and ‘prefabricated pop’ that would rival the top work of past Labor
leaders such as Paul ‘Get a job sha na na na na na na nah’ Keating – we can only live in hope.

By the way on further review, leadership hopefuls Abbott and Costello were also born in 1957, so what does this mean for the new lead singer in the band…based on the class of 1957 probably not much, but its fair to say that they have got the world tour experience, a few gold albums, and record sales to go with it!

Bring on Nov 24

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4 Responses to 1957…The year that music died?
bourke bourke 2:28 pm 19 Nov 07

Agree Vic Bitterman, very odd, sounds like the libs have started drowning their sorrows early to me.

Elvis Las Canberras Elvis Las Canberras 9:02 pm 18 Nov 07

Yep its an analogy on the election. Hope that it was interesting.

The point being that changing the board of management of a company may yield chaos when the team is going well.

Then again another anoalogy would be to get rid of the Australian cricket team and place Australia A in against most international teams and they would still go well.

I think weve lived through pretty good times both on State and Federal level and changing this would change all that – in my view that is!

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 11:27 pm 17 Nov 07

I have no idea what this post is about.

Anyone care to explain?

JD114 JD114 10:55 pm 16 Nov 07

Well for starters the Howard and Costello ‘economic miracle’ is riding fair and square on the back of the Hawke and Keating reforms… sure they are competent but they’re fooling themselves if they think it was all down to them

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