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2007 festivals announced

By johnboy - 27 September 2006 30

Jon Stanhope has announced the winners of grant funding for festivals in 2007 and I have to admit there’s some interesting stuff in there. Of interest to me is:

â–  Canberra Festival of One Act Plays
â–  2007 Canberra International Film Festival
â–  Pacific Islands Showcase
â–  Conflux – a science fiction conference in 2007

There are 13 funded festivals in 2007 which if memory serves is a welcome reduction.

What’s Your opinion?

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30 Responses to
2007 festivals announced
Absent Diane 5:49 pm 27 Sep 06

um yes they did kind of.. they were called commissions.. the medici family who ruled florence during the Renaissance (and a couple were popes as well) paid for a lot of great art.

But generally artists and money don’t go well together.

But generally art and

Ralph 5:23 pm 27 Sep 06

Some people are prepared to pay to get their jollies watching interpretive dance. Let them pay and don’t waste my tax dollars on that and other postmodernist crap.

Funny how the Renaissance movement was relatively self sustaining. They didn’t have arts grants back in those days………

Mr_Shab 5:22 pm 27 Sep 06

Isn’t it kinda the nature of art to get an awful lot of guff for every really good work. I don’t think you’d see a flowering of great art by pulling the rug out any more than by pumping more government money in.

Aaaaaanyways – there’s already a government subsidy for art. It’s called the dole.

johnboy 5:11 pm 27 Sep 06

yeah the world would be a better place without arty rubbish like the opera house and the mona lisa

Well architecture falls more under capital works and the mona lisa was private patronage so they’d both be safe.

government arts funding is notoriously bad at delivering good art.

it does however make artists very happy.

Mr_Shab 5:02 pm 27 Sep 06

I think we should throw everything open to market forces.

Actually – sod government. Corporations do it better.

Okay – maybe that’s taking it too far. How about we run government for profit. Then everything would be perfect, cause the unfettered free market always makes things better for everyone.

In the words of Bill Hicks “You’d be a fool and a communist to suggest otherwise”.

seepi 4:55 pm 27 Sep 06

yeah the world would be a better place without arty rubbish like the opera house and the mona lisa.

snahon 1:59 pm 27 Sep 06

We can’t arts funding. ‘Artists’ are after all bastions of the free & open expression of societies collective soul. Society cannot reflect upon itself unless it has these abstract notions of oneself. Geez I almost believed myself for a minute there 🙂

Ralph 12:19 pm 27 Sep 06

Sorry, ‘there’.

Ralph 12:19 pm 27 Sep 06

What a waste of taxpayers money. Cut all arts funding immediately.

Put these people out in the market where its survival of the fittest. When they discover they’re actually isn’t much of a market most of these people will then hopefully put their energies into something productive.

Absent Diane 12:10 pm 27 Sep 06

I would suggest that its a festival for everyone north of tuggeranong to express their feelings towards the place.

simto 11:54 am 27 Sep 06

Well, the Tuggernong Moon festival has apparently been going on for at least 8 years now, based on a quick google (which showed one happening in 1999 – I’d never heard of it, but then again I don’t head out to Tuggernong very often).

Does anybody know what they actually do? They got the largest amount of money out of all thirteen festivals, so presumably it must be something at least as good as the Canberra international film festival and the shorts seasons film festival (who come second and third). The last one was apparently on in March, and had market stalls, and a lakeside procession.

Mr_Shab 11:43 am 27 Sep 06

Celtic barking at the moon festival!

Hey, give my tax dollars to smack-head lesbian single mums to protest land rights for gay whales all you like, Stanhope – but I draw the line at giving money to the kind of cheesecloth-wearing carnies that this kind of thing attracts.

simto 11:16 am 27 Sep 06

Incidentally, this year’s festival of one act plays is on this weekend, in the auditorium at Vikings, Waniassa.

terubo 11:09 am 27 Sep 06

For the most part, same-old, same-old.

Kerces 10:50 am 27 Sep 06

The Lake Tuggeranong Celtic Moon Festival??

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